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Chapter 3 Unworthy

Gong Ni sees Mo Wan being so good in front of the old man, and even feels Mo Wan is disgusting. She really does not understand why Gong Shengjun would like her.

Such a shameless slut, damn it, deserve to go to hell, how to deserve the title of “Mrs. Palace Young Lady” , How to live with her under the same roof?

Gong Ni clenched her fist, determined to drive Mo Wan out of the palace.

Gong Chengzhu came because of Gong Ni’s cry, and did not know what happened, so he asked several friends to go back. Song Zhi also dismissed the ladies before she rushed to the flower garden. Her ugliness should not be exaggerated. She knew Gong Ni’s temperament.

In front of the grandfather, Gong Ni didn’t dare to make it, but dared to blame a few times in the place where the grandpa could not see.

Mo Wan initially chatted with his grandfather and accidentally talked about his past with grandma playing chess, so he was pulled by grandpa to play a few games.

Gong Ni couldn’t play chess, couldn’t understand it, and finally slipped back to the room.

In the quiet pavilion, there are only the sounds of the falling sons that sound from time to time. Both of them are very focused. Grandpa is very surprised. Mo Wan, who is in the small grade, is very exquisite in chess skills.

The time is fast, and the sun falls to the mountainside unconsciously until it is completely hidden at the foot of the mountain.

When the breeze passed the hairline, Mo Wan suddenly felt cold. Inexplicable summer, he had goose bumps, one hand subconsciously circled his shoulders, and the other hand held the chess game. When the hand was about to fall on the chessboard, one bone was distinct. The slender hand covered her, the warm touch made Mo Wan inexplicably shaken, she froze, letting the man pull her hand and put the chess piece in another place.

“This, General.” The cold voice instantly pulled back Mo Wan’s thoughts. The man had released her hand. She turned and looked, facing the eyes of Sheng Gong’s indifferent eyes. When did he stand behind her? of?

No wonder she suddenly felt cold in the summer, thanks to the man in front of her.

Gong Chengzhuo looked at the situation where the chessboard was no longer able to break back, but laughed: “Good boy!” When

he played chess with other old naughty boys, he was always a judge.

But since he is helping his wife today, he will remember this account first.

From this perspective, he and Mo Wan seem to get along very well.

After looking at the night, Gong Chengzhu smiled: “It’s so late! I’m hungry late at night, but I’m confused all the time, forget the time, go, eat!”

Mo Wan smiled and said: “Grandpa likes, Next time we will continue.”

Gong Chengzhu laughed more heartily. Before he arrived at the villa, Gong Ni and Song Zhi in the dining room heard the laughter from afar.

The chopsticks squeaked, and Gong Ni got angry when she remembered the morning thing.

I couldn’t help but lowered my voice and complained: “Mom! Why didn’t you help me to teach the dead woman this morning!”

Song Zhi took a sip of coffee, and when she heard Gong Ni’s words, she put the cup down.

The “bang” muffled sound made Gong Ni suddenly mutter, but still stared at the beautiful eyes with sorrow.

Song Zhi glanced at her, seeming to be angry: “How do I teach you?”

Gong Ni dropped her head and did not answer.

“It’s you who angered Mo Wan first, and Mo Wan shot and hit you. Who is this dumb man who you want to blame? If you let your grandfather know about it, you don’t want to come back from Britain again.”

“No!” Gong Ni suddenly raised her head, panic flashed in her eyes.

She studied in the UK, and it was difficult to finish her studies. She returned from the UK early this year, and she didn’t want to stay in the place where she was not familiar.

“Then you will converge a little bit!” Song Zhi was expressionless, and her eyes did not lift.

Gong Ni dragged the chopsticks in her hand, angrily.

How to swallow this breath.

“But how does she deserve to be his brother’s wife! Can mom accept her as your daughter-in-law?”

“So what can it do?” Song Zhi stared at Gong Ni with a deep face, “It is a fact that Sheng Jun married her…”

” Get rid of her.” Gong Ni interrupted Song Zhi’s words, and her eyes were firm. “Sister Lele has loved her brother for so many years. We can all see what she has done. How can a mean slut snatch his brother at this time.”

“Gong Ni.”

Gong Ni was stunned. Every time Song Zhi called her, she said she was angry.

“Now your grandfather and your brother are not opposed to this marriage. You are no longer dissatisfied with Mo Wan, and bear with me at this time. Your grandfather’s temper is best known to you, but no matter what, you can bear your grandpa back to England Besides.”

By then, it would be much simpler to get rid of Mo Wan than now.

“Today’s thing, you should be a lesson. Don’t underestimate Mo Wan in the future.”

Gong Ni didn’t answer, and gradually understood Song Zhi’s meaning. It took a long time to nod slowly.

Gong Chengzhu walked into the dining room, and Song Zhi and Gong Ni both stood up.

Then came Gong Shengjun and Mo Wan.

Glancing at Mo Wan, Gong Ni’s eyes stayed on her body for a moment before she calmly withdrew.


Gong Chengshu sat on the throne, Gong Ni sat intimately next to him, constantly serving food to the old man, depriving him of attention.

