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Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty (2019) 梦回 Episode 18 Recap

Xiaochun is counted as a fake candid prince face, and candid, Xiaochun and Prince Edward do their best to save Xiaochun

Wei palace to find Xiaochun saw Ming Hui bought slaves around Xiaochun, said Wei Ming Wai calm myself because my sister relationship RBI slaves and early spring, so take good care of slaves Xiaochun. Xiaowei told Xiaochun that her slaves and slaves were bought by her and his elder brother. Xiaowei advised Xiaochun not to meet with the prince anymore. Xiaochun’s affection for the prince was too persistent. He would rather die than give up the prince. Xiao Wei promised to do her best to protect her, replaced Xiaochun’s personal slaves, and sent a trusted Zhuer to stay with Xiaochun. Seeing that the prince did not move, he was not very satisfied with him, but he vowed to say that sooner or later there would be news.
Xiaochun couldn’t resist thinking about secretly going to Prince Edward and was persuaded by Zhuer. Although Xiaochun listened to the advice, she started thinking about it. Zhuer was trying to persuade Xiaochun to eat something. Xiaochun suddenly started to vomit. Xuanlai said that it seemed to be a happy pulse.

Xiaochun When he didn’t listen to the doctor, he told the emperor Zhu Er that the emperor hadn’t been to Jingren Palace for several months. If it was Ximai, it was the blood of the prince. Zhu Er said that the fetus could not stay. Xiao Chun was emotional and said he wanted to see the prince. Seeing her helpless, she promised to help her find a way to meet the prince. She told Nalan Concubine that Xiaochun Xuantai had diagnosed her, and Nalan changed her face when she heard it. With the help of Zhu Er, Xiaochun and the prince met. Xiaochun told the prince that she was pregnant, and also told the prince that she could not leave the child. The prince was excited and said that she was not allowed to do this, but Xiaochun said that the status quo between them said there was Illegal children are not allowed to be born in the world. The prince cries crying that he is incapable of protecting his beloved woman and his own flesh. The two hugged and wept. The prince watched the bracelet that Xiaochun gave him had the courage to meet the emperor. The two decided to go together. See the emperor tell the truth.

Zhu Er took the medicine to go to the palace and found two slaves facing a pot of tea sneakily, and the two found out that the taste of the tea was wrong. Zhuer hurriedly wrote to Xiaowei to tell her that Xiaochun was going to see the prince. Xiaowei felt that she might have scammed into the palace to look for Xiaochun. When Xiaowei pushed open the door of Beiyuan, she saw that the concubine and concubine Nalan were waiting. Xiao Wei responded calmly to the accusations of the uncle, saying that the appointment with Xiaochun was here to commemorate Xiuer, who had died before, and that Princess Nalan left.

The prince knelt in front of the emperor and pleaded. Xiaochun was brought in to lose her soul and said that her symptoms were pseudopregnancy caused by drugs. The prince then reacted and was counted. Xiaochun blame herself for harming the prince and stopped all guilt in front of the emperor The prince pleaded with the emperor to let off Xiaochun, but the emperor directly caused the two men to be severely punished. Eighth son here a few people happy news was deposed Prince, was able to succeed thanks to Wai Ming, Ming Hui deliberately curry favor with 14 princes but was left out, Ming Hui pointed out that four elder brother by the Prince but never the thirteen Elder brother , Said that he had arranged a plan to remove Thirteen Brothers.

Xiaochun was imprisoned, and while the guard walked away, Xiaochun took the candle and set herself to death. When the eighth brother learned the news, he thought it was a fake death-handling scheme manipulated by the thirteenth brother, and suggested that the eighth brother send a man to track the thirteenth carriage. Brother 14 laughed at himself in front of Brother 8 and made herself clever. Her tricks were not useful to Brother 13. Ten brother took the man and stopped the thirteen brother’s carriage, but found that the couple could only let it go in the car. Sure enough, Xiaowei took Xiaochun out of the palace, and Xiaowei made Qixiang the driver of the manure cart Taking Xiaochun away from the palace, Xiaowei arranged everything to let Xiaochun leave the capital to live incognito. Xiaochun left a letter to Xiaowei and passed it to the prince to say that the relationship between the two was exhausted. , The two cherished goodbye.

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