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Chapter 14 Domineering Tao Zhi

Early early in the morning the next morning, I feel a headache when I get up late.

Maybe it was too nervous last night, so nervous to the brain.

She looked around, still empty.

But I found a note on the bedside table. Mo Wan, holding his head in his head, confusedly picked up the note and looked at it. It was written by Gong Shengjun, “Have a good meal and have a good rest. Don’t go to work today, I have already Please take the leave for you.”

Gong Shengjun was particularly considerate.

Even the words he writes are so beautiful, people are beautiful, the characters are beautiful, and the voice is also beautiful. Does this person have shortcomings? It seems not.

Mo Wan thought again, this… Did he change his heart?

Mo Wan recalled that he was really vulnerable to death last night.

It seemed that she was in Gong Shengjun’s arms all night.

What a shame!

But Mo Wan stopped thinking at the next moment of headache. She barely got up, washed herself, changed her clothes and planned to go to the hospital, but somebody just came downstairs and Gong Ni was facing him with a glass of milk. Came over, “Why don’t you go out today? Was it because your brother taught you last night? Or did you find it in your conscience?”

Mo Wan really didn’t know how Gong Ni exported these words to Chengzhang.

It looks like Miss Gong’s second house, but as soon as this word is spoken, she knows that she is not a fuel-efficient lamp.

Mo Wan’s body was a little vacant, and she had been supporting the stairs. She had no intention of arguing with Gong Ni. She went downstairs without saying a word. When she went out, Gong Ni suddenly stood in front of Mo Wan, and she was so angry : “I can warn you that it won’t be long before you are not a member of our palace!”

Mo Wan mocked secretly in her heart, she was not a member of the palace family,

“You are really exalting me.” Mo Wan said very ironically.

Gong Ni snorted coldly, almost all the irony of Mo Wan, said: “You know it. Just a few days, Sister Lele will come back. And you, the one who will never grow up. Black crow! You are in front of Sister Lele, but you are a hundred thousand miles away. It is best to pay attention to it, otherwise no one will give you a face, and don’t think of begging any brother!”

Mo Wan was stunned. , Barely supporting the head that was about to explode, as well as the body that fell in the wind, frowned and asked, “Who?”

“Don’t you even know Sister Lele? It seems that my brother really didn’t put you Put it in my eyes. Then I will tell you that Lele’s sister’s surname is Yin and her name is Xinle. It’s a hundred times better than your name, and it’s Miss Qianjin. It’s still your brother’s sweetheart, you are really worthless. Ni was so excited that even the milk in the glass was shaking.

She really demoted Mo Wan from head to toe.

Mo Wanfeng said lightly, “Oh,” there was nothing.

Why don’t people care if they don’t matter?

Mo Wan changed his shoes and left the palace.

Gong Ni was complacent in her face, and Song Zhi listened aside, but there was no word, but she said to Gong Ni: “She is a poor and sour girl, and she can’t compare with Xinle at all. “

Gong Ni quickly put down the milk, hugged Song Zhi intimately, and said: “Mom, you are right, she can get out when sister Lele comes back.”

Song Zhi smiled slightly, feeling that her wishful thinking had become .

At the moment, Mo Wan seemed to be struggling to die, and he couldn’t even raise a hand in a taxi.

Finally I got a taxi and went to the hospital.

One person registers, one prescribes medicine, and one person hangs the bottle.

Sitting there alone, watching people coming and going, from time to time looked up to see how much medicine was in the bottle. Just count the time.

At this moment, she felt more ironic.

Mrs. Gong?

Ha ha, she just felt funny.

What Mrs. Gong is just a name, maybe even the name is not.

At that moment, when Gong Ni mentioned Yin Xinle, why didn’t Mo Wan feel worried? Maybe it’s more sad than worrying.


Mo Wan Shen sighed.

But at this moment, Mo Wan suddenly appeared in front of him, this person was Tao Zhi. She was wearing a pair of frog mirrors, and the bag she carried was the latest LV of the year. Her arms were a good-looking look. “Oh. Why did you lose weight like this? I haven’t seen you in a few days. You are.”

Mo Wan’s heart is a big lying trough.

Why did you want to meet Tao Zhi at this moment? It’s really a narrow road. But this narrow road is a bit too narrow. It is not good to meet anyone, but I have to meet my dead rival Tao Zhi. I am really drunk.

Don’t look at Mo Wan being so weak now, but it’s a lot of effort, “I still wear pair of sunglasses in the hospital, people who don’t know think you are blind, by the way, why didn’t your guide dog see it?” Mo Wan said, looking at it on the left, and on the right, and said, “Oh, I’m afraid I forgot to bring it when I came out.”

Mo Wan let out the cold arrow, but it didn’t affect it at all.

Tao Zhiqi’s eyebrows are all twisted together. If there is no sunglasses in front, I am afraid Mo Wan will use this to satire Tao Zhi again.

