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Words on Bathroom Walls (2020)

It tells that the boy Adam was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He went to a new school and started taking new drugs. At first the effect seemed to be good, but soon the truth became clear and he was forced to make some difficult decisions. Russell plays Adam’s dream lover Maya, and Rob plays Rebecca, the main role in Adam’s illusion, as a channel of emotions that he cannot express. Nick Naveda wrote the script, based on the novel of the same name by Julia Walton, produced by Mickey Liddell & Pete Shilaimon

Words on Bathroom Walls (2020)
Also known as:  浴室墙上的字
Genre(s): Drama, Youth
Director: Thor Freudenthal
Writer: Nick Naveda, Julia Walton
Country: USA
Status: Completed
Release: 21 August, 2020 (US)
Starring:  Charlie Plummer, Molly Parker, Taylor Russell, Walton Goggins, Anna Sophia Robb
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