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The Galloped Era Episode 14

Chang Hanqing knew that Jin was a big motion sickness. He stopped the car in the middle of the road. Jin Xuan thought that something had happened. She nervously took the gun and got off the bus. Who knows that Chang Hanqing just gave her a small bottle of motion sickness medicine, Chang Hanqing The move made the gold bright and angry, and it turned out that for this reason, the entire team stopped.

When the team returned to the destination, Jin Shuang found in her own bag that Chang Hanqing gave her a thousand paper cranes. On the paper cranes, Jin brilliant read Chang Hanqing’s confession to her, and the words between the lines were Chang Hanqing. For her deep feelings, since she has a golden splendour, he feels that life has hope again. After reading these words, Jin Hui would like to go out and breathe, and see the kid who wrote her love letter. Jin Xing looked for the car track all the way, and heard the small worker said that Chang Hanqing went to the railroad track. When Chang Hanqing went to check, he saw two clothes in overalls working on the rails. He walked in front of the rails, but he found that they had mines in the railroad tracks. One of them could not help but immediately pick up the dagger. Struggling to live in Chang Hanqing’s neck and want to scribble the roots, at this critical juncture, Jin brilliantly smashed a brick.

One of them pulled the gun out of his waist. Jin was not afraid of danger. She reminded the gangsters that all the people in the shooting workshop knew it. The gangsters took the shovel and rushed to the golden glory. Before the golden splendid exercise in the army, she A few times, I got a gangster. The other one used a knife to stick to Chang Hanqing’s neck to let the golden splendid pistol, and pierced the thigh with a dagger. In order to protect the safety of Chang Hanqing, Jin brilliant threw the gun. With a knife smashed toward his own leg, and then squatting at the other side, the golden brilliance will kill the remaining gangsters.

Immediately, the train is coming, and the golden legs are bloody. In order to avoid the train failure, Jin Xing used Chang Hanqing’s belt as a tourniquet. The two men joined forces to eliminate the mines and ruled out the mines. They just breathed a sigh of relief. Jin Jin glanced at the gangsters and moved their hands on the other side of the rails. At this time, the far-reaching sound of the train has been heard. Jin Xuan and Chang Hanqing supported the railroad track with the iron shovel and finally let the train pass smoothly.

Seeing everything safe and smooth, Jin Liang finally lost a breath, and at this time she fainted, Chang Hanqing knew that she had a bullet in her body. Chang Hanqing stayed outside the rescue room and watched the nurse and the doctor rushing inside and running. He also took a lot of blood bottles in his hand. Chang Hanqing’s heart was tight, and he thought that the golden splendid flow just now. More blood, in order to rescue the train, it also delayed the time, the staff of the team ran to ask Chang Hanqing, the train will soon be trial run, whether to apply for a delayed trial run, Chang Hanqing hesitated, then the operating room door was Open, the doctor told Chang Hanqing that the bullet shell had been taken out and there is no danger to life. After hearing this, Chang Hanqing finally rest assured, intends to continue to complete the trial test, leaving a soft kiss on the golden forehead when leaving.

Feng Shigao heard about the golden splendid bullets. He was very anxious. He hurriedly took the tonic to the station and took the bus. He came to the ward and saw Jin Jinzheng wearing a wet towel on his face. In a short while, Chang Hanqing was standing. The washbasin came in, Feng Shigao vinegar and big hair, on the spot, he asked how to apply a cold towel to face? Jin brilliant explained that because the factory manager arranged an interview with the reporter, in order not to let her face swell, she had to ask Chang Hanqing to take a cool towel to apply her face.

Wu Changchang criticized Feng Shigao and arbitrarily left the post without asking for leave. Feng Shiga was dissatisfied. He believed that Wu’s director was openly biased towards Chang Hanqing. Wu’s factory proposed that a democratic life would let everyone comment on who is right, and finally Wu’s manager reminds me. The road is now the biggest thing for the locomotive to run smoothly. When Chang Hanqing saw Feng Shigao criticized, he took the initiative to cover and said that he was calling Feng Shigao and let him come here. Director Wu did not say anything, just let them talk about it. When Feng Shigao was alone with Chang Hanqing, he admitted that although Chang Hanqing helped him this time, he was not grateful to Chang Hanqing, and the two continued to decide on fair competition.

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