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Blossom in Heart Episode 22 Recap

Gu Xiahelang Qingqing teamed up to investigate the case of Yi Rongrong successfully woke up from the hospital

Langyue Xuan specially came to Long Mozhen and asked if she had been to the dressing room on the wedding day. She saw that she didn’t want to clean herself up. She suspected that she was lying, took her hand to do the test, and let her Do not have any concealment, after all, she and Haishu are the best friends. Under the persuasion of Lang Yuexuan, Long Mozhen was still unwilling to tell the truth, claiming that he was tired and let him leave. Gu Xia came to the hospital to check the situation. When she saw her, she fell asleep at the bedside. She succeeded in convincing the doctor that when she said allergies, the doctor immediately became alert and did not ask useful information.

Xia Heyi came out and told Lang Qingqing that he felt that the doctor who treated Yi Rongrong had a problem. He secretly followed him and found that he was walking very close to a prostitute. He followed the prostitute and found her walking into the back door of Shifu. After investigating the news, Lang Yuexuan felt that some links had gone wrong after analyzing the case. Haishu felt that Long Mozhen could not harm himself because she was her good friend and decided to start from the prostitute. Lang Qingqing and Gu Xiahe came to find the prostitute, asked her about the connection with Shi Jizhou , and used money to seduce her. The prostitute, under the temptation of money, said that Yi Rongrong was allergic to the narcissus juice when she was a child.

Lang Yuexuan learned from the evidence that the moderator of the case was Shi Jizhou, but the prostitute could buy it with money, and it could change at any time. He decided to use the power of public opinion and specifically asked Lao Li to tell him the relevant case. Awen saw the things in the newspaper, came to Lang family to find Lang Yuexuan to drink, Lang Yuexuan for his family’s headaches, refused his request. Shi Jizhou saw that Arvin was drunk and sat at the door. He gave him a painful approval and asked him to hurry in and not to lose sight. Shi Jizhou saw that Awen was not a device, sitting on the sofa angrily, decided to abandon the car to protect the handsome, protect the family from damage.

The next day, someone immediately came to prison and surrendered. Hu’s official temperament was to find Longde’s theory of water. He hoped that he could investigate the matter well, but he was driven out by Longde. Lance Years learned that the truth was clear , Lang Yueming was also released, and he did not intend to continue to pursue it. He felt that he should take good care of his life and manage Langlichun. Long Mozhen took the photo of the dragon mother angrily to see Long Deshui. He saw Yi Rongrong in his mouth and his mouth was very angry. Long Deshui hurriedly comforted her and learned that Yi Rongrong woke up in the hospital. With a happy smile on his face.

After a big storm, Langlichun reopened, but suffered heavy losses, and the reputation was not as good as before. He decided to cure Lang Yueming in public, which would make Langli Spring come back to life. Gu Haijun expressed his gratitude to Lang Yueming , hoping that he I can cure my face as soon as possible and face life again. Lang Yuexuan came to Langyue Xuan, hoping that he could publicly treat his face in the store of Langlichun. After some persuasion, Lang Yueming decided to go out and promised their request. After Feng Chunyan learned about this matter and disagreed with their proposal, Lance saw the resolute attitude of Lang Yueming and decided to give them a chance to let them go.

In order to let Langli spring come back to life, Lang Yuexuan hosted a press conference at the Langlichun store, telling them to decide to launch a new product, and let the Langjiada young master Lang Yueming personally experiment. Lang Yueming took the courage to go to the stage, and took off the mask and accepted the gossip of everyone. Gu Haijun calmly prepared the prepared mites to paste on the face of Lang Yueming. I did not expect Long Deshui to take the group with the people. Come over and make them stunned by Lance. Long Deshui told Longsian that he came to congratulate himself. He hoped that he could continue to cooperate with him. Gu Haijun put the cockroach paste on the face of Lang Yueming and told everyone to see it in a few months.

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