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Blossom in Heart Episode 46 Recap

Yuet Ming deliberate targeting Yuet Hin , in Lens in front of speaking ill of him, put lipstick raw wrong thing Yuet Hin blaming him, Lens in very angry, let him not to say anything, keep an eye on the good work Things in the square. Miao Lan learned that something had happened, and came to the loft to chat with Lang Yueming, knowing that he had done this, and congratulations in advance on his achievement. Miao Lan told him that he didn’t like Lang Yuexuan, but just wanted to be treated correctly and didn’t want her life to be too hard. Lang Yueming told her not to worry. If she cooperated with herself, she would not treat her badly.

Lance called customers to solve lipstick problems. I believe that Lang Yuexuan is human, and I believe that Gu Haitang will not do this, because it was developed by her. However, Feng Chunyan did not think so, and felt that she did not. With remorse, revenge on the Lang family. Long Yuexuan came to the hospital to find Begonia, but saw that she left the hospital. It turned out that Begonia secretly moved her mother to another place. After thinking for a long time, Begonia told Xia He painfully that Gu Shunqi’s death was caused by Lang’s family. She planned to avenge her father’s revenge and let Gu Xia He take care of the family, because he was the only man in the family.

Shi Diwen took Lang Yueming to Shi Hanglu’s workshop and showed him the hoarding raw materials. Lang Yueming asked him to persuade Lang Yuexuan to stay away from home all day and worry his family. Lang Yuexuan had him like this A friend can also be regarded as a blessing for many generations. Arvin brought Lang Yueming to the house, and Shi Jizhou happily invited him to sit down and talk, believing that one day he could take charge of the Lang family. Lang Yueming came here to ask Shi Jizhou to help. He ordered from Shi Hanglu. Shi Jizhou had already guessed the purpose of his arrival and expressed that he was willing to help him. He hoped that Shi Hanglu and Lang Lichun could work together and believe that Kun Yang’s The product can go further, and then let him find time to pull the goods.

Master Shang frowned about the raw materials. Lang Yueming came over and told her to find the raw materials, but it was three times more expensive than the previous price. I hope Master Shang uses half of the raw materials when making the products, so that he can maintain Lang Lichun. Business. Begonia came to Shi Hanglu to work, and Shi Jizhou took her one by one to introduce her, expressing her willingness to use all of Shi Hanglu to exchange hibiscus cream. Begonia had no idea in her heart because she had never succeeded. Shi Jizhou asked her not to worry, to study slowly. to make.

Arvin looked at the gloomy look of Lang Yuexuan and kept telling some comforts to keep him from escaping reality due to broken love. Lang Yuexuan told him not to go on, otherwise he would be kicked out. This time he just hid Paralyzed himself, and found Shi Jizhou’s monopoly supply, Shi Diwen was surprised when he heard it, and told him that Lang Yueming had come over to take away the raw materials. Gu Haitang came to see her mother in the hospital and found her in a hurry. After finding her, she found her outside the hospital and quickly took her back. The doctor came and told Haitang that Gu’s mother was almost ready to be discharged.

Lang Yueming went home happily and told Lance Nian that he had found the ingredients. Lance Nine was not happy. He knew that he had taken the goods from Shi Jizhou. He felt that he was eating and eating, and asked him about lipstick. Mengchu had taken everything into consideration. Tell him that you don’t understand why he did it. Lang Yueming angrily told him that he was doing this to prove himself. He felt that he favored Lang Yuexuan from beginning to end and admitted that he had done the stealing of oil. After returning home, Gu Haitang asked her mother about Shi Jizhou’s affairs, and also took out the secrets of the hibiscus cream. After seeing it, Gu remembered some of the words in the formula and said half of it, but she didn’t remember it. You can think about it the next time you see him.

Gu Haitang came to Shi Jizhou in a hurry, but did not expect to find a fire after returning home, and hurried to check the situation. Lang Yuexuan rescued Gu Xiahe from the sea of ​​fire, and then held her to tell her that Gu’s mother had died. He heard a lot of blows after hearing it and passed out. Lang Yuexuan returned from the loss and told them that Begonia’s house was on fire, and Gu’s mother died unfortunately in the fire. Shi Jizhou and Long Deshui came to the Lang family early in the morning and asked Lang to attend the conferences in the three southern provinces. They expressed that Long Deshui also attached great importance to him and hoped that he would rush over immediately. Begonia felt that he was an obscure person. Everyone around her died because of her. Long Mo came to comfort her, saying that what she had said before was all anger.

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