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Blossom in Heart Episode 14 Recap

Lang family. In order to scare Gu Haijun , Lang Qingqing was pretending to be a ghost, and the result was blamed by Lang Yueming. Lang Qingqing not only did not have the slightest remorse, but also felt that his brother was biased towards Gu Haijun and ran away after a big temper. While, the dragon Mo tranquil been wonderful orchid advised gone, and she began to find ways to cotton, I hope she can put the future Yuet Hin news for themselves. However, after Long Mozhen left the medicines that Lang Yuexuan had left, Miao Lan’s face showed a vicious look.

The next day, when helping He Chunyan dress up, Miao Lan kept talking about Gu Haijun’s bad words. Miao Lan not only accused Gu Haijun of damaging Lang Yuexuan’s illness, but also framed her bullying of Lang Qingqing, and even painted some bad things on Lang Yueming’s face. He Chunyan was in a hurry and immediately got up and went to Lang Yueming’s room. When He Chunyan just entered Lang Yueming’s room, he saw that Gu Haizhen was applying ointment to his face and hurriedly asked Gu Haijun to go to his room. After the two left, Lang Yueming accused Miao Lan of making a small report with her mother, but Miao Lan pretended to be a very wronged person and said that she was forced.

In order to cure the face of Lang Yueming, Lang family searched the famous doctors and used countless panacea drugs. He Chunyan has long believed that his son’s face has been cured, so he is not allowed to continue to experiment on his face in the future, for fear that those flowers and plants are poisonous and hurt his son. Gu Haijun argued that he could cure the face of Lang Yueming. Also in exchange for the conditions to leave the Lang family. He Chunyan was in a hurry, and immediately the mind of Haishu.

Shi Jizhou claimed at the Chamber of Commerce that he had carefully prepared the flower god sacrifice and specially invited a master. The master had already arranged the sacrifice process, but he emphasized that in order to ensure the smooth progress of the festival, Kunyang City was needed. All the males in the rouge line were present, and he also publicly named the eldest sonof Lance, and invited him to attend.

Lance Year knows that this is a set that Shi Jizhou gave himself. If Lang Yueming does not go, Shi Jizhou will say that he is angry with the flower god, causing the industry to be depressed. If Yue Ming goes, he can use him to attack Lang family. The reputation, this is a dead chess, no matter how you go, it is not good for Lang family.

After hearing this in the door, Lang Yueming told Langyue Xuan that Lang Yuexuan had to ask Shi Jizhou even if he wanted to make such a bad idea. What he cares most is the idea of ​​Big Brother. If the older brother is not willing to go, what he said will also stop Shi Jizhou. After listening to the conversation between the two brothers, Gu Haijun immediately encouraged Lang Yueming to go out and pack the ticket and put everything on himself. Lang Yueming unconditionally trusted her, and the words immediately agreed. The Flower God Conference soon arrived, and Shi Jizhou thought that he had held the handle of the Lang family in his hand, and he was very proud of his heart. After the sacrifice began, all the men of the rouge business merchants were present, and Lang Yueming bravely stood before the people.

After the grand worship ceremony, it was the link of the fragrant incense. All the males held the incense. The so-called master stopped Lang Yueming and said that he was wearing a mask. He was disrespectful to the flower god and forced him to take off the mask. Lang family heard the words, they were all shocked. Lang Yuexuan immediately gave a beautiful counterattack, blocking the Master’s dumb voice, but Shi Jizhou was still aggressively urging Lang Yueming to do it according to the requirements of the Master. At this moment, suddenly there was a gust of wind, the lanterns on the scene were blown and swayed, the incense sticks almost disappeared, and the people around the ceremony also urged Lang Yueming to remove the mask. Lang Yueming hesitated and put his hand. The incense was handed over to Lang Yuexuan, raising his hand and taking off the mask.

At that moment, the audience was boiling, because people saw a perfect face to the indignation of the gods and gods. The couples and Lang Yuexuan saw each other and finally breathed a sigh of relief. He Chunyan knew that this was Gu Haijun’s handwriting and turned his head. I smiled at her and I was very happy.

Shi Jizhou did not believe that Lang Yueming really restored his appearance. He made such a big squad, in order to make Lang Yueming ugly, let Lang family follow the blasphemy, naturally not willing to give up, so he made a look at the Master. The mage would like to know, immediately waving his sleeves and sweeping toward the incense altar. The bonfire of the candlelight was smothered by the sleeves of his sleeves, and went straight to the fragrant people. The makeup of Lang Yueming’s face was all smoked, revealing 狰狞Scars. Shi Ji Zhou Sheng was afraid that everyone could not see Lang Yueming, and immediately shouted and gathered all the eyes on the scene. Lang Yuexuan saw it and quickly guarded his big brother to rush out of the crowd and left in a hurry.

All the Lang family were shocked, only Miao Lan’s face showed a sardonic smile. After the flower gods conference, the business of Langjia really fell, not to mention the foreign merchants, even the former regular customers did not go to the door, Langlichun can simply use the door to describe. Not only that, but before I bought the rouge gouache in the store, I still have to return it. Lens is worried about it, but it still makes people all retreat.

He Chunyan’s anger was all sprinkled on Gu Haijun’s body. She ordered the sea otter to call the front hall, letting Miao Lan’s move to her law, and Haiyan’s arguments, but it was still pressed by two powerful men. On the ground, I was beaten a lot. The well-intentioned ambassador told the brothers of Lang Yueming about the fight with Haiyan. The two men were shocked and immediately rushed to the front hall to save the sea otter. He Chunyan did not care, but Miao Lan continued to implement the family law. Lang Yuexuan took the stick and slammed himself. He Chunyan saw it and had to give up.

Lang Yuexuan was very distressed because of Gu Haijun’s being beaten, but he could only be hurt in the garden because he was worried about misunderstanding. Miao Lan came to Lang Yuexuan with her food and complained that he should not try to beat himself.

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