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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 28 End

In the early morning, Ding Xiaorou arranged the luggage and called the taxi to leave. On the other hand, I was late to arrange the Paris Raiders for Xiaorou all night. After the late letter, it was hard to do well. The community was powered out, and the network was gone. He I gave something to Ding Xiaorou. After knocking for a long time, no one opened. Ding Xiaorou waited for a long time and didn’t wait for the late letter. He called him. He didn’t expect to call her when he was late. Both of them did not receive a call. After Xiaorou left, Chi Xin only saw the text message sent by her. Xiaorou showed his love to the late letter and dated him to meet in front of the window. Chi Xin rushed in, and when he arrived at the date, Xiaorou had already left.

Ding Xiaoruo got on the plane on time. She opened the bills and found a QR code behind the bill. Ding Xiaorou swept the QR code with her mobile phone and immediately appeared the video recorded by Chi Xin. He made instant noodles and ice cream in Qinzhou, cheering for Ding Xiaorou. I wish her ideal success. Ding Xiaorou excitedly tears in tears, her sudden heartbeat accelerated the slumbering fainting. Ding Xiaoruo woke up and realized that she didn’t take off. She danced happily. When she didn’t say anything, she ran out of the airport. Suddenly she saw a tragic car accident on the big screen. Ding Xiaorou saw that it was a late car.

In the hospital, Ding Xiaorou worried that he was injured and rushed to the hospital. The doctor told her that the owner was very hurt and they were being rescued, but the situation was not very good. Ding Xiaorou waited anxiously outside, and finally people were pushed out, and the whole body was covered with gauze. Ding Xiaorou cried at the National People’s Congress and told him his own thoughts. He did not expect that the late letter suddenly appeared. When I was late in my business, I already sold the car. Ding Xiaorou remembered what she had just said and felt very embarrassed. She quickly pretended to be a sleeping sick. Late letter to catch Ding Xiaorou, took her away. They and the Pearl also came over, looked at them behind, and ate full of dog food. Chi Xin, holding Ding Xiaorou’s confession, wants to kiss her, Ding Xiaorou also got together, but before he arrived, because he was too excited, he really slept.

Yongzheng and He Mingzhu are envious of Chi Xin and Ding Xiaorou, hoping that she will have a baby earlier. Ze and South sough just about to leave when someone rushing rapid cycling, Ze did not hesitate to hold her, whispering excitedly south ground red heart, Ze South sough out a note left on the leaves of the ginkgo, want The person she thought of in her heart, Nan Yan naturally could not ask, secretly kissed Zheng Ze, and shyly ran away. Ding Xiaorou woke up and found that Chi Xin was lying beside him, complaining that he should not lose his contract. He was late to take out the Raiders he had done overnight. Ding Xiaorou couldn’t help but hug him tightly. He also moved his luggage to live with her, two people. Passionately embraced.

Late letter to come up with their own Raiders, Ding Xiaorou said that no need, she decided not to go to France. I was late to move my luggage, and his home was a company. I can only come here to ask Ding Xiaoru to take it. Ding Xiaorou’s list is getting more and more. With the encouragement of Chi Xin, she set up her own studio. Chi Xin’s instant noodle program was getting better and better, and was bought by the director. Yongzheng finally became the producer of the new program. The bright programs have failed, and they can only do programs under the stern of the sergeant, and they are inferior to him. The feelings of Zheng Ze and Yan have gradually warmed up, and the days of Yongzheng and Mingzhu have also been good. Ding Xiaorou also understood that there is no curse at all, she just has not met the right person. Now that she has a late letter, two people, like glue, have started a new life.

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