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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 23

After Ding Xiaorou ‘s design task, the boss said goodbye, took the luggage and sat in Zheng Ze ‘s car, excitedly said in the car that the design was dead, suddenly felt thirsty, and Chi Xin and Zheng Ze took out the water together. . Ding Xiaorou receiveda phone callfrom Nanxun early in the morningand shouted to the coffee house to try out the new ice cream. He and He Mingzhu let her honestly explain that Ding Xiaorou claimed that he was only late for work because there was no special reason.

He told a nuclear bomb Pearl messages that Ding slightly weakened, she and Chen being to be married, slightly weakened after hearing shouting excitedly, find blessing for her and happy that with a positive Zhen agreed to let her ice cream, direct shock shocked. He said that he has a patient, he will count as a tarot card, he can figure out his true life, Ding Xiaorou pulls her coquetry to contact, and pretends to be angry and wants her to give gifts. I was late to buy a house and let the agent look at the house with her own. However, after seeing several places, I was not satisfied. The intermediary asked him to make more budget to ensure that the house was rented.

Yongzheng took a late letter and chatted with him. He suddenly disappeared some time ago. He thought that something had happened. He saw his whereabouts after seeing Xiaorou’s circle of friends. I was late to ask him about the situation in the company. He felt that he was a talented person. Don’t be tempted to take advantage of the opportunity. After a late search for a new house, he moved alone, and he was calling to help him move, but he was rejected by a late letter. Ding Xiaorou took the donkey to visit the mall, specially to pick the necklace, and then told Xiaorou that he had already made an appointment to the diviner.

He took Ding Xiaorou to see the diviner. The man said that he was hiding in the heart and let her be brave. When she arrived at Xiaorou, she found that the time had passed for half an hour, so that they would come again next time. Ding Xiaorou felt that the diviner It’s just to lie, let her find a point next time. Yongzheng took a credit card to find a late letter. In fact, he left the company shortly after he left the company. He wanted to start a business with him, and he was not afraid to suffer from him.

Ding Xiaorou kept eating ice cream in the coffee house, thinking about the diviner’s words in her mind. I don’t know what happened to love. He Mingzhu looked at her thoughtful appearance, came over to talk to her and told her that she fell in love with a person. The reason is the same for yourself and Yongzheng. In order to celebrate the company’s participation in the company, he was able to cook instant noodles and eat it together. Hezheng suggested that he should celebrate the first day of his employment and go out to eat well. He refused to give him a ham.

Although Ding Xiaorou said that he did not believe in the words of the diviner, he still did not know how to take out the test he had given. He hurriedly threw it into the trash can when he had not finished it. He sat on the sofa and kept eating ice cream. He did not expect to faint. On the ground, the doctor told her that it was because of eating too many desserts, and there was no problem in the body. Ding Xiaorou returned home and turned up the diviner’s test in the trash can. He didn’t believe that he was waiting for someone to be late, and he didn’t expect him to knock on the door.

After seeing the late letter, Ding Xiaorou was nervously hiding behind the door. She did not expect to lose the password directly, and shocked her. After deliberately approaching her, she claimed that she just came over to take the tablecloth. Xiaorou saw that he had finished the matter and hurried. Drive him out. Zheng Ze called Xiaorou and asked her to go to the company to handle the matter. Xiaorou arrived at the company and found the lights in the window suddenly lit up, and looked at the window design inside.

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