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Chapter 2 Panlong and Fengfeng

Mo Wan stumbled for a while, supported by the servant on the side, and stabilized her body. She patted the skirt on her body, sorted out the embarrassed gesture, and there was a chill in her eyes.

Although taking care of her face, she will not erect the thorns on her body, but this does not mean that she is a soft persimmon.

“Why, the dog bites me and I have to bite it back?” In

other words, ” Does the dog talk to me, do I have to talk to the dog?”

Gong Ni was choked, her beautiful eyes glared unbelievably: “You call me a dog ? “

Mo evening smile:”. this is a you say to yourself, “

she did not deny nor admit.

“That’s what you mean!” Gong Ni’s eyes widened, Mo Wan shrugged: “You have to think that way, I can’t help it.”

“The face is sour and shameless, and the shameless Panlong Fufeng, even cursing me without repentance!”

Mo Wan’s eyebrows twisted slightly, Panlong with Phoenix?

So that’s why she hates her so much?

Growing up with a golden spoon in her childhood, Gong Ni, who was so spoiled, could endure such insults. Because of her identity, no one was flattered by her identity. Even Song Zhi and Grandpa Gong had never scolded her. As soon as Missy’s temper came up, she slaped towards Mo Wan with her hand raised.

Mo Wan’s pupils shrank, but fortunately she had been prepared for her, and she reached out and firmly grasped her waving arm.

Her eyes were slightly cold, and she whispered: “Panlong with Phoenix? Gong Ni, first of all, I haven’t spent a penny from your palace; secondly, it’s not that I begged your brother to marry me; Finally, I want to tell you that everyone has Dignity and bottom line, don’t think you have money, you can trample on the dignity of others at will, not to mention, the money you spend is not earned by you, but by your brother. To be poor, you are poorer than me, at least I I made my own money!”

At a young age, she was brought up by the identity of Miss Gong’s second child. She wanted nothing, never lacked money, and had an accurate concept of Sanguan. No one had ever blocked her like this. Gong Ni was speechless for a moment and could not say anything.

But think about it, every sentence that Mo Wan said was correct.

Gong Ni’s face was red and white, white and red. The two faced each other. Gong Ni looked at Mo Wan’s indifferent face, his chest was undulating, and he seemed to want to admit something. He suddenly shouted and said, “My brother’s is mine. Why do you care so much?”

Wen Yan, Mo Laughed at night: “I don’t have the mood to control you.”

Seeing this, Gong Ni’s eyes were red with rage and shouted: “You said that you haven’t spent a penny on our palace, did you really spend it? Do you think I Believe it? And, how do I know what tricks you are playing around and my brother made him have to marry you, what a bitch like you can’t do!”

She had a undulating chest, remembering the cup she was last night. It should be the wine that Mo Wan was going to drink, but in the end it was inexplicable that Gong Shengjun drank it, and she was regretful and angry.

If she wanted to frame Mo Wan, she didn’t make it, but she fulfilled her and Gong Shengjun’s Spring Festival.

But God knows what tricks Mo Wan played so that Gong Shengjun drank the wine, and a bitch like her could have done everything!

Mo Wan’s eyebrows twisted slightly, and she shook her head insignificantly. Her thoughts were naive and extreme. She insisted that a person should be damn, so she would not even have a chance to turn over.

“Do you believe it or not? It doesn’t matter to me, and whether I’m entangled with your brother, you can ask him in person.”

Don’t believe what she said, just believe what Gong Shengjun said.

After all, Mo Wan didn’t want to get entangled with Gong Ni too much, so she turned and walked past her.

Gong Ni was blocked with anger, how could she let her go easily, she pulled Mo Wan’s hair hard and pulled back brutally.

The pain rushed from the scalp, but the cry of pain aroused Gong Ni’s inexplicable pleasure.

“Release!” The sharp warning made Gong Ni even worse.

Mo Wan couldn’t bear it. His arms caught Gong Ni’s hand backwards, and the moment he slammed, the delicate Gong Ni screamed out loud, and the shout was deafening, and spread all over the old house.

Mo Wan was speechless, let go of her hand and said softly: “I have practiced judo, you better not provoke me.”

Wenyan Gongni burst into tears.

She glared at Mo Wan, crying more and more fierce. Finally, he knelt down on the ground, his hands were so painful that he couldn’t lift it, so he hung down in front of him, and tears kept falling.

Mo Wan didn’t know what abacus she was playing, but she saw Song Zhi who was attracted by Gong Ni’s cry. She squatted down and sighed softly: “Is it all right?”

Gong Ni glared at Mo Wan, using her shoulders hard. I bumped her: “Don’t pretend, get out!”

Song Zhi heard this sentence as soon as she came, her eyebrows tightened, and she saw Gong Ni sitting on the ground, and said sharply, “If you don’t get me up, what kind of system is sitting on the ground?” “

Gong Ni froze, looked at Song Zhi and Mo Mo, and suddenly understood why she suddenly squatted down, biting her lower lip, and stared at Mo Wan more aggrievedly and somberly, obviously she was going to frame her Yes, the results were put together again.

The latter ignored her directly and nodded to Song Zhi: “Mother.”

Seeing Gong Ni was still sitting on the ground, she refused to get up. Song Zhi’s eyes became a little colder, and she ignored Mo Wan directly. When she saw the servant on the side, she sank Said: “I’m not going to help Miss II!”

“Yes!” The maid who had been stunned by the side hurriedly helped Gong Ni.