Mo Wan sat next to Gong Shengjun and silently ate dishes alone. Because the table was too long, Mo Wan could only catch a few dishes in front of him. If he wanted to get other dishes, he could only stand up.

Coincidentally, it seems that someone intentionally opposes her. On this side, all of her vegetables are green, and on the other side, they are all kinds of meat.

Mo Wan looked dry and couldn’t get anything to eat. The man next to him didn’t care about her at all. She could only suffocate to continue eating vegetables.

Gong Ni looked at Mo Wan and could only eat vegetables, her brows were full of pride, she glanced at the flying look, Mo Wan sighed at once, and did not want to adjust any more moths. Once she was silent, and she ate less. Eat less food.

So after a meal, it was fairly peaceful.

Gong Shengjun saw half of the rice in Mo Wan’s bowl and frowned slightly, but said nothing.

Seeing that Mo Wan ate so little, Gong Chengcheng couldn’t bear it, thinking that she might not be used to the food here, so she said to Mo Wan: “Late night, early tomorrow, let Sheng Jun take you back to your grandma’s house, Come back a few more days and come back!”

Mo Wan raised his head violently, his eyes lit up surprisingly for the first time, nodded hard: “Well!”

Laughing at the sight of Cheng Gongcheng suddenly, he really couldn’t eat the food here, the girl thought Home now.

No one found, watching Mo Ziliang’s surprisingly late, Gong Shengjun’s eyes slightly subtle.

After dinner, Gong Shengjun usually stayed in the study room to continue his business. Tonight is no exception. Mo Wan went to the stairs after playing chess with grandpa.

The study light was on, the door closed, and she was relieved when she saw it. If she was in the same room as this man, she would probably be frozen to death.

After taking a hot bath, Mo Wan returned to the room and turned on the recruitment network.

She has been graduating for a year and originally worked hard to be a little designer not far from home, but because she was married to Gong Shengjun, she quit that job. But to support herself and plan for her future, she now has to find a job to make money.

Mo Wan was an orphan adopted by Su Ning. He was adopted at the age of ten. But she couldn’t remember everything that happened before she was ten years old.

In the process of growing up, she also slowly watched Su Ning grow old, which scared her, and slowly became very sensible and independent.

The tuition and living expenses of her four years in college were almost solved by her own. She did not get a penny from Su Ning, which made Su Ning feel relieved that this child had a good life.

But it was precisely because of her strong character that Su Ning worried. In her last few years, she feared that she would leave and make Mo Wan completely lose her dependence, so she couldn’t wait to find a good support.

It is for this reason that Mo Wan and Gong Shengjun’s marriage came into being.

After brushing a few pages of recruitment information, Mo Wan saw a lot of jobs that satisfied him, and collected them one after another, planning to start interviewing when he came back from his grandma’s house.

Mo Wan, who brushed right, did not notice that the man opened the door and came in, and when he felt the sudden cold temperature on his side, he snapped and closed the computer.

Gong Shengjun took off his suit and hung it on the hanger with his back to his face.

Seeing the man still with a cold face, he took out a black bathrobe from the closet, turned around and walked into the bathroom. He didn’t glance at Mo Wan all the way, but Mo Wan, who was completely ignored, was relieved.

He didn’t seem to find anything. He remembered that the man suddenly appeared behind her this afternoon. Mo Wan couldn’t help shaking his head. The man walked like a ghost, with no sound at all.

After looking at the time, Mo Wan realized that he had unwittingly swiped the recruitment network for an hour. He had to wake up early in the morning and return to the countryside. He must go to bed early tonight.

Turn off the computer and lie down and sleep immediately.

She slept on the edge and fell as soon as she turned over.

She seemed to account for only one-eighth of the huge bed.

The man who came out of the shower was slightly surprised.

Last night, he was a bit confused by the craze, and without turning on the light, he did not see so clearly where she slept.

Regardless of three, seven, twenty-one, Gong Shengjun reached out and dragged her to his side.

Mo Wan rolled from the side of the bed to the man’s side.

Listening to the uniform breathing, Gong Shengjun looked down at Mo Wan, and she happened to fall asleep facing him, and she also leaned back to him, seeming to be uneasy, cicada-like eyelashes slightly Shivered.

There seemed to be something flashing through the cold eyes, and Gong Shengjun didn’t do anything at all, turning off the lights and lying down.

But as soon as he lay down, Mo Wan suddenly turned over, and suddenly turned over again within a second.

From lying on the side to lying down and back on the side, Mo Wan’s body was half lying on Gong Shengjun’s body, and the soft body’s temperature was continuously uploaded from Mo Wan’s body to the man.

Warm breath sprayed on the man’s neck, itching hot.

Gong Shengjun felt that his throat was tight, and suddenly stood up to lift Mo Wan.

The woman was unclear, so she blinked confusedly and looked at Gong Shengjun unconsciously.

The hand that wanted to throw the person off the bed was still in place.

Gong Shengjun frowned and looked at Mo Wan, who was always close to the woman’s color, even when he was naked and standing in front of him, he was not interested, but at this moment, he looked at the woman in front of him like this, and felt dry.

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