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Blossom in Heart Episode 23 Recap

Lang Yueming apologized to Long Deshui for the reckless behavior. Long Deshui told him that he was a rough person and would not care about it. He felt that he was willing to accept the crime for the beloved woman. He respected him as a man and envied him. A good husband, I hope my daughter can do the same, with my eyes suggesting Lang Yuexuan . Feng Chunyan knows what he means, so that Lang Yuexuan has more snacks. Lang Yuexuan advocates freedom of marriage and disagrees with them to arrange marriages and let them have less fun. Long Mozhen felt that the situation was very embarrassing, and he hurriedly took Gu Haiyu out. The two sisters stood at the beach and talked with each other.

After some conversations, Long Mozhen apologized to Gu Haijun, she should not misunderstand her some time ago, did not help her out of prison, I hope she can cure her face and successfully leave the family. Haishu felt that the possibility of success was great. They had tried it several times in private, and they all succeeded smoothly. Let Mo Zhen not think too much. Lang Yuexuan is not a stingy person, just busy and forget to contact you. Long Mozhen drunk and returned to the house. After seeing Long Deshui, she thought she was very happy. She did not expect to be sad for Lang Yuexuan. She said that she was going to find a few good men for her, and then quickly took her to rest.

Give Long Mo婳 massage refreshment and ask if she and Lang Yuexuan are reconciled. Mo Zhen told her that she still hasn’t, because of the reason of Haishu, Lang Yuexuan is still hiding herself, and I don’t know how to face them. After some persuasion, Mo Zhen decided to invite them to meet and should start again. They could not always hide from them. Long Deshui came back and touched Yi Rongrong. After seeing her reaction, she knew that she was wearing a green hat and immediately shot the man. Unfortunately, he escaped. Gu Haijun and Lang Yuexuan received Mou’s invitation to the date of the date. Lang Yuexuan felt that Mo Zhen had no ulterior motives and planned to drive away. He happened to meet a bunch of people who were holding Mo Mo and rushed to save her. Kidnapped together.

After being shackled to his destination, Long Mozhen found that the kidnapper was actually Hu’s adjutant and angrily swearing that he was eating something outside. After Lang Yuexuan saw Hu’s adjutant leave, he witted off the rope and took them away. The sea otter and Mo Zhen escaped on the road by Hu’s adjutant. After seeing Long Deshui’s coming, he replaced Yi Rongrong with Mo Zhen’s life, and then asked him to kneel in public. Lang Yuexuan rushed to smash. He, the soldiers saw Yi Rongrong killed on the spot, and Hu’s adjutant fell off the cliff and died during the escape. After Lang Yueming learned that Haitang was kidnapped, he found Lang Yuexuan to smother him, so that he would not let the sea otter fall into danger in the future.

Long Deshui took out the good wine and thanked Lang Yuexuan and Haishu for saving their daughter. They felt that Lang Yuexuan was agile and let him hurry as his son-in-law. After listening to Langyue Xuan, he quickly found an excuse to push the agenda and intend to end the topic. After hearing the attitude of Lang Yuexuan, he took the table angrily and picked up the good wine and left the table. Long Deshui looked at Mo’s angry appearance and rushed to comfort her and let her go to Lang family. Gu Haijun was nervous and eager to let him go to rest and relax. Lang Yueming wanted to open it. If there was no sea otter, he would still be the one hiding in the attic.

After a few months of treatment, Lang Yueming unveiled the mask in public and found that the face inside had really recovered. The whole face was like a new look, and the face was restored to the original face. Lang Yueming happily welcomed Feng Chunyan and Lons Years . After they saw it, they burst into tears and expressed their gratitude to Haishu. The Lang family gathered together to make Lang Yueming feel happy when she was rehabilitated. When she was eating, Lang Yueming let Mrs. Lang fulfill her appointment, and she also had a freedom. Then Mrs. Lang took the book and gave it to her, hoping that they would not want it from now on. Have an intersection and start a new life.

Lance Years came to Gu Haijun, hoping she could consider the feeling of hunger and hunger, and asked her how to cure the scar on her face. She felt that she was a rare talent and could stay in Langlichun. Lang Yueming and Lang Yuexuan sat together and chatted. The two brothers were very reluctant to leave Haishu’s departure. At the same time, they were happy for her regaining her freedom. She learned from her memories that Lang Yueming already knew that Lang Yuexuan liked Gu Haijun. Good fair competition. After Gu Haijun packed the luggage, they bid farewell to the two of them. When they left, they looked back at them with deep affection and then left the Lang family.

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