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Blossom in Heart Episode 12 Recap

Haishu learned that Lang Yueming disfigured reason Lang Yueming advised Haishu not to blame Lang Yuexuan

Long Mo tranquil learned Yuet Hin come to their own, happy to go out to see him, see him depressed appearance, asked Gu Haitang situation, that they Lang home is too much, ruin a girl’s life. After listening to Langyue, he was guilty of self-blame and planned to drive back. After Long Mozhen had to return home, Awen was drunk and returned home, and was immediately stunned by Shi Jizhou . Arvin explained that Lang Yuexuan was in a bad mood and accompanied him to drink and solve the problem. Shi Jizhou learned that there was a young master in Lang family, his face was still burned, and his heart was playing bad abacus.

Lang Yueming painted in the room. When Lang Yuexuan came back, he went to the attic to see him and asked him about the idea of ​​painting Haiyan eyes. Lang Yuexuan told him that his painting was very poor, and then he gave him a birthday and wished him a happy birthday. Lang Yuexuan was very self-blaming. When he was a child, his face would become like this. He told him that he would always be his own brother. Lang Yueming asked him not to mention it again. It’s gone. After returning to the room, Haitang found that Lang Yueming made a bed at the bedside. After explaining that he was doing this in order not to let gossip, he could protect her well.

Haiyan was unable to sleep in bed at night, looking for Lang Yueming to chat and asking him about the injury on his face. Lang Yueming did not choose to conceal and told her about what happened when she was a child. After the explosion, his face was destroyed. Lang, for Langlichun, declared that he was seriously ill, and he himself took the mask in the attic. Lang Yueming knew that Lang Yuexuan’s heart was very self-blaming. It seemed to be a bohemian and idler. In fact, he deliberately did this. He hoped that Haishu would not blame Yue Xuan, and he was forced to do so.

Long Mozhen came to Longde Water early in the morning and learned that he went out and worried about the accident. Long Deshui was happy to come back and check the guns and ammunition with his subordinates. After knowing that the supply of military supplies was oversupply, people went to the China Comprador Office. Make a profit. Haishu came to find Mrs. Lang and took out the book that she had already prepared. She hoped to be able to return her own freedom. She said that she did not like Lang Yueming. It is impossible to be forcibly tied. Forcing Mrs. Lang resolutely disagrees and makes her angry. go away. Lang Yueming happily took out the carefully prepared cakes for the sea otter, but she was on the anger, could not help but angered him, watching him look innocent, immediately apologized to him.

Long Deshui was pondering about doing something big. He specially came to Shi Jizhou to see an injured woman. The woman looked up and asked Shi Jizhou for help. Shi Jizhou couldn’t shirk it. He smiled and let Long Deshui ask for it. Lang Yuexuan watched the sea otter in the management of flowers and plants, went forward to talk to her, expressed the hope that she could do something to make up for her, Haishu deliberately said some difficult requirements. Miao Lan had convinced Haishu to help Lang Yueming’s birthday. After some persuasion, Haishu agreed to give Yue Ming an unforgettable birthday.

Haiyan bought a lot of things and went home. Mrs. Gu saw that Lang Yuexuan did not come back with him. He wished him a good study. Xia He learned that she had not got a book, and she was very angry and did not want her to be like this. pain of. Lang Qingqing was angry and looking for Haishu to settle accounts. He asked her why she deliberately made it difficult for Lang Yuexuan. Haishu said that she just talked about it casually. She did not think that he would really do it. Lang Qingqing was even more angry after hearing it, and made the cake prepared by Haitang. Bad.

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