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Cambodia is officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia With Phnom Penh as its capital, it has a long history from the pre-Nakhon era, the Nakhon Si Thammarat, the post-Nakhon era, and the modern. Currently, it is governed by a parliamentary democracy. There is King Norodom Sihamoni as the head of state and the Prime Minister is the leader of the country. The country is divided into 1 capital and 23 provinces. This country used to be a colony of France in 1863 and gained independence. On November 9, 1953, November 9 is considered a national day.


Chapter 1 General Information of the Country
Chapter 2 Geography
Chapter 3 Social and Economic Characteristics of the Country
Chapter 4 Arts, Culture and Traditions
Chapter 5 Vocabulary and Sentences You Should Know in Daily Life
Chapter 6 Important Places of the Country
Chapter 7 Important information you should know when entering the country

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