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Chapter 15 Brilliant

Mo Wan is still hanging the bottle the next day.

nightmare not only made Mo Wan panicky, but also made Mo Wan have a fever.

I can’t even lift my eyelids these days.

Gong Shengjun accompanied him for a while and went to work. Not long after that, Gong Ni came up.


Gong Ni saw Mo Wan’s life-or-death look and felt very happy. But because of Gong Shengjun’s instructions, she didn’t dare to do anything to Mo Wan. She had to stay by the side, and ironically from time to time, Mo Wan listened and listened, and fell asleep.

Gong Ni looked blankly, and kept talking.

Seeing that the bottle was almost asleep, Gong Ni was in trouble and called the private doctor to come over, pulled out the needle for Mo Wan, and let the private doctor take care of it. She enjoyed her leisure.

At noon, I fell asleep under the quilt, and Mo Wan felt better.

This fever, there is a person like Gong Ni cursing constantly, it is simply suffering.

Mo Wan had just got up, and heard a “bang”, Gong Ni came in with a cup of coffee, and said: “Hey, my brother said, I will go to an upscale banquet tonight, “Gong Ni deliberately dragged up the high-end word for a long time, and glanced at Mo Wan’s expression, and said: “Brother has already set the dress, which will be delivered at two o’clock in the afternoon. “People.”

Gong Ni secretly secretly rejoiced, and tonight Mo Wan will know who is the real hostess of this palace.

Mo Wan saw the pride in Gong Ni’s eyes. She didn’t say anything, just “huh”.

Gong Ni contemptuously said: “Looking at your appearance, I am afraid that even if you want to make some noise, you can’t make it. In short, you are only a substitute for Lele, and you have set your position. Don’t get it wrong who you are.”

This is the second time Gong Ni mentioned that Yin Xinle. Who is she?

Mo Wan Shen Shen help his forehead, feeling a mess in his head.

Gong Ni glanced at her, thinking that his words hurt Mo Wan seriously, and ridiculed and said: “You are useless in anxiety, and the matter is here, let’s hold the Buddha’s feet temporarily.”

Mo Wan sneered, staring at Gong Ni, and said indifferently: “Thank you for reminding.”

Gong Ni snorted coldly and turned away.

Mo Wan looked up at the crystal chandelier on the ceiling, which seemed to be colorful, and the light emitted was also dazzling. Sure enough, rich people are rich people.

Mo Wan took the medicine and stayed in bed.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the gift really arrived on time.

I saw Gong Ni came in with two women in work clothes, pointing fingers and saying: “Here you all pay attention to the things here. Don’t think about what you haven’t seen, you just touch it and touch it. Sorry. Do you understand?” Gong Ni’s harsh look really resembles the old aunt.

It’s really not reminiscent of her being so mean at a young age.

“Yes, Miss Gong.”

The two waiters just nodded and did not dare to say anything.

One of the waiters, with a very official smile, said to Mo Wan: “Mrs. Gong, please try a gift.”


Mo Wan answered, and got out of bed and went to the dressing room to try on a dress.

Mo Wan didn’t look much. A sickly complexion was as white as flour. Even she didn’t want to see it, let alone others.

I’m afraid even Gong Shengjun doesn’t want to take a second look.

Mo Wan laughed at himself.

Just outside the door came Gong Ni’s urged voice: “Oh, are you okay! Why is it so rubbing!”

Mo Wan deliberately rubbed for a few more minutes before going out of the fitting room.

I saw Gong Ni’s eyes widened and looked at Mo Wan in disbelief. Even the two waiters were startled.

No one thought that Mo Wan would look so good in a dress.

The pure white long dress does not bring a touch of dust, the waist is extremely slender, and the small crystals inlaid on it are not dazzling. Especially Mo Wan’s temperament, it is very lined with the characteristics of this dress. No wonder Gong Ni was taken aback. Mo Wan was born to be a clothes hanger, but he didn’t usually dress himself up.

But soon, Gong Ni regained her original appearance, and was quite satisfied: “I didn’t expect you to wear this gift, but if you match up with your brother, just like that.” Forgetting to look at Mo Wan more, her heart is actually praised, but her mouth is always unforgiving.

The two waiters sang one harmony and praised.

“Mrs. Gong, this dress is really suitable for you!”

“This dress is really icing on Mrs. Gong’s body! Mrs. Gong, your skin is so white, this is a pure white dress, really It’s just a custom made for you!”

“Yes! Mrs. Gong! You are so bright and beautiful!”

Mo Wan listened to these flattering words, and only found it boring.

She laughed twice, feeling that the dress was also cumbersome and a little impatient, and said: “Is it alright? Then I will change it.”

“Okay, Mrs. Gong.”

Mo Wan turned He rolled his eyes and hurried into the fitting room to change his clothes.

