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Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain (2019) Episode 9

Zhu Qin led Wang Zhong to leave, and Wang Lu arrived in time to retain them with the help of Yue Xin Yao’s sister. Wang Lu brought them to the front of the teacher. Wang Lu intentionally missed Zhu Qin’s time and saw that they came to find the red fruit, and deliberately told the rest of the brothers. Zhu Qin was in a hurry to leave, Wang Zhong found that there was a suspected red fruit in the distance, and he waited for everyone to leave, and came alone. At this point, Haiyunfan hides the red fruit in a step ahead, and after Wang Zhong arrived, it has disappeared. Wang Zhong asked Hai Yunfan whether he had stolen the red fruit. Hai Yunfan saw him suppress him. Zhu Qin saw Wang Zhong and Hai Yunfan argued and forced him to hand over the item. Hai Yunfan would rather die than die, and Zhu Qin said that he would fight with him to kill you. Wang Lu appeared in time and attracted other people in the camp. At this time, the invisible character failed, and the brothers and sisters saw that the red-skinned fruit fell out of the prototype and decided to use the wheel battle to determine the attribution of the red-fruited fruit.

During the trial, Wang Zhongyu secretly touched the red fruit when he did not pay attention, and then a black fog appeared. Everyone was shrouded in this black fog, but Haiyunfan was transmitted to Qinglong Gorge. When Hai Yunfan just woke up, he was concealed by the black man. During the fight between the two men, the black man just recognized Hai Yunfan’s true identity and wanted to tell him the truth, but he was assassinated by the behind-the-scenes black hand. Hai Yunfan’s behind-the-scenes ambassador was the Emperor Xu Jingtian, the emperor of Emperor Huangshan. He was also a black man who had been in contact with Zhu Qin. In Xu Jingtian’s upcoming work on Haiyunfan, Wang Lu suddenly appeared with the wing flower. Xu Jingtian still refuses to support, Wang Lu uses the summoning symbol to lead Wang Wu , and uses the imitation of the words to record the dialogue between the two, transmitted to all corners of Lingjian Mountain. Wang Wu and Xu Jingtian struggled hard, Xu Jingtian tried to say that he bought Wang Wang, but he did not know what kind of gourd Wang Wang was selling. Wang Wu asked him if he wanted to provoke the war between Emperor Huangshan and Lingjianshan. Xu Jingtian looked disdainful and still wanted to compete with Wang. Wang Wu informed the people of this matter by virtue of the spell, not only recruiting brothers from home, but also a group of black people.

Xu Jingtian yelled at Wang Dance and played with herself, and cut it straight to her. At this time, the current leader of the Emperor Mountain, the first master Hai Tiankuo appeared, he shot decisively, instantly killed Xu Jingtian who left the job, and then left. Wang Lu feels that the sea is wide and powerful, and I hope that the master can teach her a few moves. Wang Wu is not an opponent of Hai Tiankuo, warning Wang Lu to see him today and he must detour. Wang Lugang wanted to talk to Hai Yunfan and found that Haiyunfan pursued the sea and wide. Haiyunfan was very angry when he saw Haitiankuo. He directly confronted him with swear words. In the process of confrontation, Haiyunfan satirized Haitiankuo and dared not kill himself. Haitian was so violent and angry that Wang Wang and others were timely. When I arrived, this saved Hai Yunfan’s life.

Xu Chang of Junhuang Mountain died in Xiaoqingyun, Haiyunfan was seriously injured, and the elders felt headaches for these incidents. Fang Shibo slandered Wang Lu in the process of searching for red fruit, secretly engaging in small movements, and he was completely useless. The sister-in-law talked to Wang Lu, and this did not lead to the process. The head of the knife saw the blood and pointed out that Zhu Qin and the black man were the ones who betrayed the same door. The head decided to drive him out of the division, but Wang Lu felt that Zhu Qin should not sin and help him to sin. The head had no choice but to abolish Zhu Qin’s martial arts and left him in Lingjian Mountain.

In the evening, the head of the house alone called the younger brother and sister to the front and discussed with them the place where Haiyunfan went. Although Hai Yunfan is a man of Junhuang Mountain, because he has joined Lingjian Mountain, there is no reason to drive him out. Junhuangshan Sanfan twice asked for the trouble of Lingjianshan, and Wangwu took the opportunity to catch up with Junhuangshan, but it was because people who wanted to avoid Lingjianshan went to sell red fruit.
Wang Lu returned to the room and found Hai Yunfan’s look. Wang Lu deliberately pleased him, but Hai Yunfan had no waves in his heart, and he did not move, and Wang Lu was also driven out of the door. Hai Yunfan recalled everything that happened during this time, and his heart was extremely uncomfortable.

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