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The Love by Hypnotic Episode 23 Plot

Li Qian blames her mother for her death. Mingyue was killed in the course of raising grain.

Li Qian and Li Mingyue went to the palace to find the father-in-law to check the people who served Zheng Zheng. But the father-in-law said that the people of that year had already disappeared. Only one father-in-law rushed to give a note to the moon before leaving, telling her that it was the only one at this time. The person who survived. The moon opened the note and wrote the court of Deng Ting.

Deng Yu was bullied by the palace lady and was forced to drink poison. Ming Yue and Li Qian arrived in time to save her. Deng Wei looked at Li Qian and felt infinitely in her heart. She handed Zheng Han’s handkerchief to Li Qian. This is the butterfly that Zheng Zheng missed Li Qian when he was locked in Yongtai. She also told Li Qian that Zheng Zheng was defamed because the Zheng Zheng people sent Qi Tong to the fetus, and as a result, they were poisoned after drinking, and the emperor would Zheng Hao broke into Yongtai, and soon after, Yongtai suddenly caught fire and Zheng Zheng was burned to death. Li Qian felt that things were very embarrassing. How could it suddenly catch fire? Deng Xiao recalled that at the time, someone had fired fireworks in the vicinity. Li Qian thought of the fire in the hypnosis, and the sadness was almost untenable.

Li Qian took the sacrifice to the burned Yongtai, and slammed three heads against the house. His sad mood at this time made the moon in the side worry. Li asked here to ask the emperor to assign Qiao Huixin to himself. The emperor thought that Qiao Xuan was a heavy minister and even angry with the remnant of the rebel army in his family. He refused to agree, and finally he was rounded up at the request of Shu. Li Xun’s wish.

Li Qian and Ming Yue came to see the emperor. Li Qian took the initiative to frankly worship the mother-in-law and took on all the crimes for Mingyue. He even wanted to hand over the military power. The emperor’s anger was so frighting that he immediately let Li Qian drag it down. In the evening, Li Qian locked himself in the room. He was very guilty in his heart. If he didn’t go to Yongtai to release fireworks, his mother would not die. He was so sad that he didn’t even want to see it until the moon came.

Ling Wang is married to Qiao Huixin. He knows that Qiao Huixin likes people not to be himself, so he does not insist on asking for her alone. Qiao Huixin took the initiative to go to Ling Wang. She said that she had no love for Li Qian since then. Since she married him, she is his person. Ling Wang thinks that they are the same kind of people, they are all love, but even if this is the case, as long as she can be in her own arms, in her own arms, even if she can not become her love, can become her habits. . Qiao Huixin was moved and moved to help Li to fade his clothes. The two kissed together and became a real husband and wife.

The fifth eagerly called Li Qian outside the house, but Li Qian never opened the door. Under Li Mingyue’s inquiry, the fifth Cheng told her that the food that was transported to Qingzhou in the disaster area was stolen by the mountain. If the matter was passed to the emperor’s ear, the prince might be guilty of misconduct, only five days left. Ming Yue feels that the current plan is to raise food first.

In the moon, the rich merchants raised food, and found that the rich merchants only brought a few packets of grain, and they also mixed the grain. The moon was very angry and decided to find another way. In the bright moon, the food that was prepared on hand was transported back to the government, and the people were pushed together regardless of fatigue. Li Qian still locked himself in the room and stunned him. The vacuum came to him and he thought that he was tormenting the moon. Li Qian heard the clear moon and came over and went to find her.

On the fifth side of the fifth and the bright moon, I met a band of bandits on the way. The group of people slashed with a knife and fiercely smashed them. In a flash, everyone smothered them. Li Qian also rushed and saved the slain. It’s down. Soon the bandits were killed one by one. Li Qian believes that it is not a way to raise food in this way. He decided to find out the people behind the scenes. So let the fifth Cheng pretend to be a wealthy businessman to go to the city to inquire about the place where a large amount of food can be received in the short term, and falsely purchase at a high price, thus leading to a thief.

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