It’s too stressful to wear such a heavy dress.

Gong Ni arrogantly reminded him a few words, and then went downstairs at ease.

At five o’clock, Gong Shengjun came back.

He pushed open the door and it was Mo Wan dressed in a dress. His eyes stayed a little longer, seeming surprised and admiring. But soon, he regained his indifference, approached Mo Wan, and said indifferently: “This dress looks good.”

Sure enough, it was Gong Shengjun.

He only praised the gown, not a word of praise for Mo Wan.

Anyway, Mo Wan did not have extravagance, she just hoped to end soon.

Before leaving the house, Song Zhi and Gong Ni did not forget to remind Mo Wan.

Song Zhi looked at Mo Wan up and down and said: “This evening’s banquet is very important. Pay attention to your own identity. You are Mrs. Gong, not a poor girl.”

Gong Ni quickly echoed: “Remember! “

Mo Wan didn’t say anything.

Gong Shengjun’s eyes were cold, and Song Zhi swallowed back all the words to his mouth, so that he could get out of peace.

A black lengthened Lincoln was parked at the door. Gong Shengjun carefully supported Mo at night, but reminded in her ear: “Don’t embarrass me.”

Mo Wanqian said, “Uh”.

Because besides um, she couldn’t think of anything else she could answer.

Sitting together, Gong Ni’s eyes widened. She just couldn’t see Gong Shengjun being so good to Mo Wan, she was Gong Shengjun’s sister, what is Mo Wan?

On the way to the banquet, Gong Ni had already cursed Mo Wan.

Mo Wan said nothing from beginning to end.

“Here.” Gong Shengjun opened his lips to remind.

Mo Wan shivered and his voice was too cold.

When the door was opened, the reporter’s camera almost came to Gong Shengjun’s face. Several bodyguards blocked the front and kept saying “NONO”. Gong Shengjun’s face also became irony, but that The reporter is still unfamiliar, and the questions are one by one, “Will Mr. Gong, do you really want to buy Mingyuan Group?”

“Is Mr. Gong, is your relationship with that female star true?”

“Mr. Gong, please answer! “

Gong Shengjun didn’t say a word, and he didn’t expect that even a person with such a cold personality would be fluttered by those lace news.

At this moment, Mo Wan suddenly grabbed Gong Shengjun’s arm and said to the camera: “I’m Mrs. Gong. As for Mr. Gong’s affairs, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Mo Wan’s face was indifferent, his heart calmed.

At this moment, even Gong Shengjun looked at him a little, and he smiled, holding Mo Wan’s hand, and said, “This is my wife. Guys, can you give up?”

Those reporters were willing to stop. , But one by one, looking at angles, patting Mo Wan and Gong Shengjun. Even Gong Ni was photographed, and Gong Shengjun smiled coldly. “These reporters care about other people’s affairs all day, but they are really worried.” Gong Shengjun’s words brought a little fun.

Mo Wan did not know what was wrong with him, and then stood up to defend Gong Shengjun. In fact, she also understood that even if she did not stand up, Gong Shengjun had a way to deal with it.

But this is the end.

In fact, when the reporter asked questions just now, Mo Wan was terrified.

That female star…

Besides, she has never faced so many cameras and microphones, just like a star in the spotlight. Thinking about it, Gong Ni said something behind her body, “Really, I can’t see the original expression of love! But I really don’t know how many crooked thoughts are hidden.”

Mo Wan just listened and didn’t speak.

Instead, Gong Shengjun turned his head and gave a cold glance to Gong Ni, who immediately shut up and said nothing.

Luo Yi, who was at the banquet, kept on shoulder to shoulder, and was eaten tofu before he knew it. But most of the people who come here are high-class people. I’m afraid there are very few such things.

Mo Wan thought privately, and came across an old man with glasses, looking more than 50 years old, and extended his hand, said: “Mr. Gong, I will be glad to meet you.”

Startled her and thought she was looking for her .

She said, how can she know this old man?

Gong Sheng Jun hands are not even stretched a bit, Kai lip Lengyan said:. “I do not know you”

that I obviously pale face, turned away in disgrace.

Gong Shengjun, is really an indifferent person…

At this moment, the host on the microphone station officially said: “Next, let us invite the Yin Jin Group who just returned from the United States, Miss Yin Xinle came to the stage to speak! “



Yin Xinle? The name seems to have heard Gong Ni said.

Mo Wan only looked back at this person, but didn’t look at Gong Shengjun’s look around him. He smiled a little, not like a sneer or contempt, but an appreciation.

The whole world seemed to be still. Mo Wan only saw a woman in a white dress and delicate makeup come on stage, as if her glance could make thousands of beautiful men bend over for her. She walked on stage, smiled, and returned I made a Wink, and the voices of the audience were one after another.

Such humor is really not ordinary people.

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