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The Galloped Era Episode 1

The train ran on the endless plains, the heroine of the battle was golden and some motion sickness. She wanted Chang Hanqing , who was lying in the lower bunk, to open the window. Chang Hanqing suspected that the coal smell would be drilled outside the window train, and he refused to open it. Jin brilliant quickly eats motion sickness medicine. Jin Xuan wanted him to take the suitcase off the seat below. She lay down to ease the motion sickness, but Chang Hanqing in front of him took out the berth ticket specially bought for the accompanying suitcase to let the gold look bright and see him unreasonable and arrogant. The bourgeois attitude, Jin Xing is about to have a theory with him. There is a commotion in the train compartment. It was originally discovered that the gangsters were found on the train. Jin Jin heard that he was not afraid of danger. A flying leg kicked the guns of the gangsters, and soon Subdued him.

Worried that the gangsters and accomplices, Jin Hui thinks that the suitcases in the hands of Chang Hanqing that I just saw are not touched. She thinks this person is very suspicious and rushes to the original seat and finds that Chang Hanqing has changed into a soft sleeper. Then, Jin Liang quickly took the person to chase the soft sleeper, and finally opened the suitcase of Chang Hanqing together with other train police, and found that it was not an explosive, but a machine! Chang Hanqing did not say goodbye that the reason why he changed the soft sleeper was to protect the machine in the suitcase, and because he didn’t want to see the people she hated.
The train finally arrived at the station. Feng Shigao was commissioned by the factory to go to the station to receive the splendid gold and engineering expert Chang Hanqing. He had already secretly loved the gold for a long time. Although his colleagues often introduced him to many excellent lesbians, Feng Shigao was not at all tempted.

This time I finally waited until the dream lover was transferred to their factory. He was very happy. Jin Xuan and Chang Hanqing were sitting in a truck. She couldn’t stand the taste of the cologne in Chang Hanqing. So she got off the bus halfway and would rather walk more than 40 kilometers on the dirt road and don’t want to sit with such people. The car, Feng Shigao advised her that the weather forecast said that there would be rain soon, and Jin Shuang had already carried the rain in the bag. Back to the manufacturing plant, Feng Shigao quietly took out his white ticket and gave it to Jin Xing. When he saw the miscellaneous face in his hand, Jin Liang gave him half of his fine face.

After Jin Jin got off the bus, Chang Hanqing saw the golden kettle disappeared in the car. He took the kettle home and was thrown away by the long sister as garbage. Chang Hanqing’s family used to be a big capitalist. His family was very rich and rich. This time he heard the needs of the country’s scientific and technological talents, he returned to the motherland without hesitation. He just got off the bus and went to the factory to direct the work. He had already made an appointment with the Soviet technical experts and him to discuss the problem of the squib-tube drainer, but I don’t know what went wrong. The experts on the Soviet side were late. Not late.
Jin splendidly went to the factory and heard that there was no recreational activity. She felt that the workers could not work without passion, so they immediately took a clapper from the carry-on backpack and began to sing two and a half. The workers heard that Allegro felt particularly fresh, Chang Hanqing. But they came out directly from the house. Their workshops are about scientific research and technology. They are not vigorous physical activities, so that Jin Xing does not disturb the quiet working environment of the factory.

Vasily in the Soviet expert building, Dong Niiya, the government has stipulated that the core technology can not be handed over to the Chinese, especially the igniting tube drain. He took out photos of Tonya and Chang Hanqing, and Dong Nianya couldn’t be emotional, and let Dong Niya hand over the keys with important information cabinets.

In the evening, Chang Hanqing jumped into the Soviet expert building, because it used to be his home. Chang Hanqing knocked on the door of Tonya. He took out the design drawings and wanted Dongnia to help him improve the technical indicators. Tony shakes the bottle in her hand and tells Chang Hanqing. As long as he finishes the liquor in the bottle, she tells him the key technical parameters. Chang Hanqing, who has never been drinking, wants to design drawings. I really lifted up the bottle and drank it.

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