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Flavour It’s Yours Episode 22 Recap

Bu drunk and Nan Ke looked at Mr. Wan’s embarrassed complexion and felt that he had a problem. The police made an interrogation record of all the personnel on the scene, but it was too late to get drunk and feared to delay the game, but the police told Bu drunk that this time involved a murder case. To do a detailed investigation, do not get drunk and call Wei Xun to tell them that they may find the body of Nanke’s father. Mr. Lu let Wei Xun and Mu Chunfeng play alone for fairness. Wei Xun lost his sense of taste at this time but stubbornly refused to admit defeat. When he was tasting and meditating, he saw himself as a kid. When he was young, he asked him if he had forgotten this wine. He looked to his father and remembered that his father fermented his wine when he was a kid. The teaching of knowledge, they were happy to discuss wine at that time, and Wei Xun also promised his father to take him to taste wines from all over the world. Wei Xun didn’t know why his father chose this wine.

Bu drunk and Nan Ke finally finished taking notes. When he was out of the police station, he encountered Mr. Wan. Mr. Wan wanted to send him back. But Nan Ke stopped him. Nan Ke told him that he felt there was something wrong with Mr. Wan. Everything is too coincidental. Wei Xun finally wrote the answer. At the end of the game, Mu Chunfeng and President Lu won, because Mu Chunfeng tasted more, but he did not taste the kind of taste that Wei Xun knew. Wei Xun failed but this time he was not too lost. Bu drunk hurried to see Wei Xun a person, knowing that the game lost some blame, Wei Xun comfort not to get drunk, there are always wins and losses, but only gains. Do not get drunk and ask Wei Xun what to do next. Wei Xun said that he will go to see his father tonight, and they are hugged together happily.

Mia was eating barbecue at night. When she was drunk, she rushed to the table and had a barbecue together. Not drunk and asked Mia how to sigh. Mia was worried about Nan Ke. Not drunk and told Mia Nan Ke to find his father in the ruins of the winery. Of Mia ’s wedding ring, Nan Ke lost Mia to leave, but did not get drunk to tell Mia that Nan Ke was afraid of losing her. Mia also asked if she was drunk and sighed. Before she could not say that she was drunk, she guessed that it was because of Wei Xun’s loss of the game, and the two comforted each other.

Mia couldn’t find Nanke and sent a message telling him to wait for him in his bar. Nanke and Mia were chatting at the bar. At this time, the police station called and told Nanke to go to the police station immediately. Nanke and Mia hurry up. Go to the police station. Wei Xun and his father had dinner together. Wei Xun told his father that he was willing to gamble and lose, but Mr. Lu told him that he could do what he wanted to do, Wei Xun remembered the scene of his mother’s death and guarded his dying mother, but his father was still Because the busy business failed to come back, the young Wei Xun hated his father in his heart. Wei Xun looked at his father and asked him if he loved his mother. Mr. Lu said that Wei Xun’s mother was a love of his life, and asked him why he sold his mother’s winery. Mr. Lu told him that the Rose Winery business was left unattended.

In order to recover the cost, he can only sell it and let the capable person take care of it. Wei Xun understands a bit, and Lu told Wei Xun that his mother also liked Ewha White and Wei Xun was happy. Wei Xun also saw himself when he was a child. When he was a child, he asked if Wei Xun hadn’t chatted with his father in such a calm manner for a long time. Wei Xun said that it was okay. Congratulations on his childhood when Wei Xun finally grew up.

Mr. Wan’s subordinates reported to Mr. Wan about the police’s digging out of the corpse. The subordinates saw Mr. Wan calmly and asked him if he knew in advance. Mr. Wan did not answer, but just let him stop staring at Drunk and Nanke recently. Unnecessary things, and let him take care of Wan Zeze. Playing games with Wei Xun and no drunk, not drunk, but there is no way to find Wei. At this time, Xia Fan came to cheer for Wei Xun. He thought that Wei Xun was sad to lose the game. He also had to be coquettish with Wei Xun. Wei Xun hurried to not drunk and let her go shopping with her. At this time Mu Chunfeng looked again. Not drunk La Xia Fan went out and let them have a good talk. Xia Fan and Bu drunk went shopping together on the street. On the way back, I met Mr. Lu’s genus.

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