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The Galloped Era Episode 26 Plot

Jin brilliant gave birth to a child, Chang Hanqing took her home, and the red door and Xilian were very festive around the door and the wall of the house. Chang Hankun opened the door and entered the house directly with the child. The parts used in the research and development of the internal combustion engine are imported. The domestic igniting tube technology is still not up to date. The thyristor is not waiting for the imported parts. Chang Hanqing made a difficult decision. Feng Shigao saw that he was arrogant and asked him to repair it. On the locomotive, Chang Hanqing did not agree that he would be an overseas intellectual and could not fall to the point of maintenance workers.

After work, Wu’s factory manager called Chang Hanqing to go out to eat and go to her to do ideological work. Although the imported parts are durable, some domestic technologies are also very advanced, so it is better to use domestic technology for foreign internal combustion engines. on. One of the words made Chang Hanqing spear open, and he immediately promised Wu to start the test. Jin brilliant gave birth to a child who had not produced milk. I heard that the pig’s hoof could be milked early. Chang Hankun and the nanny bought it many times and didn’t buy it because the family of a big workshop had few pig hooves and could not get it. . Chang Hanqing is going to do research in the field. Jin Xing gives him peace of mind when he leaves, she can certainly get the pig’s foot.

Jin Xing heard that a person can get four pig hooves. She asked Wang Xiangping to buy her a few bottles of inferior height wine. Jin Jin alone stood in the pigsty and drove the pig in a corner. The pigs drunk a lot of wine and quickly settled down. Jin brilliantly ran his head and went over. Feng Shigao heard that Jin Jin was going to kill the pig. He quickly stopped to persuade Jin Jintangtang that a fighting heroine could not kill the pigs alone. Nice. Jin Shuang is also fighting for the milk, she killed the pig in one breath. Jin brilliant home and eat four pig hooves still have no milk, she made a difficult, this pig is not every day, Chang Hankun wants to buy trotters at high prices, Jin brilliant did not agree, trotters are the family members of the factory Necessities for life, let others hear them buy at a high price, will create a gap between Chang Hanqing. Feng Shigao quietly got a support book for the farm, so that Jin Jin went to support, so that he could get more pig’s trotters near the water.

Soon after the golden splendor, she was successfully milked. She was very happy to take the child from Chang Hankun. Chang Hankun heard about the story of his wife killing pigs, and personally reduced the caution of the golden splendid pig in the newspaper and stuck it in the notebook. Yao Huai-min earlier thought that Chang Hanqing would avoid the title of his wife, “Golden Sword,” and did not expect that Chang Hanqing not only did not feel embarrassed but also very proud. Chang Hanqing told him that he has always been proud of gold and splendour. The courage and courage to make him admire.

Chang Hankun found that Jin Qing’s mouth chewed something into his child’s mouth. She quickly stopped the golden splendour and robbed the child. He said that there are tens of thousands of bacteria in Jin’s mouth, and he can’t feed the child like this. Worried that Kim is reluctant to give up, Chang Hankun called his younger brother to let his younger brother educate the gold. If Jin Jin is still feeding the child like this, he will not let the child raise her. Chang Hanqing’s train is about to be tested. He wants Jin to come over and test the car. The surrounding colleagues laugh at him and want his wife. Jin Xing heard the meaning of Mr. Wu’s transfer to Chang Hanqing. Jin Xuan understood that the road was very bad, but she repaired the railway there, knowing the detailed road conditions, so that Jin was shining and he was daring.

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