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Blossom in Heart Episode 18 Recap

Hu’s adjutant explained to Yi Rongrong that she would go to meet Long Deshui and not to play the temper of Missy. After all, he was a Kunyang tyrant, and many people could not afford to sin. Guhai Tang decided to ask decapitated rock ice unicorn, who really worried Begonia encounter danger, quickly tell Yuet Hin this matter, in accordance with Begonia see the same flower pictures on the map, trying to climb to the mining, accidentally fell Caikong I fainted to the ground. Xin Qiao saw Long Mozhen come to the workshop and congratulated her on her success with Lang Yuexuan. Long Mozhen did not explain that they were not together, asked about the whereabouts of Lang Yuexuan and Haishu, and learned that they went out to Langfu after they went out together. Look for him.

Lang Yuexuan came to the broken rock to see the fainted sea otter, and hurriedly sent her to Haishuyuan to rest. After the sea owl woke up, regardless of her own strength, she only cared about the ice crystal unicorn and saw that it was still put up in the heart. Tell Langyue Xuan that this flower can heal the face of Lang Yueming , so that you can regain the new life and leave the family. Yi Rongrong met with Long Deshui, and Long Deshui said that she missed her when she closed her mouth. She also gave her a carefully prepared ring for her. Yi Rongrong quickly refused after seeing it.

Under the strong demand of Longde Water, Had to accept the gift.
Long Deshui took a look at Yi Rongrong and deliberately asked the adjutant Hu around him about the marriage situation of Yi Rongrong. After learning that she had not married, she decided to choose a relative to visit her. Gu Haijun took the hard work to find the ice crystal unicorn in the garden, worried that it would change the environment to open the flowers, because every thing has its own position, even if he named the garden as the Haitang Garden, it could not change anything. . Lang Yuexuan agreed with her opinion, saying that she only wanted to imprint this error deeply in her heart, and then gently wiped her hands for Gu Haiyan.

Long Mozhen did not know why Lang Yuexuan was hiding from himself and decided to go to Haishu to ask about his whereabouts. Yi Rongrong decided to escape with Hu’s adjutant to avoid the persecution of Longde Water. Hu’s adjutant asked her to wait, and would not let Longde water reach her. Lang Yuexuan sent Haishu back, and it was unfortunately hit by Miaolan. She hid in the dark and secretly hated. On the second day, she asked Long Mo to come to the house and told her that Haishu and Langyuexuan often entered the pair. I suspect that they have adultery and let her pay more attention to it on weekdays. Mo Zhen followed Gu Haijun, bumped into her and Lang Yuexuan, and beat her angrily. She felt that she should not come back at first. Lang Yuexuan stopped her and told her that she had never liked her. Love is not wishful thinking.

Lang Yuexuan asked Haishu not to put Mo Yan’s words on his mind. He knew that all this was his own fault. He was embarrassed by her. Haishu said that he did not want these things. He only wanted to heal the face of Lang Yueming and quickly leave. Lang family and their relationship. Lang Yuexuan looked at her sadly, let her not think so, told her that she had been regretting deceiving her at the beginning, I really hope that nothing has happened, that she has turned her once happy into the present. Haishu didn’t want to forgive her. It was all because he made it like this, sadly crying and crying. After the ice crystal unicorn in his hand touched the tears of Haitang, he miraculously opened the flower.

Long Deshui looked at Hu’s absent-minded appearance, let him follow his own work, and arranged him to be an official after a while, and a good wife, Hu’s adjutant wanted to explain clearly with the coach, but he wanted to be easy to accommodate. I don’t listen to him at all. Long Deshui took a bunch of people to Yi Jia to ask for a kiss, regardless of the opinions of everyone, forced her to smack her. Yi Rongrong looked at Hu an adjutant angrily and felt that he sold himself. Hu Auxiliary suggested to elope to other places. However, Yi Rongrong decided to sacrifice their love to protect the two. The sea otter took the scent of the ice crystal unicorn and prepared to give it to Lang Yueming.

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