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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 16

After Ding Xiaorou returned to his home, he found that the mobile phone was not in the bag and looked around for it. On the other hand, Zheng Ze took the mobile phone and sent it to Xiaorou’s house, but he saw that he was late in her house. The tactful late letter immediately found the reason to say that it was up the water pipe, she was in the room to let him live, Xiaorou lived with the donkey, then immediately closed the door. Xiaorou found that after the phone was lost, he urgently picked up the bag and went out to find it. Zheng Zefa sent a message to Nanxun . Only then did he know that the phone was picked up by him, and Xiaorou heard it.

Lucy sorted out the costumes of the company’s staff, and arranged the formation to prepare for the new director. When she came in, she found that she was familiar with Zheng Ze and was shocked. After Zheng Ze came in, let everyone treat himself as before, cancel all formalism, and finally leave Ding Xiaorou specifically. Zheng Ze called Ding Xiaorou to the office and told her that Xueguo Rainbow had been posted on the fashion magazine. Xiaorou was very happy after seeing it. He felt that Jiang Yuan was helping himself, saying sorry to him, not talking to him at the party. Thank you very much.

Lucy learned that the new director was Zheng Zehe, regretted it, and took Wang Te to the office, decided to make up for it, and better for Ding Xiaorou. He Mingzhu congratulated Ding Xiaorou and felt that she and Zheng Ze were close to each other and would soon marry into the giants. Xiaorou said that she had not adapted to Zheng Ze’s new identity and felt that it was very subtle. He Mingzhu thinks that she is not confident. Zheng Ze is a lot of people rushing for it. She wants her to seize the opportunity. She also talks about driving her around to find her. Let her live outside and pay attention to safety.

After Ding Xiaorou saw Lucy’s work news, he carefully went back to get the computer and picked up the noodles in the refrigerator. When he was eating, he told her that Zheng Zelai had found her at home and said that he had explained it to him. As for him, The ability to understand is not about your own affairs. Ding Xiaorou squatted on the mannequin to make the elevator. The company’s colleagues gave her diligence and help her to move things into the window. Xiaorou accidentally went to the toilet and accidentally heard the company’s colleagues chewing on the tongue outside, intending to go out of theory. The heart rate is too high to faint.

When Ding Xiaorou woke up, she found herself lying on the hospital bed. She told her that she was poisoned by narcissus. When she recalled that it was fried noodles, she used the narcissus seeds as garlic. Zheng Ze learned that Xiaorou was hospitalized and went to the hospital to find her. However, she did not see him outside, and Zheng Ze had to leave. After hearing that Ding Xiaorou was poisoned by food, she rushed to the hospital to find her. She found that she was bullied by a strange black man and rushed to the front uniform to drive him away. Xiaorou looked at his figure with some heart and told him that he did not intend to go back with him. He felt that he was still the cursed girl and could not get happiness. Lately, she gently wiped her tears and told her that the curse was just an excuse to find someone who really loved her.

Ding Xiaorou let Nanxun hurried back to rest, saying that he could stay alone. After he left, she picked up the things sent by the late letter and smiled happily. Chi Xin was lying in bed and couldn’t sleep. I felt that it was a mistake to invite her to be the hostess. She got up with instant noodles and beer. Nanxun took breakfast and watched Ding Xiaorou. She learned that breakfast was sent by Zheng Ze. The mood immediately fell. Nan Yan told Zheng Ze about the idea in Xiao Xin, let him not worry, and took the courage to ask Zheng Ze to like small. For the reason of softness, Zheng Ze told her that she would love Xiaorou at first sight and let her remember her.

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