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No Secrets Episode 22

Jiang Xia moved awayfrom Lin Xingran ‘s home. When Lin Xingran came back, he found that Jiang Xia had already left, and his heart was very lost. Although there is no breath in Jiangxi in the room, every corner has intimate notes that he can see everywhere. Although Orange Day Law Firm, Zhang Xiaoyang won the lawsuit and completely lost Lin Xingran’s trust. In the evening, Zhang Xiaoyang came alone to the bar to buy drunk, Gu Siyu did not want to see him decadent, and all the truths of ten years ago were truthfully presented. Because Zhang Xiaoyang mistakenly believes that the bad guys are innocent, his heart regrets and he is deeper.

The next day, my colleagues thought that when I saw Lin Xingran again, Lin Xingran came to work with great energy. Even if everyone understood the pain she was hiding in her heart, she would not want to break each other. Lin Xingran still expects Jiang Xia to appear in the law firm as usual, but Zhang Xiaoyang appears in front of him. Zhang Xiaoyang hopes to untie Lin Xingran’s knot and do his best to make up for the mistakes. Lin Xingran learned that Jiang Xia had found Zhang Xiaoyang and remembered what he had said in the aquarium, fearing that Jiang Xia would do stupid things. She took Zhang Xiaoyang out of the cafe, but when Jiang Xia had already shut down and lost help, Lin Xingran found the location of Jiangxia through positioning.

Jiang Xia had a meeting with Li Junwei in the dark parking lot. Li Junwei tried to drive him to death, but he failed. Li Junwei lived in the dark for a long time, while Jiang Xia was obviously in a weak position. Just when Jiang Xia was about to lose, he suddenly turned on the lights. With the light, Jiang Xia quickly turned into a victory, and Li Junwei was wounded. Jiang Xia took out the knife in the bag and was trying to stab Li Junwei. At this time, Lin Xingran They were found by phone location. Lin Xingran stopped Jiang Xia from doing stupid things, but Li Junwei said that when they were not prepared, they picked up the knife and stabbed Lin Xingran. Jiang Xia looked at Lin Xingran and fell in a pool of blood, screaming Li Junwei madly. Lin Xingran pleaded with Jiang Xia to stop his hand, and Li Junwei took the opportunity to escape. At this time, Zhang Xiaoyang rushed in. He watched Li Junwei escape, because he was worried about Lin Xingran, he could only go to the parking lot first. The ambulance took Lin Xingran and Jiang Xia away, and Zhang Xiaoyang left to record the confession.

In the hospital, Lin Xingran’s operation was very successful, but he was seriously injured and unconscious. Jiang Xia was angry and Li Junwei had a killer against the star, and he met him again, then quietly left. Lin Xingran woke up to ask Jiang Xia, Zhang Xiaoyang was afraid that she would rush out without regard to the injury, only to tell her that Jiang Xia was missing. Lin Xingran called Jiang Xia, but found that his attitude towards this matter was particularly indifferent, and he hanged the phone without saying anything. In desperation, I had to go to the police station to report the police. The police accepted the case, issued a wanted order to Li Junwei, and strengthened protection near Lin Xingran’s home.

Zhang Xiaoyang blamed himself for Lin Xingran’s affairs. He followed the law, but helped a demon to escape the crime and hurt the person he cares most. He could not face his work and could only choose to resign. Director Jiang pointed out that he had to choose to resign in order to be afraid of seeing Lin Xingran. Everyone is not willing to leave Zhang Xiaoyang, but this is a helpless choice. After Zhang Xiaoyang left the post, he lost contact with everyone, and Gu Siyu sent his love to work and became a successful lawyer. Jiang Xia has never returned. Lin Xingran has taken a spleen because of his injury. His body is not as good as it used to be. He always feels powerless, especially for Jiang Xia, as if he is omnipresent.

In the middle of the night, Lin Xingran can always dream of the underground garage. Jiang Xia is still in a fierce mood, holding a short knife and rushing to Li Junwei. In this nightmare, I was disturbed by Lin Xingran’s countless days and nights. Jiang Xia disappeared like a human being without any news. She was terrified. She held the voice bear and prayed for peace and quiet.

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