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Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain (2019) Episode 19 Recap

Wang Wu ‘s avatar was performing on stage, and everyone was fascinated by her sound of nature. Just when the avatar sang, the colored ball on the stage suddenly dropped, and Wang Lu was worried about hitting her, and came to the stage to rescue her. In order not to cause a commotion, Wang Lu will make a mistake and dance with her avatar on the stage. The avatar regarded Wang Lu as Ouyang Shang, showing his true feelings. Those who didn’t know thought they were a pair of spouses, and they were intoxicated by the graceful singing. Wang Wu of Lingjian Mountain himself felt the feeling of being a clone, and in anger he even applied a spell to warn the clone. Zhou Mingrui saw that the clone on the stage was a paper man.

He secretly burned the paper man with fire, making Wang Lu unable to end. After the paper man disappeared out of thin air, Wang Lu was inspired to design Wang Wu into the butterfly dance of Nirvana. Arouse more people’s cheers, so love teaching also has more support. Wang Lu found that there is a large disparity between men and women in the Qianling religion. In Wuhou County, there are still a large number of women who may develop into caring religions. The men who attract women are the men who are opposite to the Holy Spirit Girl Group. Mission, Wang Lu hit his idea on the good-looking Hai Yunfan and the lovely Wen Bao. Without the need for high-quality musical talent and purely handsome appearance, Wang Lu wants to create a men’s team that is all over the city with personalization and personalization. On the other side, Zhou Mingrui was desperate, and ordered his holy girl group to step up rehearsals. They had to learn everything, and they must attract the lost people back.

The next day, Hai Yunfan was about to perform on stage because he had not been able to meet Wang Lu’s requirements, so he had to learn dance overnight. Little Liuli couldn’t stand it anymore, so she decided to change Hai Yunfan’s practice, take the initiative to act as Hai Yunfan’s partner, and practice dancing with her. Sure enough, with the help of Liuli, Hai Yunfan’s dance has a soul, and the two tacitly cooperate with each other to complete the dance perfectly. The people lost their interest in the uniform programs of the saints, and unknowingly went to the field of the loving boy group composed of Hai Yunfan and Wen Bao. Comparing the two, you can see who is higher and who is lower. Deng Meng Wenbao gained a large number of fans, but Hai Yunfan won Liuli’s favor.

Wang Lu has always been curious as to why the Qianling religion collected the blood of the people, but even this person, who was once a messenger of the Six Stars, cannot know. At this time, Hai Yunfan found that Liulixian was missing and went out to look for it. In the evening, Liu Lixian walked outside and met a drunk on the road. He was seduced by food. Fortunately, he was stopped by Hai Yunfan who came. He was not succeeded. When he took Liu Lixian to buy corn cobs, he happened to be Zhou Mingrui. Seeing that, Zhou Mingrui had a lot of bad thoughts, and wanted to make the national idol ruined.

On the second day, the three of Wang Lu once again brought high-quality performances to everyone. The moving singing sounds combined with the charming dancing poses of Haiyunfan and Liulixian made the women in Wuhou County feel crazy for them. Immediately after the performance, Zhou Mingrui asked the drunkard to expose Hai Yunfan and Liu Lixian’s rape. The deceived people were very angry about this and sneered at Hai Yunfan and others. Xiao Liuli was stimulated in the chaos and passed out. Wang Lu was silent for a long time, and finally stood up to compose the story, and shaped Hai Yunfan and Liulixian into a loving couple. The moving story moved everyone, and they believed and forgave them.

Hai Yunfan saw the Junhuang Mountain badge on Liuli on the stage and remembered the past. Four years ago he secretly ran down Army Huangshan and found many villagers killed by practitioners in the woods. Liu Li was the survivor of the accident. Hai Yunfan rescued her, but Liu Li regarded him as a bad guy. , Stabbed him with a bun. Regardless of his injury, Hai Yunfan took good care of Liuli. Liuli was always alert to him, but Hai Yunfan was not discouraged, and tried to comfort Liuli and encourage her to live. Under the care of Hai Yunfan, Liuli finally recovered and began to reject him. Before Hai Yunfan left, the badge of General Huangshan was given to Liuli, and he agreed to meet at Army Huangshan.

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