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Blossom in Heart Episode 21 Recap

Feng Chunyan saw that Lunyue Ming was full of scars. Lang Yueming comforted her. It didn’t matter. She didn’t suffer serious injuries. Gu Xia came to see Gu Haiyu in prisonand told her that she had found out that it was Lang Qingqing . The powder was poisoned and decided to take her to surrender to Longde Water. Gu Haitang heard persuade him not to do so, I believe that the green man, not to mention her confession did not make a change, Yuet Hin hear their conversation, thanked Begonia, told her green Dufen only make people The coma is not fatal, and it is not that simple for Yi Rongrong to be unconscious.

When Long Deshui saw that Lance was angry, Lance had apologized to him and took out 10% of the shares of Langley Spring. He hoped that he could put aside his family. Long Deshui said that he would not let them go. This time I lost my face. In order to save the family, Feng Chunyan decided to take a break from Haitang. I believe that Lang Yueming can understand that he is willing to be a wicked person. Lance Year strongly disagreed, because Haishu is the most important person of Lang Yueming, and she is also a Lang family. Feng Chunyan came to see Lang Yueming and told him that he had taken a book from her early in the morning, asking him to write a book and split up with Gu Haizhen, so that Lang family could live.

After hearing about Feng Chunyan’s persuasion, Lang Yueming was very angry and resolutely disagreed with writing a book, because Haishu was very meaningful to himself, but he was troubled when he saw his family’s troubles. Lang Yueming worried that Gu Haijun would come to see her in prison. After seeing his face, Haiyan let him take care of himself. He didn’t want to find Longde Water. He hoped that Lang family could draw a line with himself. After all, things were made by themselves. Can not drag down Longlichun, to bear this consequence. Long Mozhen was embarrassed because of Gu Haijun’s affairs, and he was angry to find a new one. He asked her if she deliberately set up a bureau and used her own frame to Gu Haijun. Xin Qiao told Long Mozhen that they are already a person on board, not to mention that Gu Haiyi did not remove one day, and Lang Yuexuan’s heart was on him.

When Long Mozhen came home and saw Long Deshui waiting for himself, let him not think about it. Things will be solved sooner or later. Long Deshui saw that she did not speak for Gu Haijun, thinking that she grew up and felt happy. . Lang Yueming wrote a book in the attic, crying and crying, and kept thinking about Haishu’s words in his mind, but he had to write down the book when he thought about the current situation of the Lang family. The next day, he handed over the book to Feng Chunyan, and then went to Longde Water to admit his guilt and said that everything was done by himself. Long Deshui knew the purpose of Lang Yueming, pointed his gun at him, and threatened to scare. He, however, Lang Yueming has prepared a confession early in the morning to push the blame to himself.

Feng Chunyan chanted and prayed in the Buddhist temple, hoping that Lang Yueming could go smoothly, and the prostitute hurried in to tell her that Lang Yueming went to the patrol house and surrendered. Miao Lan was very worried about her. She recalled that Lang Yueming came over to find herself. She suspected that she was poisoned. She let her surrender. Miao Lan told him that the poison is not her own but Qingqing, so she thinks clearly because Qingqing It is her only sister. After Feng Chunyan learned that Lang Yueming was taken into custody, he was worried that he would suffer in prison. After Lang Yuexuan investigated the situation, he told them that Lang Yueming was surrendering himself and the evidence was conclusive. He was already in prison and Dong Chunyan did not worry. Go on.

After being released, Gu Haijun returned to Lang family and learned that Lang Yueming had surrendered himself for his own sake. He intended to explain clearly. Lang Yuexuan hurriedly stopped and thought that it is important to find out the beginning and end of the matter and rescue Lang Yueming. Lang Qingqing burst into tears and apologized to Haishu, and Haishu asked her not to blame herself. Gu Haijun and Lang Yuexuan discussed the case together and decided to separate the action to find relevant evidence, and asked Gu Haijun to stay at home, not to be amazed.

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