But soon, Tao Zhi’s face regained a smile, and said, “You are the wife of the Gong family. Why didn’t you see Mr. Gong coming to accompany you to see a doctor? Is it right? You have no status at the Gong family, People just play with you. Anyway, Mr. Gong has more people in contact, you are the low-end goods.”

With that said, Tao Zhi took off his sunglasses and glanced up and down at Mo Wan, then put on his sunglasses again and said, “Hey, it’s really low-end goods.”

Mo Wan could have refuted it.

But when Gong Shengjun came, she felt a bit sad in her heart, but she didn’t know where this sadness came from. It was originally fake, so why bother?

Her face has betrayed her, the panic and the anxiety are all exposed in front of Tao Zhi, “Oh, he looks like I’ve been told. Sure enough, you are in the palace. No.”

Mo Wan opened his lips and retorted: “You think too much. You don’t live in the palace every day, you know what.” At this moment, Mo Wan’s rebuttal is also empty, she is guilty and has no confidence, what she said Naturally, there is no confidence.

Tao Zhi also intended to ridicule and sarcastically, at this moment, a calm magnetic voice lingered in Mo Wan’s ear, “I’m sorry late, I’m late. Are you okay?”

I saw Gong Shengjun’s proper tailoring The black suit and tie are very straight, the face is perfect to be impeccable. Especially the coldness in his body, forcing people not to be close. But for Mo Wan, it was so gentle. Tao Zhi on the side quickly took off his sunglasses. The glue-like eyes fell on Gong Shengjun and could not be moved at all.

I have to say that Gong Shengjun’s charm is too great.

I’m afraid that Gong Shengjun would go out shopping and someone would stop to take pictures.

Mo Wan was puzzled, but this is a good time to hit Tao Zhi’s face. She immediately squeezed out a smile and said to Gong Shengjun: “You are so busy, you still have time to take it. The dark circles on her face are heavy again. I’m not good. You took care of me all night last night, and I was really guilty.”

Mo Wan said, the eyes turned red as if they were real.

In fact, this sentence is what Mo Wan said.

Looking at Gong Shengjun’s dark circles, she knew that Gong Shengjun spent the night with herself last night and did not rest well. Today, I took the time to see myself again, she was really guilty.

Instead, Gong Shengjun didn’t care too much and quickly comforted: “You are my wife, how can you be wronged. Those are all things I should do as a husband.”

Gong Shengjun cooperated. Very good.

Although Mo Wan knew that Gong Shengjun was not talking in his own heart, he was still touched and always felt warm.

She smiled softly and gently said: “Trouble you.”

Mo Wan knew that she was not from the Gong family.

This sentence is particularly sad, and it is also extremely unpleasant.

Gong Shengjun lowered his head slightly, his eyes flashed coldly. At the next moment, he still smiled at Mo Wan, and then he turned to Tao Zhi, reminding him indifferently: “Miss Tao. Mo Wan is my wife, please treat me with respect when you speak in the future. Two, not again and again and again.”

Such Gong Shengjun is so magnificent, Mo Wan even felt like he was shining.

The coldness in his body made Tao Zhi take a few steps back. In order to please Gong Shengjun, she quickly replied: “OK, I understand. Late and I are classmates, and now are good friends. Mr. Gong should not misunderstand anything, don’t misunderstand.”

Gong Shengjun sneered. With a bang, Tao Zhi was so scared that the sunglasses in his hand fell to the ground.

With a snap, the sunglasses broke in half.

Tao Zhi was stunned, such Gong Shengjun made Tao Zhi feel cold in his back. I saw Mo Wan said: “It’s almost gone, please call me a nurse.”

Mo Wan broke the deadlock, and Gong Shengjun opened his lips and called the nurse.

Gong Shengjun had just left, and Tao Zhi regained his domineering appearance, “You can, Mo Wan. You really can, Mo Wan. It seems that I misunderstood you.”

Mo Wan sneered with a sneer, thinking that this Tao Zhi is really the first set, the second set, she did not give face, bluntly said: “There is no need to say twice, I have not been deaf. Miss Tao, you can now Have you left? Would you like my husband to ask you to leave?”

Tao Zhi snorted and left in a huff.

After a while, Gong Shengjun came with the nurse.

The female nurse, while pulling needles for Mo Wan, was envious of Mo Wan. “It’s a blessing for a girl to have such a husband!”

Mo Wan listened and smiled awkwardly.

Although Gong Shengjun looks good, is rich. But, after all, he was not his.

If she was known by her grandmother…

Mo Wan didn’t dare to think down. After the nurse pulled out the needle, Gong Shengjun picked up the medicine, took Mo Wan’s hand, and said softly: “Go back and take a good rest.”

Next to that The female nurse looked very familiar.

Mo Wan is really helpless.

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