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Flavour It’s Yours 看见味道的你 Episode 11 Recap

Lu Weixu and He did not get drunk and returned home. Why didn’t he drunk that Lu Wei had already found the taste, and Lu Weizhi also won the competition, then the contract should be lifted, Lu Wei also agreed, both of them The contract was torn off, but the memories I spent together were constantly replayed in the minds of both of them, and both felt as if they had lost something. Why don’t you get drunk and work is over, why don’t you be drunk in the future, you don’t have to sneak around the land, the two people clink each other, but the two are not happy, Lu Wei is too late to find, and let Lu Wei look for something to clean up tomorrow. But I have been drinking too much.

Mia ‘s younger brother was chased and hit the Yibei knife . Yi Beidao helped him escape the hunt. The Yibei knife asked him not to ask Mia for money, let him go. Mia went back to the bar and found Yi Beidao, saying that she had a birthday tomorrow and wanted to meet him. However, Yi Beidao showed that he is not a good person, and that there are important things to do, and he can’t talk about who loves, thus rejecting Mia’s feelings. Lu Wei looked for things in the night that he couldn’t get drunk and couldn’t sleep. Why not drunk here is also not sleepy. Thinking about the bits and pieces of the two together. The sky soon lit up, and why didn’t get drunk in the baggage to Lu Wei, the two farewell short and hasty. Yi Beidao came to pick up, and Yi Beidao let her go to work in her own bar. She had no work for the time being, and she had to agree.

After Mia’s vacation, she returned to the magazine. The editor-in-chief asked her to double her salary and asked Mia to match the spring breeze and let Mu Chunfeng become a consultant of the magazine. Mia readily agreed. After Mu Chunfeng and the magazine talked about the cooperation, Jomiya had a drink together. The two came to the bar of Yi Beidao. Mu Chunfeng and Mia explored the reasons why Lu Wei sought so much in a short period of time. Mia said that she did not I know, but I believe in the character of Lu Wei. Mu Chunfeng said that she knew that Rose Winery was not the first winery of Lu Wei, which made Mia very shocked.

Lu Wei has searched the performance of Rose Winery in recent years and is in a state of loss. If it continues, Rose Winery will no longer be able to sustain it. Lu Wei searched for the wine in the winery. The quality of the wine is actually quite good, and the price is not high, but there is no market. Lu Wei was inspired by the thought of why he was not drunk. Because Rose Wines only manages high-end red wine, but the domestic lack of recognition of high-end red wine, can not change the consumer’s perception in a short time, can only reduce the production of high-end wine. To increase the production of cheap wine.

In the bar, Yi Beidao heard the news of Mu Chunfeng, and deliberately revealed it to the reporter. The reporter then broke out that Lu Weizhi had owned the Mona Winery during the period as a wine critics and was in the wine. This wine has been promoted in the doctor’s magazine. The news of the magazine was blown up. The news greatly impacted the credibility of the magazine in the industry. The magazine met in an emergency public relations plan, decided to sue Lu Wei, and wanted to distort the facts for Lu Wei. attack.

Why don’t you know that Lu Wei’s news was broke, or he couldn’t help but worry about him. She heard that passers-by kept smashing Lu Wei, and interrupted them with anger, and immediately went to find Lu Wei. However, Lu Weixu has always insisted on not opening the door. I know why he is not drunk when he is short of money. He wants to come back to the usury to get back the two million who have returned. The result is still being bombarded.

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