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Holiday for the rest of my life

Holiday for the rest of my life
Other names: 余生皆假期
Author:  Kotaro Isaka
Genre:  Detective Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The family of three who broke up because of their father’s derailment received a friendship text message when they were about to part ways. The sender was Okada who was planning to withdraw from the underworld-to make a friend and complete this task, so that he could get away successfully. Therefore, the failed father, the mysterious mother, and the adolescent daughter got in the car of the “former gangsters”, and the four of them wanted to head toward a new chapter in life together… But how can blackmail and blackmail work? , Okada’s resignation letter is not so easy to write. What’s more troublesome is, what about the new friends? Can the dream of a holiday for the rest of my life be realized?


Chapter 1 Holidays for the rest of my life
Chapter 2 Tachyon War
Chapter 3 Check
Chapter 4 Small Soldiers
Chapter 5 Flying is also eight points
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