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The Galloped Era Episode 7

Feng Shigao called Jin Jinshui to the office and asked her to pay close attention to Chang Hanqing . Don’t always help him to do things, otherwise there would be problems in his position. From Feng Shigao’s office, Jin’s splendid grievances, she vented her anger on the sandbags, and said that Feng Shiga accused her of having a problem. This has always been to help Chang Hanqing, but her sister said that she is a traitor. Get a bag! It was the golden glory that was heard by the factory manager. The director asked her to call the liaison officer of Chang Hanqing. Jin splendidly said that his position was one level lower. The director promised her on the spot and promoted her to a junior liaison.

The factory manager immediately held a workshop meeting. In the presence of many comrades, he announced the appointment of Jin Hui as a liaison on the spot. He intended to help Chang Hanqing, the newly removed intellectuals, to work with peace of mind without any interference. There is a factory manager who is standing on the side of Chang Hanqing, and Feng Shigao can’t say anything for the time being. Chang Hanqing always felt that Jin was so bright and worried that he would affect his work. He was preparing to give advice to the factory manager. He changed the gold and splendid. He did not expect Jinshuang to be in the director’s office. He heard Chang Hanqing dislike her. Too noisy, the golden splendidly hopes that China’s electric train can be developed early, and she immediately guarantees that she will not be able to make a big noise in the future.

The technical research and development team began to return to the normal R&D order, and Jin was responsible for the food and all the logistics work in the workshop. Feng Shigao heard that the Party Central Committee is currently conservative on the opinions of electric locomotives, and had to push the boat to raise the food in the workshop to a higher level. The employees in the workshop began to twist into a rope. Chang Hanqing had been working on the workbench for three days and three nights. Jin Qing personally sent the lunch box to the staff.

Chang Hankun had already bought a train ticket and was ready to return to Guangzhou with his younger brother. He saw his younger brother rushing to his ideals and ambitions. As a sister, she supported her brother. Chang Hankun is preparing to change their ticket and give his brother a chance. When I heard that Chang Hanqing asked her to make desserts for fifty or sixty employees in the workshop, Chang Hankun quickly went to the kitchen with the babysitter.

For the first time in front of the factory manager, the test was very intense. Feng Shigao felt that he could not do it. The wheel had just been turned twice and was forced to stop. Chang Hanqing noticed that there was still a problem with the train. He was ready to re-work. Take a look at it. Feng Shigao has some doubts. There are only three days left to report the progress to the central government. There are 100,000 solder joints in the whole train. It is only three days, and the workload is huge. It is hard to imagine.

Jin Hui thinks that the task at hand is huge, but there is always hope for doing it. The director supports the golden proposal. He calls on all the employees in the workshop to believe in their abilities. It is always hopeful to do it. The morale of all employees has increased greatly, and it has been harder for the remaining three days. In a blink of an eye, Chang Hanqing’s test drive was completely successful, and the workshop was full of joy.
Bai Manning bought flowers for Chang Hanqing. Outside the workshop, she heard the dialogue between Jin Xuan and Chang Hanqing and the factory director. They were honest with the factory manager. The last review book said that they loved Tonya is a fake, and that the fiancee is also fake, in order to fight for more time with the Soviet experts. The director took out the report from the bag, and the superior leader had removed the punishment for Chang Hanqing a week ago.

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