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The Little Doctor Concubine in the Hun World

The Little Doctor Concubine in the Hun World (Novel)
Other Name: 混世小医妃

Genre: novel
Author: Feixi
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Mu Yunxi Tuoba Lie. Mu Yunxi was a doctor of modern medicine, but died unexpectedly. When I opened my eyes, I saw a peerless handsome man looking at her with blurred eyes…

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Mu Yunxi really didn’t know, so I needed to ask a question, but in Mu Yunsheng’s eyes, she was arguing, she was jealous, jealous that she had the Royal Highness of the Night King to propose marriage.

Until now, Mu Yunxi didn’t know why he had to follow Mu Yunsheng.

After this man saw that he put down the scorpion, he immediately pulled himself and let himself out.

“Why are you pulling me so fast?”

“Make you jealous of me completely, make you feel that you will never catch up with me!”

The excitement of Mu Yunsheng made Mu Yunxi a little bit suspicious whether she was about to meet her idol. That’s how modern women are, and when they meet her idol, they are so happy.

“Am I jealous of you?”

Only now can Mu Yunxi really feel the true meaning of this eldest lady, dare to love this eldest lady, just to defeat herself, just like this, how abnormal this heart is, that’s it. Look like?

“Mu Yunsheng, you may not be too interesting, right?”

“Hmph, apart from being a prostitute, what can you do to catch up with me? You are a catastrophe. You killed your mother and your grandmother brother at birth…”

Mu Yunsheng kept talking non-stop, but Mu Yunxi didn’t listen. She had heard such words many times when she came here. She was not the original owner, and how would she react to such words.

“is it?”

She thought of Tuoba Lie, that person is Tuoba Lie, because the night king of Entropy, this person is called Tuoba Lie, this person’s eyes are not like a person who likes Mu Yunsheng. what.

That face is really handsome, and it’s not impossible for her to develop with him in the future, but since people like this one, then don’t get in touch with it. This one, she asked herself, Mu Yunxi felt it was not easy to deal with.

“Hurry up, let’s go see…”

“Let’s go take a look, let you admire me even more, let you know how far away you, a woman who was divorced by the prince, should be from me.” Mu Yunsheng was secretly refreshed.

His Royal Highness the Night King of Entropy, the first beautiful man in Entropy, and the man who made women fascinated, now propose to her Mu Yunsheng, but she has nothing to do with you.

“What’s so beautiful?”

Mu Yunxi frowned, this girl, isn’t it just to make her jealous, then please satisfy her again, how about?

Afterwards, Mu Yunxi made a look that he was not very happy, no longer the calm and breezy look that was just before.

“Oh, elder sister, that is the most beautiful man in Entropy, don’t elder sister want to see, oh, yes, doesn’t elder sister like this person? If you like this person, you will have a story with him, you see, Now the wedding of the prince, my sister is gone…”

Mu Yunxi completely understood that this Mu Yunsheng also had no feelings for the Night King. When he came to himself, he wanted to show off to him completely. If so, then satisfy her curiosity. how about it?

“OK then!”

Mu Yunxi made a sad look. How many people would feel their hearts broken when they saw him. Such a beauty is so intriguing.

Mu Yunsheng saw it and felt uncomfortable at all.

A drop of tears was drawn from the corner of Mu Yunxi’s eyes, and the expression on his face returned to the previous gentle and gentle feeling, but it looked a little sad.

“Daughter met Daddy…”

Mu Yunxi also followed to salute, the moment Prime Minister Mu saw Mu Yunxi, his face was already dark.

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