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Blossom in Heart Episode 41 Recap

Yuet Hin pick Lens years back in the car asked in his childhood Kun Yang’s appearance, Lens told him in a city and there is not much change, people change but did not expect such a fast time flies, all of a sudden change Become old men, they have also grown up. Lang Yuexuan knew that he was old, looked at him with distress, hoping to do more things to help him, Lance looked at his attachment to Begonia and asked him if he was sure of his feelings for Begonia. Lang Yuexuan was decisive. Tell him that Gu Haitang must live in this life.

Lance told Feng Chunyan after returning home every year that Long Deshui looked at Qian’s face and had promised to let the Lang family go, but he was still worried that Long Deshui and Shi Jizhou would unite. The Lang family couldn’t resist it and had to rush to compact money for him. After listening to Feng Chunyan, he thought that he had to stabilize Long Deshui first, and planned to start with Long Moyu , because she had a special liking for Yue Xuan, and the matter was resolved naturally. As long as Lang Si was a word, I believe Lang Yue Xuan would obey. Lang Sinian disagreed with her idea and felt that she could not sell Lang Yuexuan, and had to respect their love. Lang Yuexuan came to the school to find Gu Haitang, just to see how she was serious about doing things, leaning at the table and watching her affectionately.

Begonia came to share with him that he had found a way to mass-produce. Yue Xuan told her that Lance had agreed to help their new products, and must seize this opportunity to create miracles. Begonia was very happy after hearing this, but still worried that Mrs. Lang would oppose them, hoping that she could understand, Lang Yuexuan asked her not to worry, he would solve this problem, and then told her that because this time it was a new product, Lang Lichun Old customers need to look at the samples before placing an order. Due to the large number, they need to find some people to process and produce. After listening, Bingtang planned to ask the students in the school for help and paid work. I believe they will cooperate actively.
Feng Chunyan asked Lang Yueming to stop Begonia from running a school.

The greater her fame, the worse it was for Lang Lichun. Looking at her angry look, Lang Yueming deliberately said what would stop her, and coaxed Feng Chunyan very happy. Lang Yueming talked to Long Mozhen, saying that she flinched and did nothing. She was too kind to catch up with Xuan Xuan. After listening to his words, Long Mozhen asked his thoughts and planned to come by unexpectedly. Let him help himself. Lang Yueming looks for female workers in the workshop and asks her to go to the students in Haitangli School and let them work in Langlichun.

Fan Zhen took the money to Begonia for emergency, and waited for her to research the new product before returning the money. When she was planning to go out, she met Gu Xiahe . It turned out that someone was sneaking in front of her at home, then left without a word. Begonia and Fan Zhen went to pay back the students and invited her to be a student in the school. I did not expect that they would all be called to the Langlichun Workshop to recruit. Begonia thinks things are not easy. Guess is premeditated, and he plans to make new products first to prove it to everyone. Arwen limped home, Shi Jizhou hugged him happily, thinking that he was ready with Long Mo.

Shi Jizhou secretly arranged for someone to inquire about Gu Haitang’s home, so that Han Ruibin could make things more secret and not let others discover. Mrs. Lang came to Miao Lan in the evening and asked her if she could find a way to match Lang Yuexuan and Mo Yan. Miao Lan threw the question to Begonia and thought that Begonia must be driven out anyway. Miao Lante made a supper to Lang Yueming, and accidentally awakened him, thinking that he did so much useless and showed a desireless desire, but Lang Yueming did not think that she was a smart woman, but She had a bad life, knowing that she didn’t feel good at home.

When Feng Chunyan worshiped, she found that the beads in her hand were in Miaolan’s room. When she went out to find them, she found that Lan Yueming’s lamp was still on, and went upstairs to listen to them secretly. Feng Chunyan asked Miao Lan to go back first, and then talked to Lang Yueming alone. Lang Yueming helped Miao Lan to make her be nice to others. After all, it was not easy for her to survive. Feng Chunyan slaps directly after returning, let her put away Huahua intestine, don’t think bad mind any more. When Lang Yueming came to the workshop, he found that Lang Yueming was moving raw materials and told him angrily that he could not move out without his consent. Lance came over to stop them, telling Lang Yueming that he had taken care of it in advance, he was right to say the rules, the matter lies with himself, and then he talked with Lang Yueming alone, feeling that he was deliberately targeting Lang Yuexuan, After all, they are brothers and have to be twisted into a rope.

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