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The Galloped Era Episode 24 Plot

Chang Hankun about white Manning runs together in the morning. She knocks on her side to find out if she is in love with Chen Kai. After getting the negation of Bai Manning, Chang Hankun wants to say that she and Chang Hanqing , Bai Manning admits that she has already said Withdrew, and will not intervene between them in the future. Mr. Wu took the golden splendour to the Concord Hospital in Beijing. He was only able to work in the backyard without a fire. Chang Hanqing could work more peacefully. When I came to the hospital, Feng Shigao’s mother, Professor Qi, personally received her. Jin Xuan learned that she was diagnosed by Lin Qiaozhi, the president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. She refused again and again. Now she is only a train driver and she is not qualified to accept such a senior doctor. . Professor Qi has comforted her because she is one of the few female drivers in China, so the country is also very careful to treat her, so that there will be more train drivers in the future.

Jin Xing was treated with surgery in Beijing. It was very painful. She told the director not to tell Chang Hanqing for the time being. In case the operation was not successful, she did not want everyone to worry about her. Time has passed quietly for half a month. Jin Brilliance did not come back. Chang Hanqing went to ask Wu that the factory manager had transferred the golden splendid to Beijing. The director asked him not to think about it. Jin Hui is suffering for his suffering. Don’t let her down.
Professor Feng is giving Jin Liang a diagnosis. Suddenly a nurse told her that her son is back. I heard that Professor Feng’s son is also at the Changchun Locomotive Factory. Jin Qing curiously followed the past. She heard Feng’s voice from Professor Feng’s office. It turned out that Feng Shigao lied to his mother that Jin Xuan was his fiancee, so her mother tried hard to get the best gynaecologist in China.

Knowing the truth, the golden hurriedly left, suddenly knocked over the bottle, and the sound of the glass stunned Professor Feng. Professor Feng went out to see and saw Jin Jin’s face panic. She deliberately called another nurse to sweep the debris away. After surgery, the golden splendid fallopian tube was finally cleared. When bidding farewell to Professor Feng, Jin Xuan wanted to confess her relationship with Feng Shigao. Professor Feng had long known that his son had lied. She was a gynaecologist and doctor. It is also the woman his son loves. She will definitely help her son to fulfill his wish. Professor Feng entrusted Jin Xuan to advise Feng Shigao to return to Beijing and start from scratch.

When Jin Hui re- stood in front of Chang Hanqing, she resumed her previous self-confidence. Chang Hanqing learned that she had regained her fertility and happily picked up the golden splendor and announced to the whole factory that his wife’s illness was cured. Feng Shigao was on the far side. He saw that Jin Jinguang began to become as glorious as before. How happy he was in his heart, watching how his beloved woman was held by other men, how sad he was. Feng Shiga is still waiting for the golden heart to change his mind. He feels that his silent efforts, Jin Jin will certainly be able to feel it.

Chang Hankun learned that Feng Shigao’s golden splendour was very heart-wrenching. He was very surprised that this person could not wait for the golden splendour and her brother’s divorce. How could it be a good thing for them to make a couple of things. Jin Xuan told her that Feng Shigao was very upright in this matter. Soon Jin Jin was pregnant, and the family was happy. Feng Shigao learned the news and was completely desperate. He was still waiting for him to see him. It is impossible now.

Bai Manning accidentally received a phone call from Feng Shigao’s mother hospital. He knew everything that Feng Shigao had done for Jin Xing. Bai Manning sent the ticket to Feng Shigao. He saw Feng Shigao walking down his head. Feng Shigao saw Bai Manning, unable to It is said that Kim is pregnant and she is not likely to be with Chang Hanqing. Bai Maning gently reminded him that he was surrounded by employees. The golden pregnancy is good news. He is the director of the political department. Now his mood is so low. Don’t let people doubt that he has a bright impression on Kim.

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