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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 1 Recap

Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 1 Recap

The King of the King Zhu Zhu seeks to usurp and usurp Zhu Zhanji to see the identity of Sun Ruowei’s daughter.

In the first year of Mingle Yongle, Sun Ruowei , the Queen of Xuande, ordered her artist to help her portrait. The painter made Sun Ruowei’s life-like paintings, but she was dissatisfied and left the hall. Sun Ruowei looked at the heavy snow and questioned the palace lady about the emperor’s Geely’s water penetration last month. The court ladies reported the situation in detail, but once again made Sun Ruowei angry. Unconsciously, Sun Ruowei walked to the door of the emperor’s palace, so he went to say hello to the emperor. Emperor Zhu Zhanji was singing a tune in the palace.
On June 13th of Jianwen’s four years, Sun Ruowei’s father Yushi Doctor Jing Qing had two daughters, his sister Man and his sister Man Yin. Jing Qing wanted to go back to the palace to inform the emperor, but his wife was worried that Jing Xiu would not return and decided to follow the children together.

In the palace, Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunzhang heard about the civil chaos, the people did not talk about life, and the city gate was broken. I remembered that Zhu Yuanzhang had left him a treasure in his lifetime. When Zhu Yunzhang opened it, he saw that he was wearing a razor and a razor, so he had no choice but to shave his long hair and escape from the palace.

King Yan sent soldiers back to the palace and changed the dynasty to Yuanyue Yongle. Zhu Xi ordered Fang Xiaoru to write a boarding note to appease the people. Fang Xiaoru was reluctant to help the usurper to rewrite history, and was killed in the end. Jing Qing was worried that King Yan would poison the people present, so he secretly handed over a pair of daughters to Sun Yu to take care of him . During the war, Jing Qing was plucked and cut by Cheng Zu, Zhu Xi, and Man Yan Man Yin was lost. Zhu Xi ordered Zhu Zhanji to see the blood in front of her. When Zhu Zhanji heard the crying in the blood pile and saw the poor man Yin, she brought her back to the palace and let Shang Yi take care of it.

Shang Yi had never raised a living thing, let alone raised a child, but because she did not dare to disobey the decree, she had to bite the bullet and leave a vine. Shang Yiming Man Yan was cleaned up and she contracted with her three chapters. Late at night, Man Yin sneaked into her room while Shang Yi was asleep, and was still lying on Shang Yi’s bed. Shang Yi just wanted to scold her and couldn’t bear it, so she decided to stay with her for one night. Shang Yi thought that Man Yin’s name was weak, so she changed her name to Hu Shanxiang . At this time Sun Ruowei went home unhurriedly to find someone, but there were no survivors in the family. Sun Ruowei picked up a bead on the ground and was taken away by Sun Yu.

Ten years later, Sun Yu raised and raised Manyu, and adopted a pseudonym Sun Ruowei to adopt the family. Sun Yu was full of grievances about Zhu Xi ’s killing. In order to get revenge, ten years of training, just to be able to one day end Zhu Xi ’s life. On this day, Zhu Xi strongly announced his return to the city, and Sun Yu and others decided to take the opportunity to assassinate Zhu Xi. A group of people were preparing to set off.

Sun Yu distributed the poison to the people, telling several people that if they encountered an accident, they would have to make their own decision.
Zhu Xi’s carriage had just entered the city, and Sun Yu’s man named Nie Xing’an couldn’t bear it, assassinating him. When he found that the carriage was empty, he realized that he had been deceived. Sun Yu and Sun Ruowei just saw this scene, and worried about causing trouble, they took Ruo Wei away.

Zhu Xi returned to the palace. Zhu Zhanji had been waiting for a long time. It turned out that Zhu Xi ‘s success in this operation was due to Zhu Gao ‘s advance advance anti-thief intelligence. Zhu Xi wanted to investigate to whom this matter was related, and whether there was a party in the palace, so he asked Zhu Gaochi and Zhu Gaozhen to come to question. When Zhu Gaochi asked three questions, he couldn’t answer at all. Zhu Zhanji stepped forward to help his father make a siege. Zhu Gaoji wanted military power to hunt down the assassins in the city, and Zhu Xi readily agreed to see him succeed in driving. But just after Zhu Gaojiu’s forefoot left, Zhu Qi gave Zhu Zhanji a privilege to let him wait for Zhu Gaoji to finish the investigation. As Jin Yiwei’s identity, he could investigate the ins and outs of the assassin.

Sun Yu took Sun Ruowei back to the shop. Sun Ruowei felt worthless for her dead brother, but Sun Yu thought that was their mission. Sun Yu was suddenly worried about the victim’s brother, for fear that if the disabled party did not choose to commit suicide, the next victim would be the two of them. Before Sun Ruowei came and was worried, Zhu Zhanji brought a mighty team of people to check the shop. Sun Ruowei posed as men to greet Zhu Zhanji and others. Zhu Zhanji saw that Sun Ruowei’s eyes were wet and tried to see if she had been killed by the same party. Sun Ruowei had a clever move and lied that he was worried about his father, Sun Yu’s body. Sun Ruowei suddenly appeared on the ground with a crossbow and immediately blocked it with his body. Zhu Zhanji’s investigation was fruitless and he was ready to return to the palace.

Before leaving, Zhu Zhanji invited Sun Ruowei to drink tea at noon tomorrow, and to tear through the identity of her daughter and the crossbow on the ground. Shang Yi was training in the lobby, at which time Hu Shanxiang hurriedly rushed. Shang Yi removed her son-in-law, leaving only Hu Shanxiang alone. Hu Shanxiang just returned from the South Third Institute and found that those sons-in-law who were favored by the previous emperor were all refrigerated in the backyard. Shang Yi didn’t find it novel, and she teased that she would probably depend on them for two decades.

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