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Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain (2019) Episode 12 Recap

The brothers are ready to let the head handle the incident of Shengjing Xianmen, but Wang Wu does not recognize it and insists on handling it himself. Fang He was dissatisfied with Wang Wu’s practice and blamed her.

Early in the morning, seven elders see Wang Lu just advanced qi, it will be delivered to the successful development of a panacea to him. Wang Lu looked disdainful and just wanted to turn his head to visit Hai Yunfan , but found the wind chime secretly standing behind his back. Haiyunfan has been unconscious and unconscious. The wind chimes have taken care of him and the Yaozu to have a bloody sea enmity. Wang Lu told him to hide his body from the fox demon, saying that he would explain it to him in the future. Wang Lu recalled that Zhifeng was deliberately trying to make a difficult king dance. He worried that the master was bullied by the rest of the people, and then he took the wind chimes and other people and went straight to Wang Wang.

Yunfeng’s real people came to Lingshan to scream, and each elder was not satisfied with Yunfeng’s behavior, causing disputes. The students of Lingjianshan saw that the five elders were taken to Jianxingtang for interrogation, and they were worried that the status of Wangwu would not be guaranteed. At this time, Zhu Qin stood up and deliberately smeared the king dance, making the matter more and more troublesome. At this time, Wang Lu came and found that Wang Wu’s points were not damaged, and she was fortunate. Wang Wu told Wang Lu that because she was watching the Zhifeng real person wearing tens of thousands of Lingshi equipment in the process of cultivation, she dangled in front of her, which made him steal the stone of his body when he was not ready.

During the period, Wang Wu discovered that Zhifeng’s real body smelled a smoldering blood-staining function, and then secretly followed him. He accidentally discovered that Zhifeng real people had founded a sect called Qianling, and deliberately mortal to practice the martial arts. And they went to life and died. Wang Wu worried that the head and others could not handle the elders of Zhifeng and decided to run for themselves.

Wang Wu’s forefoot just left, the wind chime ran to tell Wang Lu, Hai Yunfan was already awake. Wang Lu worried that Wang Wu had a dispute with Shengjing Xianmen, worried that he would set fire to self-immolation and asked the wind chime to teach his martial arts. The wind chimes let Wang Lu firmly believe that the master is safe and sound, although Wang Wu has nothing to do on weekdays, but in front of the big and the big, it is still very decent. Wang Lu did not believe in the rhythm of the wind chimes, and did not put what she said in her heart. It is not easy for the wind chimes to dance to Wang Lu. The original Wang Wu practiced the incomparable method. Although it was proposed by Ouyang Shang, it was actually practiced by Wang Wu.

For this reason, she went into flames and went through the bones every night. The pain can only be relied on by drinking to relieve the pain. Wang Lu thought of the drunkenness of Wang Wu, which caused a bit of distress. The wind chimes took Wang Lu to see and return to Zhifeng. When Lingshan did not give himself a satisfactory reply, he was so troubled here.

Wang Wu came to see him and proposed to compare with Zhifeng. Zhifeng suspected that a Jindan in the Wangwu District had dared to provoke Yuan Ying, worried that there was fraud, and he was too late to agree. Wang Wu did not want to compare with her, Zhifeng could not bear it, and had to face her. The head specially set up a venue for others to let the two men have a carefree match. Wang Wu and Zhifeng reached an agreement. As long as Wang Wu won this match, he would have his whole body equipment, but if Zhifeng won, Wang Wu would go to Shengjing Xianmen to apologize. Wang Lu and the wind chimes heard the sound, see Master and Zhifeng test, decided to open a gambling bureau, and make a fortune. No one in the audience is optimistic that Wang Wu can win and buy Zhifeng.

In the process of comparison, Zhifeng used the power of nine cows and two tigers to be easily resolved by Wang Wu. Zhifeng took the sword and swayed, and still did not defeat Wang Wang. Although the ridge needle used by Zhifeng is strong in martial arts, Wang Dance can easily be saved. Liu Xianxian informed everyone that the golden age of the spirit sword school, only ten people in stock, and Wang Dance is one of them. Wang Lujian master martial arts high-powered, glad that he bought the right to leave. Under the attack of Wang Wu, the elder of Zhifeng is obviously not her opponent.

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