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The Galloped Era Episode 15

The test drive began immediately. Feng Shigao asked Minister Yang to sit in the back of the soft sleeper. The Minister Yang insisted on sitting in the cockpit and personally experienced the performance of the train. In order to keep Chang Hanqing ‘s attention not distracted, Minister Yang asked to sit behind the cab and watch the train speeding faster and faster. Today, unlike the past, Minister Yang was still sitting on the train. It has already reached the speed of trial, the factory manager. It is ok to think of such a specification, and the challenge of the limit can be done in the future. Chang Hanqing feels that it is not actually measuring the actual situation, nor can it provide valuable data for future research and development. Minister Yang directly interrupted the command of the factory director on the radio. The train finally passed downhill, the speed of the locomotive increased to 80, and there was a burst of applause in the carriage.

Finally, Minister Yang gave Chang Hanqing a special medal. On the day of the award ceremony, Jin Xing took a wheelchair and attended the award ceremony of Chang Hanqing. After the award ceremony, Chang Hanqing personally gave Jinshuang a hair wash and saw that they were so close. Feng Shigao quietly took a photo next to him. He threatened Chang Hanqing with a film, and he would hand over the contents he had just photographed to his sister. Let him be self-sufficient. Chang Hanqing did not retreat for his threat. Since Jin Xing made a choice, he abides by the golden decision.

Jin Huiqing asked Chang Hanqing what he thought about their affairs. Chang Hanqing was very calmly facing their love affair. Jin was brilliant but a little embarrassed and wanted to temporarily suppress their feelings. Chang Hanqing is not allowed to do this. He encourages Jin to face it seriously. Feng Shiga deliberately let Chang Hankun see the intimate photos of her brother and Jin, and then prepared to burn the film. Chang Hankun blocked the film and wanted to buy those negatives. Feng Shigao refused.
When Jin Xing and Chang Hanqing gloriously triumphed, Chang Hankun personally went to meet him, and took the wheelchair from his brother’s hand. She knocked on the side and said to Jin Xing, and Chang Hanqing turned his face on the spot and asked his sister. What do you mean in the words? In order not to let Chang Hanqing and his sister have a disagreement, Jin Xuan quickly opened up their own, and they pushed the wheelchair to the political department.

Back home, Chang Hankun reminded Chang Hanqing not to regard gratitude as a love. Chang Hanqing told her sister that Jin Hui is not the same as other women. She is not vulgar and not marketable. Chang Hankun feels that Jin Hui is only good at camouflage, is an old man. Hunter only.
After Chen Kai came back, he heard that Bai Maning went to worship his parents. He also went. In Bai Yuning’s grave, he heard Bai Manning’s crying to his parents and mentioned the “man” who chattered with her. Chen Kai moved his mind. Looking for Cai Fengjie to understand the situation, asked why Cai Fengjie Bai Manning became an orphan, and why came to this workshop. Bai Manning heard Chen Kai’s question to Cai Feng’s sister, and immediately came forward to stop Chen Kai. Seeing that White Manning was so nervous, Cai Feng’s sister was suspicious.

When it was time to go to the re-examination with Jin Jinxuan, Chang Hankun deliberately put a sleeping pill in his brother’s tea, and then dialed the alarm clock. Chang Hankun went to replace the younger brother and pushed the golden splendid to the hospital. No one on the road. At that time, Chang Hankun reminded Jin to renew their agreement. Jin Qing heard the insult of Chang Hankun. She stood up from the wheelchair and said with Chang Hankun that Chang Hanqing and her relationship were not right or wrong.

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