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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 19 Recap

Dance studio, tranquility and summer to come and dance rehearsals, in the summer I do not know why a personality change tranquil, peaceful and did not conceal the summer, she said Long Hao Qian has many advantages, not only money but also play golf than Long Hao Qian, peace on It seems even smaller. In order to better integrate into Hao Qian’s life, An Ning decided to study more.

In the restaurant, Tong Zeyu played piano for Ma Menglu , but Monroe thought about the scene with Gong Chen . Although the other party was not optimistic about the other at first, after a long time, Ma Menglu felt very Satisfy. At this time, Zhe Zeyu walked towards Ma Menglu, and she saw that she had a heart on her face. Monroe told him that today is her birthday, and thanked Zhe Zeyu for accompanying her for a day. On the other side, Long Haoqian asked An Ning to eat and carefully gave her a dress. One week later, Long Hao Qian would bring An Ning to attend the banquet. An Ning didn’t say a word, but the scenes that had already come to mind were already there.

In the evening, Xun Zeyu sent Ma Menglu home, and Gong Chen had been waiting for her downstairs. When Gong Chen saw Ma Menglu, she teased her fiercely, and Ma Menglu was too lazy to ignore him. When Gong Chen saw Ma Menglu wearing unfitting shoes, she actually tore her feet, so she carried her home with her heart. Gong Chen asked Ma Menglu to take care of himself, otherwise he would be canceled by others when he marries to the wealthy. Monroe tried to see why Gong Chen was not angry. Gong Chen stated that she was not a chicken-bellied person. Naturally, she would not resent Monroe because she found someone better than herself, but wanted to complete Monroe and Yu Zeyu. Monroe told Gong Chen that it was her birthday today. Gong Chen expressed her knowledge. Then she made a longevity noodle for Monroe and sent her a blessing. Monroe ate Gongchen’s carefully prepared noodles, and her heart was mixed. For Monroe, she only wanted Gongchen alone.

At night, An Ning was still studying hard. An Ning’s mother felt very distressed in her eyes, so she brought her a blanket. On the other side, Summer told Yi Mingjun that a crew was looking for her. Summer told the story introduction to Yi Mingjun, but Mingjun did not agree and hoped that summer would not come back easily. Yi Mingjun asked if the director of the summer was a man or a woman. Xia said he was a man, and Yi Mingjun was determined not to let Xia play. Summer accompanied An Ning to the dance studio and told An Ning that she was about to join the group. An Ning tested whether Summer should choose to join the group. Summer said that she must join the group, otherwise she would not be able to support herself. In the summer, An Ning was distressed for Long Haoqian and became disliked by herself, either practicing dance or studying hard. Anning always feels that she is not worthy of Long Haoqian, but summer does not agree with it. For summer, Anning is a very good woman. She is not only beautiful, but also kind, which is enough to beat many people.

Min Er came to the office of Yan Zeyu to confess, Yan Zeyu was shocked. He was Min Er as his younger sister, but Min Er regarded Tong Zeyu as the object of love. Takizawa brought Mina to the steakhouse, the same scene, the same piano music, the same steak, but eating with different people would have different effects. Min Er believes that Zhe Zeyu made fun of himself when he was young, and the two parted ways because they could not reach each other.

Long Haoqian is back and An Ning is ready for tomorrow’s banquet. The next day, Hao Qian arrived at the banquet early, but An Ning was late to attend. After waiting for a long time, An Ning dressed up and became the focus of the audience. Long Hao Qian heard the sound and learned that An Ning immediately rushed over. An Ning expresses affectionately to Long Hao Qian, and asks whether Hao Qian is willing to be his own man. Hao Qian is very shocked. It turns out that An Ning is willing to be his woman. The two danced at the party, and An Ning took the dance performances she learned during this period to the fullest, and made Long Haoqian marvel at her.

In the early morning, the Anning family was joking about Anning. Seeing that Anning’s marriage with Long Haoqian had been settled, both parents were happy for her. Summer and Anning went out shopping, at this time Long Haoqian called and claimed to take them to a place. When they reached their goal, they discovered that Long Haoqian and Yi Mingjun were preparing a great gift, that is, the weekend time for the four of them.

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