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Blossom in Heart Episode 17 Recap

Gu Haitang think dragon Mo tranquil really love Yuet Hin and is willing he was willing to do anything, fearing she would do something stupid, Yuet Hin feelings that they can not deceive ourselves, deceive her in this life is the most regret thing Every time I see her, I have a heart. Gu Haijun asked him to go to the reception to promise Mo Zhen. It was a compensation for himself. Lang Yuexuan asked her not to torture him again. The things between them had nothing to do with others. In the face of her determined eyes, she had to promise her. Gu Haijun can’t sleep in bed, and the other side is also like Langyue Xuan.

The next day, Lang Yuexuan came to the reception according to the agreement. Long Mozhen saw him and went to the ball center to tell him to decide to announce an important thing. Turning to tell Langyue Xuan, I like him from a very early age, I have already been in love, I am willing to let myself be his girlfriend, Lang Yuexuan looks at Gu Haijun’s face and said, willing to put the ring Go to the neck and pull her away from the ball. Lang Yuexuan told him that he could not deceive her feelings. She always regarded her as a sister. She just promised that she did not want to embarrass her. Mo Yan sadly shed tears and said that she would explain clearly to others.

Gu Haijun’s low mood sat down at home, and Gu Xiahe let her stay tired when she saw it. Don’t be afraid to be a family. Mrs. Lang called Haishu to see the new handkerchief. The sea otter saw the flower above is ice crystal. Kirin is going to ask for relevant information while she is awake. Shi Jizhou watched the Langjia workshop flourish, and he was indignant and said that he would fight against Lance . Lang Yueming worried about Haishu, specially came out to wait for her, decided to wait for her next time to visit her home, Haishu asked him to come back next time, asking about the situation on the face, Lang Yueming felt that as long as she stayed with her, other things not important.

Shang Shifu called the women workers to eat, saw Gu Haijun still at work, walked over and called her to rest for a while, Haishu asked her about ice crystal unicorn. Shi Jizhou invited Long Deshui to eat together. The coach deliberately said that the outside was very chaotic. He needed money to recruit and buy horses. Shi Jizhou talked about the disputes with the Lang family some time ago, and let Shi Jizhou come forward to stop the goods that Lang family is about to come in. When the money comes naturally Not enough money is not enough. Lang Yuexuan rushed to Gu Haijun and told her that she did not become a boyfriend of Long Mozhen and could not decide who he wanted to love.

Long Deshui asked about the situation of the Lang family goods, so that the deputy of the side would pay attention to this matter. After the event, he would be given a reward. Then he asked the woman he met on the street and learned that she had never been married and asked him to come out. meet. Lang Yuexuan checked the accounts in the store, and the whole uncle suddenly came in to tell him that the goods were robbed. Lang Yuexuan immediately ran to the dock to ask about the situation. Shi Jizhou succumbed to the disaster, deliberately pretending to be unknowingly, let him not repeat the same mistakes. In order to find the ice crystal unicorn, Gu Haijun looked around in the mountain forest and walked to the Haitang Garden. There was a delicate room with many things.

Lang Yuexuan returned to the government to tell Lance that the goods were robbed. At the dock, he also encountered Shi Jizhou. He suspected that he had intercepted it. Lance’s year made the uncle prepare for the ceremony and went to see Longde Water. After Long Deshui learned that Lance had come, let A. Hu sing a bitter play with himself. Lance told him that Lang family had just been robbed of a batch of goods, and that the goods were very important, as long as he could help, how much The money is willing, and he gives him the shares in the store. Lance Year told Lang Yuexuan that the matter had been solved. Long Deshui had already promised to help, and he should pay attention to Shi Jizhou.

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