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Fanatic BOSS, please control your wife

Fanatic BOSS, please control your wife
Other names: 狂热BOSS,宠妻请节制, Fiery Boss, Control Yourself!
Author: Beichuan Yun Shang Jin
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: 2020
Status: Chapter 2152 Together


In a well-designed rich feast, the fiance knelt down on one knee to propose to her sister. She was deprived of her inheritance rights and became a bargaining chip for the marriage of the Xi family. She was ashamed of cold, and pierced her shoulders with a knife, ruining all the kindness, and turned to find him-Mu Yuchen, low-key and cool, Z city power overwhelming the world’s noble and noble, the power of the Shengshi Group. She said, Mu Yuchen, shall we get married? He looked up at her from the file, then stood up suddenly. “Where are you going?” “Let’s go, the Civil Affairs Bureau will be off work later.” After marriage-“Madam, fulfill your obligations!” Afterwards-“Mu Yuchen, you are a fake business!


Chapter 0 Fanatic BOSS
Chapter 1 Such a superb male
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