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Hello Joann 2 (2019) Episode 13 Recap

Zhang Yang told Jiang Hezi to be a director, but Jiang Hezi declined Zhang Yang’s kindness and decided to resign from the post. Zhang Yang threatened that she is now sitting in the position of director and cannot easily give up. Zhang Yang knew that Lu Yuanyang was chewing her tongue around her, in order to settle her position as director. Zhang Yang assured her that she would be safe. Qiao An came to Xiao Bin three times, and Xiao Bin was helpless, and Songkou asked Qiao An to replace the new writer. Hearing this, Jin Ze refused to exchange Ni Hao and decided to advance with Ni Hao. Xiao Bin saw the director, producer, and actor all help Da Qiao film and television company, it is best to decide to cooperate with Qiao An.

Jiang Yu heart intend to invite people to eat dreams platform, but bleating duffers, will choose the hotel in store materials day. At this time, Lu Yuanyang and Jiang Yuxin just came to the Japanese food store for the anniversary. When Lu Yuanyang saw Qiao An, he turned around and wanted to leave. Jiang Yu insisted on staying, and Lu Yuanyang had no choice but to accompany him. Qiao An had no intention to test the intentions of the two, Jiang Yuxin’s innocent face, blurted out the anniversary. Qiao An forwarded expensive good wine to the other side, but was rejected by Lu Yuanyang. Joan didn’t want to be with him under the same roof, and was ready to leave with a bag. Jiang Yuxin knew that the two often looked up in the workplace without looking down. Although the two were lovers, they always aimed at each other. Jiang Yuxin wanted to join the table for a meal, and Qiao An was even more reluctant to give them red wine directly, and then left chicly.

Qiao An returned to Da Qiao Film and Television Company, and his men informed Qiao An’s family to pay a visit. JoAnn’s face was misty, and Olivia hurriedly greeted her. Joan was cold behind him. Joan took Olivia to the bar for a drink, and Olivia opened her mouth and called Joan’s mother as her mum. Joan, though he was frightened, did not make it clear. Olivia was relentless and deliberately satirized her mother with Joan. Although Joan and her mother haven’t seen each other for many years, since she left home, she no longer wants to have any connection with the family. Olivia came to find JoAnn this time, but she wanted to continue to fight her and humiliate her. Joanne shifted the subject and asked about Olivia’s previously stated that it would be embedded in Big Joe’s film and television content.

Olivia’s face changed, and she lied that she was being reprimanded by the company, and she should not talk about cooperation with small companies in private, but it was actually a disguised satire. Joan saw that she had no intention of cooperating and was about to leave. Olivia said that there was a party in the next few days, hoping that Joan would be able to attend in beautiful clothes that day. Joan knew that she had bad intentions, but decided to run.

After Ni Hao and Jiang Qifei reconciled, their feelings gradually returned. At this time, Ni Hao’s mother suddenly called and said that they had arrived at Ni Hao’s door. Ni Hao and Jiang Qifei were so scared that they immediately got up and sorted out. In order to impress Ni Hao’s parents, Jiang Qifei disguised himself as a successful person and talked with Ni Hao’s dad. Ni Hao’s parents were very happy to see their daughter find a good home.
In the evening, Lu Yuanyang specially accompanied Jiang Yuxin to watch a movie. Because he was busy with business, he lay aside and ignored Jiang Yuxin during the business. Jiang Yuxin was not angry, but lying in Lu Yuanyang’s arms, secretly enjoying the hard-won happiness.

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