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A Midsummer Evening Sunny

A Midsummer Evening Sunny
Other names: 盛夏晚晴天, Sunny midsummer night
Author: Liu Chenfeng
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


After three years of marriage, facing her husband’s indifference, she never showed weakness, but when Xiaosan was pregnant with his child, she was crying for the first time. Facing his seldom mistakes, she straightened her spine and turned around stubbornly! Behind him, he ridiculed: Xia Wanqing, with your identity as the mayor’s daughter, most of the wealthy and wealthy come to ask for a relationship, why bother to restrain me?

The moment the divorce agreement was signed, she picked up her pride and smiled as she did. She said: Mo Lingtian, if it is a mistake to love you, then these three years have been the consequences of my own mistakes.

In the future, you will never have the opportunity to hurt me because of this love! One month after the divorce. The eldest son of the Qiao family in this city, the second generation of wealthy returnees from the sea, the man who had a glimpse of the man she met when she was most embarrassed, came to visit and propose marriage. He said: Marry me, not only will your parents feel at ease, but you can also fight the man who hurt you!

He said: marry me and promise that you will never betray you in this life, because the woman I love will never come back! Facing this handsome, smiling, but unfathomable man, she still has reason. She asked: If it is not for love, it must have a plan. What are the conditions for marrying me?

The answer is simple and ruthless: very simple, you are the mayor’s daughter! Oh, as expected, with her identity, it is easy to marry a good man. If it is not for love, how long can the marriage last, but if it is for love, it is not a feathered return? Therefore, she fixedly looked at the man in front of her, and this time chose a marriage without love!


Divorce (1-5)
Divorce (6-10)
Divorce (11-15)
Divorce (16-20)
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