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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 17

An Ning accidentally hit a young boy while walking on the road. She was distressed to see the little boy’s hands were full of wounds. The young boy turned and left, but An Ning fainted on the side of the road. Fortunately, a passing aunt saw and asked for help. Take her to the hospital. Long Haoqian knew that he would rush to the hospital immediately. Fortunately, An Ning was awake and there was no problem. An Ning seemed to be able to see the memory of others, but now he can’t see it again.

Gong Chen took Ma Menglu to Anning’s house and introduced her to Anning’s mother and grandpa. On the other side, Long Haoqian also returned home with tranquility. Long Haoqian found that there were no couplets posted on the door, and the refrigerator did not eat. He asked Long ’s father to send someone a New Year. Father’s New Year. An Ning said sensibly that he would often go home with Long Haoqian to accompany Dragon Father in the future. While chatting, An Ning could faintly see the memory of Dragon Father, she saw the doctor notify Dragon Father that he needed to prepare for surgery immediately, and saw that Mother Dragon and Father Father divorced.

After leaving the house, Anning told Long Haoqian that she had a very important matter, and asked Long Haoqian to take her to find her mother. Dragon Mother did not welcome the arrival of An Ning. An Ning asked if she remembered the necklace ten years ago, and said she wanted to talk to her alone. Long Haoqian was alone in the living room. He saw the bee decoration on the table remembering the night when he was with An Ning. He was thinking whether nothing would happen that night. The Dragon Mother wondered how An Ning knew about the necklace. At that time, someone designed the Dragon Mother and mistaken the Dragon Mother for derailment. Only then did the two people have a misunderstanding. An Ning told her that she had misunderstood Dragon Father for so many years. She told the dragon mother that the dragon father had a very serious illness, but the slice result had not come out yet. She knew that the dragon father had been in the dragon mother’s heart for so many years, but she had been supported by the hatred of the dragon father. An Ning told her that his father had long made a will, and the transfer of equity was not for business interests but was sincere by his father. She advised Dragon Mother not to deceive her heart and think about what she said.

Anning asked Long Haoqian if there was one thing he found that he had misunderstood for a long time, and it was not what he imagined, would he be sad. Long Haoqian thought that An Ning was talking about nothing that happened to her and her that night, so she asked what she said. Anning was surprised. He knew it, and told him what to do if things happened. He also proposed to prepare a luxurious suite in Longteng and kept it secret. Long Haoqian always thought that Anning was very happy with his affairs.
Bai Menglu asked Gong Chen when he was going to marry himself. Every time he talked about marriage, Gong Chen always had various rhetoric. Ma Menglu was very angry and asked him to get married on the elevator. Is it so important, Ma Menlu was lame with anger.

Long Haoqian prepared a flower candle in the suite, and An Ning was very satisfied with his preparation. Long Haoqian knew that he had misunderstood something awkward. Father Long has always been wearing a wedding ring with Dragon Mother, who blame him for telling himself that he was so late. Long’s father’s biggest wish is to keep close with Dragon Mother and Long Haoqian.

Longmu’s attitude towards Anning changed, and she asked Anning to go home and teach her to cook. Mother Long agreed with Long Haoqian and An Ning’s marriage, and the family was happy. Ma Menlu gave Mr. Xun a suit, but accidentally slipped into the men’s bathroom and happened to meet Mr. Xun. In order to apologize for his recklessness, Ma Menglu invited General Manager to have lunch together. When Ma Menlu heard the piano music in the restaurant, he told the president the story behind Canon, and he cried emotionally. She wanted to pay for it, and the waiter told her that Mr. Xuan had always been a restaurant-free customer.

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