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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 17

After Ding Xiaorou was fine, he carefully returned home and found that his home network was changed his name. After seeing that the wine in the refrigerator was gone, he disliked him and drank too much. Late letter received the decoration phone, was told that it was ready, can stay immediately, after the letter was informed of the news, not only did not happy but also lost, not willing to move out of Ding Xiaorou’s house so quickly. Yan Liang was praised by the director because of the continuous decline in the ratings of the program. He was asked to collect the temper, and he was more eager to learn. The director specially asked for a letter to ask Zheng Ze about it. He did not know how to dig into the hidden information of the guests. The two men mixed their mouths together.

The director really couldn’t stand it and let Yan Liang go out first. He told Chi Xin to decide to make good use of Zheng Ze’s point, so that Zheng Ze and Ding Xiaorou would continue to be a guest, and the ratings would be overwhelming. After seeing the company window design, Zheng Ze asked if Lucy was a small soft design. After learning that Lucy did it, she felt that the design was not good at all. Lucy was not discouraged and continued to encourage herself. After he was inquiring about the news, he told the rumor that Chi Xin had heard that Yu Liang had to invite Zheng Ze and Xiao Ru to go to their program, and the director also agreed.

Yan Liang specially came to the director and put forward his own ideas. He planned to fix Ding Xiaorou. The program sponsorship fee would naturally come to the door, and the ratings would rise. The director was excited to be interested and let him plan well. Chi Xin rushed in to stop, disagreed with over-consumed female guests, told them that Ding Xiaorou was almost harassed because of cursing girls, and said that if he could not protect the safety of the guests, he would rather give up the show. After hearing the words of the late letter, the director fell into meditation and decided to think about it. Yan Liang always wanted to defeat the late letter. In the face, he said that Chi Xin and Ding Xiaorou had a leg, and he was late to let him be righteously compared with himself.

Zheng Ze took Ding Xiaorou to his place of study and talked about what happened when he was a child. Only then did he know that he was the little boy who was punished in the rain. Xiaorou came to the classroom and found photos on the blackboard. She was moved. Zheng Ze told her that the confession in the program was true. Xiaorou learned that Zheng Ze had secretly done a lot of things for himself. He hoped to give himself some time to digest. Zheng Ze did not intend to force her to let her avoid hiding herself.

Xiaorou rushed to find Nanxun and He Mingzhu , telling them that they and Zheng Ze had already met in high school. He Mingzhu felt that fate was a wonderful thing, so that she should seize the opportunity. Liang Liang found a black man. It turned out that he secretly sent someone to follow her. After a late return to Ding Xiaorou’s home to prepare for packing, after hearing an anxious knock on the door, I opened it and found that it was Ding Xiaorou’s mother, and also photographed it to a circle of friends. Xiaorou saw that he rushed back to pick up the car, let the late letter smack her, did not find the worse, the worse, the mother Ding made a slap in the face, a crazy pain to approve them, late to see the situation is not good, hurry to carry the suitcase go away.

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