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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 18 Recap

Long Hao Qian and tranquility are joking car, suddenly a screeching halt met Pengci. Uncle Long Haoqian grabbed Long Haoqian’s legs and demanded money. Anning knew in the car that she must have bumped into porcelain. Anning made a plan, pretending to be freight, and got all the ketchup on his pants. An Ning got out of the car and shouted that his stomachache caused Long Haoqian to call the ambulance. When he saw this, the uncle hurriedly said that he was okay and escaped. Later, Long Haoqian brought clothes to An Ning Shopping Mall. An Ning was in good shape, so she looked good in everything.

Tong Zeyu invited Ma Menglu to join the reception. Later, Ma Menglu went home angrily, and asked Gong Chen if she had no idea of ​​marrying him. Gong Chen always talked about the trivial matters after marriage, and he told Ma Menlu to get married was to spend a lot of money, a ceremony, a certificate. Ma Menlu was very frustrated when he heard these words. She felt that she didn’t need to restrain him, and she couldn’t make a person who didn’t want to marry herself marry herself. She had already figured it out and would return to her co-worker and neighbor identity. She, like all ordinary women, longs for a grand wedding and a lovely child. Although sad, Ma Menlu told him to get together.

An Ning had afternoon tea with Xia Tian and Ma Menglu. An Ning received a call from Min Er and invited them to go to a role-play club at night. Xia Xing and Ma Menglu wanted to go, and An Ning agreed happily. On the other side, Yi Mingjun told Long Haoqian that she really wanted to marry summer, and she planned to hold a wedding with Long Haoqian. Xi Zeyu also received news that the club had several special guests, including Long Haoqian’s fiancee, and Ma Menglu who ate with him.

Long Haoqian, Gong Chen, and Yi Mingjun knew that when they went to the club, they changed their clothes and went to the club to find them. Long Haoqian brought a toy knife and made everyone laugh. Xun Zeyu also came to the club. Long Haoqian knew that the club was opened by Xun Zeyu. He Zeyu said he was looking for Ma Menglu and had been waiting for Ma Menglu. He also asked her to bring her wine from abroad. She also asked her to drink something together, and Gongchen left a little angry. Xun Zeyu asked about Ma Menglu. He opened the door and asked Ma Menglu whether he had a boyfriend. What do he think of being a boyfriend or even his own husband? Ma Menlu thought he was joking, and Yu Zeyu told her that she could give her time to consider. After half a month, she would go to France for a business trip and hope that she could be together. He told Ma Menlu that he felt relaxed only when he was with her. Ma Menlu seemed a little tempted.

Ma Menglu was indifferent in the hotel, and colleagues all talked about her and Gongchen. Ma Menglu asked Gong Chen to ask him what it means for Ze Zeyu to find her. Gong Chen was very angry and told her her standard diamond prince, she found the right person. Ma Menlu talked angrily and told him that he had found a person willing to marry himself, and he would not bother. Gong Chen told her not to find herself anymore. An Ning met her old classmate in a dessert shop. Several people in Jin Feng called her to sit together and asked if she had a blind date. When she saw the diamond ring in An Ning’s hand, she mocked her for being a fake, and An Ning did not refute her. At this time, Long Haoqian went to buy desserts for An Ning and overheard their conversation. Long Hao Qian came forward and took An Ning’s hand and told them that he was An Long’s Mr. Long Hao Qian. Everyone was surprised.

Long Haoqian was annoyed that An Ning didn’t tell the people around him, and he ordered An Ning to demand to declare his identity in front of everyone. At this time, Xun Zeyu asked Ma Menglu to ride on the racecourse. He asked Ma Menglu to promote each other’s feelings from the title, and Ma Menglu immediately changed his name to him. Long Haoqian told Yi Mingjun about An Ning’s unwillingness to introduce himself to a friend. Yi Ming Jun enlightened him, indicating that An Ning was not a girl who worshipped gold. He told Long Haoqian that it was a challenge for An Ning to enter his life. She had to face not only her inferiority but also the eyes of others on her.

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