She waved towards the maid and signaled her to leave. Song Zhi walked in front of Gong Ni and asked softly, “What’s the matter?”

Gong Ni was asked, her tears could not stop falling, and she finally looked at Song Zhi, full. Aggrieved: “Mom, she called me a dog and used the judo she learned to deal with me. My hand hurts and I can’t lift it.”

After hearing Yan Zhi’s face suddenly changed, she lifted Gong Ni’s hand and saw that there was indeed a circle of red on her arm. She suddenly got angry and strode forward to Mo Wan, her right hand was about to raise, but the cold eyes were At this time, she glanced at the figure approaching here. She desperately suppressed the urge to slap Mo Mo, and asked sharply, “You beat Nier with the judo you learned?”

Mo Wan flashed a cold expression at the bottom of her eyes. On the face, she pretended to be amazed: “I am not studying judo, but taekwondo.”

Gong Ni stared at Mo Wan incredulously, and she was put on again! This bitch.

“Moreover, I didn’t hit her, I was a proper defense.”

Mo Wan didn’t speak anymore, turned around and pulled out the hair that had been held in her hand by Gong Ni and pulled down.

Song Zhi didn’t speak anymore, turned to look at Gong Ni, but her eyes were extremely cold, and she said something to Gong Ni with her lips.

I saw Gong Ni full of grievances and unwillingness, but had to nod.

“What’s the matter, what’s going on?” Gong Chengzhu, who came from the backyard after hearing Gong Ni’s cry, looked at the three people who faced the silent confrontation.


Zhichao Gongni made a wink, Gongni sucked his nose and ran towards Gongcheng Chengshu: “Grandpa!” The old man’s face full of years of cuts was full of pampering smiles: “What’s wrong, my nier, Why is he growing up like a child, crying his nose

when he doesn’t move!” “I just accidentally fell , my arm numb, and I accidentally pulled my hair when I got up.” Gong Ni said with tears Wang Wang, as soon as the old man heard her fall, he said to the people beside him: “Go and call Dr. Luo.”

Gong Ni quickly stopped and said: “It’s okay, Grandpa, it’s not serious, and the arm is not numb now. “”

Seeing that the old man was still not at ease, Gong Niqiang raised his hand and hugged the old man’s arm, shaking it like a child’s coquettishness: “It’s okay, grandpa.”

Gong Cheng grinned, rubbing indulgently. Rubbed Gong Ni’s head.

Mo Wan turned to the side and smiled from the beginning, Mo Wan said: “Late, come here.”

Mo Wan trot to the old man, no longer just the confrontation with Gong Ni, her face was soft and hesitated Then, he shouted softly, “Grandpa.” The

old man immediately smiled and smiled, and he responded to this claim. When he saw it, Mo Wan felt relieved softly.

Fortunately, not everyone hates her.

“From today on, you are a member of the Gong family. You won’t have to be so cautious in the future. If Sheng Jun’s kid dared to bully you, tell Grandpa that Grandpa will support you!”

Mo Wan felt warm, although Grandpa Gong supported marriage It was because of grandma, but he was really kind to her.

She lowered her head and nodded hard: “Well, Grandpa is assured that Sheng Jun has not bullied me, he is very kind to me.”

Feeling melancholy, Mo Wan thought of throwing her mercilessly into the palace this morning. There was some teeth shaking under the bed, and I had to admire the kung fu that opened my eyes to talk nonsense, and at the same time, I was very worried about my future.

“Also, forgive him for not daring to bully you!” Gong Cheng laughed with a smile, but Gong Ni stomped at this moment: “Grandpa, I’m going to be jealous. When my brother bullied me, grandpa didn’t help me.” “

Gong Chengzhu spoiled with a smile: “Silly girl, what’s so jealous, you, grandpa are very affectionate, and speaking of it, when did your brother bully you?”

Gong Shengjun was so cold since childhood. He seemed to have no desires and desires, and from childhood to age, Gong Chengzhu didn’t hear him say “I want” at the beginning. And he is an attitude to everyone, and he says, “Don’t be close, no matter you are familiar or acquaintance”, cold and ruthless.

And Gong Ni likes to haunt Gong Shengjun from an early age, but Gong Shengjun never takes care of her once. It’s not bullying, it’s just being left behind, ignored, ignored.

Obviously brother and sister, but indifferent like two strangers.

Choked by his own words, Gong Ni blamed and the old man coquettishly.

Mo Wan didn’t speak, but looked at the old man’s eyes, devoted to the only sincerity.

At the Gong family, she was so obedient only in front of her.

“Sheng Jun?”

Mo Wan was robbed by Gong Ni before he could speak: “I know, my brother went to the company.” The

old man was dissatisfied, and he left his wife to the company on the first day of his wedding

“Call him back.”

Although Mo Wan didn’t understand Gong Shengjun, he knew how to temper him a little, and hurriedly stopped: “Grandpa, Sheng Jun is not only ours, but also an entire group of more than three thousand people, And the family of these people.”

So, he should be busy, and he must be busy.

The old man frowned, and said nothing about Mo Wan’s remarks, but he always felt sorry for Mo Wan, and the latter’s so profound sense really made him more satisfied.

The old man couldn’t help laughing: “It’s my daughter-in-law of the Gong family.”

Mo Wan saw Gong Chengzhu waving back, and the person who had originally called Gong Shengjun back ran back, relieved. There was a slightly shy smile on the board.

If the man was suddenly called back from the company, he didn’t know what moth was going to come out.

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