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The Galloped Era Episode 4

The relationship between China and the Soviet Union began to be tense. Feng Shigao saw a picture of his former Soviet expert hanging on the wall. He wanted to take this photo. Jin splendidly came to the General Affairs Section. Feng Shigao said that there was no coordination in the single room. Let her go to the single room hotel first. Jin Jin did not care about these. She said that she would live in a dormitory. I heard that a bed in Bai Manning’s dormitory is still empty. Proactively proposed to move over, and by the way, comfort the mood of Bai Manning.

Jin brilliant came to Bai Manning’s dormitory, saw Bai Manning smeared the powder, and sang songs gently. She wondered if she had been crying for another woman, but Bai Manning still had a heart to rub lipstick, is it Chang Hanqing ? There was a problem with the review book. Bai Manning quickly explained that he thought his mouth was crying and swollen. In order not to let others see jokes, he specifically smeared the powder.

In order to help Chang Hanqing solve the problem of the squib, the workshop director brought the technical team of the whole factory. Chang Hanqing expressed his gratitude to him. Although the workshop director supported Chang Hanqing to meet the difficulties, in fact he was in his heart. However, I feel that China’s current national conditions, even if it has developed a power train, can’t be used. When Dongnia received a phone call from Vasily for another 36 hours, they would have to retreat. Just after the study was carried out to a crucial place, she would withdraw halfway. Dongnia felt very sorry. Chang Hanqing invited her to dinner, and Dong Niya refused. She wanted to save time and talk about several key issues of the train squib.

Late at night, the lights in the workshop were still on. Jin Huiliang and Wang Xiangping went to inspect and found that Chang Hanqing and Dong Niya were working overtime to do research. Wang Xiangping felt that they had ideological problems, but Jin Liang did not want to bother them, knowing the Soviet experts. It is about to retreat soon, and Jin Liang wants them to do research. Finally, when Chang Hanqing and Dong Niya came out of the workshop, Jin Xuan quickly let Wang Xiangping send Dong Niya back home, saving Chang Hanqing from being discussed.

Jin Xingyi wants to recombine Bai Manning and Chang Hanqing. Seeing that Chang Hanqing wrote a big-character newspaper admitting that he likes Dong Nia, Jin Hui thinks that Chang Hanqing is not authentic to Bai Manning, and that Chang Hanqing apologizes to Bai Manning. If he wants to erase the spoof comics painted on the hospital wall, Chang Hanqing can only say that he has no extra time to erase the comics.

Often when Hanqing home, my sister often Han Kun is still the sofa waiting for him to see his sister, then worked hard, often Hanqing feeling is to take care of himself, his sister was not married so late. Chang Hankun’s younger brother went to the hospital tomorrow morning to bring back the rice bucket she had brought, and there was a note written by her in the rice barrel. Chang Hanqing agreed. When Jin was shining in the hospital, she accidentally knocked over the rice bucket. She found the note that Chang Hankun wrote to her brother. Jin Jin did not hit a place. She quickly went to the radio station to find Manning. Then, pull White Manning to confront Han Changkun. Chang Hankun is not timid. Her younger brother is bright and upright. It is obviously a big problem for the security department. They are also trying to get things done as soon as possible.

Upon receiving the comrades from higher levels, the Soviet experts must withdraw in advance and take away the technical parameters and core equipment and drawings of all key parts. Jin Xuan finally knows why Chang Hanqing keeps working overtime these days, always looking for opportunities to approach Dong Nia, the original is to learn as many technical parameters as possible.

Dong Nia received a notice, she quickly took important information and camera to the workshop staff, let them quickly take a picture, how many shots can be taken. Chang Hankun has already asked the nanny to buy two train tickets to Guangzhou. He heard that the Soviet experts have to withdraw. She is mixed. Now she is not worried about her brother and Dong Nia. But the younger brother came to China this time to round the electricity. The locomotive dream, now Dong Niya left, the locomotive dream can not be rounded. After the Soviet experts left the production workshop, the whole atmosphere was very low. Jin Xuan encouraged them to continue to work hard. The workers couldn’t help but ask her, the core information was gone, the key technical parameters and manufacturing equipment were gone, and how they would proceed normally. ? Jin brilliant was asked

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