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Wanjia Lawsuit (Happy to Wanjia)

Wanjia Lawsuit (Happy to Wanjia)
Other names: 万家诉讼(幸福到万家)
Author:  Chen Yuanbin
Genre: Novel, Social Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The village chief’s house is at the east end of the village. It’s just two rows and one courtyard. The roof tiles are small tiles, the house walls are made of blue bricks, and the courtyard walls are also made of blue bricks. The threshold is made of bluestone. There is a well in the yard, and a shed of grapes with leaves on it. The potted flowers on the opposite ground are all with dead branches and a dog is tied to it. , He Biqiu walked around the dog and saw the village chief sitting in the hall sipping wine.

She said: “You beat him, and now there are circumstantial evidence, and the doctor’s diagnosis is also available, what’s the saying?” The village chief snorted: “What?” He Biqiu said: “You beat him, kicked him in the chest, and fell. He kicked him in the lower body, this is killing, shouldn’t there be a saying?” The village chief slowly toasted, and He Biqiu said, “Then you don’t blame me.” Wanjia litigated, the novel was adapted into the movie “Qiuju Fighting” lawsuit”.

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