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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 36 Recap

Zhu Zhanji fights against Zhu Gaojiu Zhu Gaojiu and Hu Shanxiang escape from the capital together. Zhu Gaojiao was deprived of power. Zhu Gaoji felt that after waiting seven days, Zhu Zhanji would definitely kill them. Zhu Gaojiu did not want to return to Beijing and wanted to flee to Shandong to lead the army to kill him. However, Zhu Gaojiao said that they escaped are rebellious. But now is the best time. Zhu Gaoyu returned to his house. Zhu Gaoyu asked Princess Han if he heard any wind, but now the palace is busy with Zhu Xi ’s funeral, and the princess has also become the queen. It is very difficult to see her. Naturally no news . Princess Han felt that Zhu Gaozhen had become a different person after returning from the expedition. She sat in front of the mirror for a long time, and Zhu Gaozhen told her that she was just thinking that if there was any unlucky daughter-in-law in this world.

Zhu Zhanji intends to kill Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu before the spirit, Yu Qian rebuked Zhu Zhanji for this move, worried that after Zhu Zhanji killed Zhu Gaojiao’s brother on the spot, it would not be possible for the nationwide rebellion in March. Zhu Zhanji knew that Zhu Gaojin and Zhu Gaojiu would not submit to themselves, and Yang Shiqi also supported Zhu Zhanji to kill Zhu Gaojin, but was worried that Zhu Gaochi would not agree with Zhu Zhanji to do so, and advised Zhu Zhanji to be cautious.

Hu Shanxiang visited Hu Shangyi and planned to give her an official job. Hu Shangyi declined Hu Shanxiang’s kindness and wanted to move out of the palace. Hu Shanxiang was worried that Hu Shanxiang could not ignore it, and scolded Hu Shangyi for being angry. Hu Shangyi has been nurturing Hu Shanxiang for many years, but because of the draft, the two have been arguing. Although Hu Shanxiang was a little dissatisfied, he never said half a sentence to Hu Shangyi. Hu Shangyi knew it well and did not want to pierce. Hu Shanxiang Cheng Ruo will take good care of Hu Shangyi and wait for her to survive if she becomes the queen in the future.

Sun Ruowei handed Zhu Gaochi a book, Zhu Gaochi read the book written by Sun Ruowei, and lamented that Sun Ruowei now imitated his handwriting, and it was already true. Zhu Gaochi wanted Sun Ruowei to do the last thing for himself. He gave Sun Ruowei one night to imitate Zhu Xi ’s handwriting. Zhu Xi had always wanted to pardon Jing ’s orphan, but Zhu Gaochi ’s prestige is not enough now, so he had to use Sun Ruowei ’s handwriting to write A decree for pardoning Jing ’s orphanage was also handed over to Sun Ruowei, telling her that tomorrow morning, someone would come to take the decree. Sun Ruo was excited to pay thanks to Zhu Gaochi.

On the first seven days of Zhu Xi, the brothers Zhu Gaochi, Zhu Gaojiu, and Zhu Gaojiu came to sacrifice their feet. Zhu Gaochi invited the brothers to sit with him. Zhu Zhanji kindly reminded everyone that everyone should kneel behind Zhu Gaoyu. Zhu Gaojiao was a little angry, and satirized that Zhu Zhanji really understood etiquette. Zhu Gaochi did not listen, but just asked Zhu Zhanji to salute the other princes. Princess Han came quietly to Hu Shanxiang, claiming that Zhu Gaozhen was looking for her, and took her to a dark tunnel. Zhu Gaojiao opened his door and saw Shan wanted to cooperate with Hu Shanxiang. Zhu Gaojiao told Hu Shanxiang that he would rebel and want to take Hu Shanxiang with him.

He couldn’t bear to watch Hu Shanxiang die. He also let Hu Shanxiang steal all the guards in the Imperial Study Room while he was in the Imperial Library. . Hu Shanxiang wanted to escape, but was stopped by Zhu Gaozhu. Zhu Gao bewildered Hu Shanxiang, saying that if he came back alive, Hu Shanxiang could become the queen of Daming. Hu Shanxiang fled in a hurry, and Zhu Gaojiao admired the show played by Zhu Gaojiao.

Late at night, Zhu Gaochi saw that Zhu Zhanji disappeared, and hurriedly asked Zhu Zhanji to come and see him. Zhu Gaochi was aware of Zhu Zhanji’s thoughts, and repeatedly told Zhu Zhanji not to act rashly, or he was dismissed from his position. Hu Shanxiang sneaked into Zhu Gaochi’s room, and Sun Ruowei just imitated Zhu Xi’s handwriting in the room. Sun Ruowei questioned Hu Shanxiang’s appearance and questioned why she appeared here. Hu Shanxiang deliberately concealed and rushed away to take away the soldiers. Before leaving, Hu Shanxiang ordered Sun Ruowei, both of whom were busy with each other, as if they had not seen each other tonight.

On the second day, Zhu Gaochi thought that Sun Ruowei’s widow had written to the world. At this time, Zhu Gaochi suddenly coaxed and criticized Zhu Gaochi’s widow in the hands of false, and spit out dissatisfaction over many days. Zhu Gaojiao criticized Zhu Zhanji for deliberately concealing Sun Ruowei’s identity as an orphan of Jing Nan, and scolded him for not knowing and reporting. Zhu Zhanji refuted a few words and was stopped by Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Gaochi wanted to wait until the country was mourned before discussing the matter, but Zhu Gaochi said he had no plans to go back alive. He tore up his will and went away with Zhu Gaochi.

During the night, Zhu Zhanji led someone into the Han Palace, only to discover that Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu had already been out of the capital with guards. Zhu Zhanji was surprised and did not know where Zhu Gaoji came from.

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