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Amnesia wife wants to rebel Chapter 17

Under the light is Gong Shengjun’s cold face. The man saw Gong Shengjun, panicked, and immediately released Yin Xinle, stammered: “Gong, Gong, Mr. Gong, you, hello!”

Gong Sheng Jun glanced at the man, his eyes full of disgust, opened his lips coldly, “roll”.

“Yes, yes, I’ll roll away immediately, roll away immediately!”

The man fled gray, and Yin Xinle hurried to Gong Shengjun, smiling naturally, but his eyes flashed an unpredictable mind.

Gong Shengjun smiled lightly and reached out,

saying, “I haven’t seen you for a long time.” Yin Xinle did not reach out, but shrugged helplessly. “Isn’t it supposed to give me a big hug?” “

Gong Sheng Jun Dayan,” Sure. “

Before the Palace Sheng Jun, Yin Xin Yue tiptoe to hold on their own a little house Sheng Jun.

And this scene happened to be clearly seen by Mo Wan.

The orange juice she had just drank was spouting out, and she had spicy eyes. Mo Wan quickly turned around and followed his chest. But even so, it was still choking. Mo Wan coughed all the time. Gong Ni and Song Zhi looked at Mo Wan’s jokes, especially Gong Ni, ironically: “It’s a shame to bring you out.”

Gong Ni seems to have more meaning of clenching teeth.

But after a while, there was a smug smile on his face again, and the domineering pair said to Mo Wan: “Sister Lele is a hundred times more beautiful than you. You have already lost in temperament. Mo Wan, you Wait. There will be

something for you in the future!” Mo Wan smiled coldly and stared at Gong Ni, reminding: “Then don’t forget it. My brother and I received the marriage certificate, so we should pay attention to it. “

Less than a last resort, Mo Wan will not fight back.

But Gong Ni was not restless, and satirizing herself all night.

Although he refuted one sentence, it might not seem to Gong Ni in his eyes.


Gong Ni looked arrogant without reply.

Mo Wan Shen sighed and found the courage to look at it again and found that Yin Xinle and Gong Shengjun’s conversation seemed to be very engaged. Gong Shengjun, who doesn’t like to laugh, is talking with Yin Xinle and laughing. How powerful is Yin Xinle? Mo Wan seemed to feel this sense of crisis, but she felt it didn’t matter.

As the banquet came to an end, Gong Shengjun actually brought Yin Xinle over.

He actually came with Yin Xinle!

Mo Wan felt that his stomach was going to explode, but what about it? I had to open one eye and close one.

Gong Ni saw Yin Xinle suddenly threw it, just like the hungry wolf, she held Yin Xinle tightly and Jiao Didi said: “Sister Lele! I want to die you! Now you come back, Nier is no longer so Lonely. Let’s go shopping together tomorrow! Let’s go to the movies together, okay? Sister Lele!” I

don’t know if Gong Ni is excited and incoherent, anyway, her Gong Ni is not like this in normal days.

Yin Xinle seemed to laugh at the corners of his brows and eyes, but Mo Wan looked at them in his eyes, only feeling fake. Next, Yin Xinle’s answer made Mo Wan stunned. She saw that she rubbed Gong Ni’s hair and spoiled: “What Nier said, Sister Lele will agree. As long as Nier is happy.” But

really A person who can act.

I don’t want to do it clearly, but I pretend to look like one easily. Mo Wan really wanted to learn from Yin Xin, how could she be like her.

Mo Wan glanced at Gong Shengjun, but only felt sad, she didn’t even want to look at the second glance.

The atmosphere seems to be a bit warm, I don’t know if it is an illusion. But Mo Wan just felt that he wanted to be grandma a little bit, and he couldn’t help but feel sore.

Then I heard Gong Shengjun’s words: “Let me introduce, this is Yin Xinle. The second lady of Yin’s Qianjin.”

Yin Xinle walked to Mo Wan and held out his hand, said: “Hello.”

Mo Wan was very reluctant, but Because of Gong Shengjun, she had to reach out and smiled: “Miss Yin, how are you.”

Mo Wan was already very polite, but at this moment, Yin Xinle suddenly withdrew his hand, and looked surprised: “Mo Miss, are you doing rough work every day? How about the calluses in one hand? It is really distressing. I have something for hand protection here, and I will give it to you someday. The hand is the second face of the woman, so take care of it. “

Mo Wan’s mouth twitched.

This is a satire to change her way, but she still has to pretend to have a light and breezy look, “huh”.

Gong Ni immediately answered: “Sister Lele is such a good person, don’t you say thank you?”

Mo Wan really wanted to find a hole in the ground.

If you know it, you will say goodbye and you will not come to this banquet. Not so far as the irony of being changed, she had to look at Yin Xinle and said: “Thank you Miss Yin.”

“You’re welcome.” Yin Xinle seemed to look logical.

Silent Gong Shengjun suddenly said, “I will let the driver take you back first, and I will send Xinle back.”

Send Yin Xinle back? Mo Wan dumbfounded.

She didn’t have that kind of treatment for the original match, and an innocently emerged Yin Xinle was eligible?

Mo Wan at the moment there is only one emoticon pack with a black question mark? ? ?

Yin Xin Yue repeatedly say no, can face is an impatient look, he said: “.. No, you send aunt and Nier, as well as Ms. Mok go back I can be, and nothing”

she read between the lines But it’s all drama.

Gong Shengjun glanced at Yin Xinle, and there was some worry in his eyes. He said: “You have just come back and you are not familiar with the road. In addition, you are a person again, and I will be more at ease to send you back.”

Gong Shengjun Indeed, because she was worried about Yin Xinle’s safety, she proposed to send her back.

But in Mo Wan’s eyes, it was not so simple.

Furthermore, she and Gong Shengjun are just fakes. Why should they care about the relationship between Gong Shengjun and Yin Xinle? Even if Gong Shengjun was derailed, she didn’t care.

Although I thought so, my eyes were red again.

Mo Wan hadn’t said a word yet, and Gong Ni quickly excitedly said: “Good brother! You can send Sister Lele back. We can ask the driver to send it back, you can rest assured!”

Yin Xinle began to worry, biting Seeing Gong Shengjun on the lips, like a well-behaved rabbit, asked, “Is this really okay?” Is

she selling cuteness to Gong Shengjun?

It’s just spicy eyes and spicy ears.

“It’s okay.” Gong Shengjun gently patted Yin Xinle’s shoulder, but the next second seemed to realize something was wrong, and quickly withdrew his hand.

“That brother, Sister Lele, let’s go first! Bye!”

Gong Ni said, and she left Mo Ban’s arm and left the banquet.

Mo Wan didn’t say much from beginning to end.

After getting in the car, Gong Ni changed back to her original look and glanced at Mo Wan, saying: “Sister Lele is more generous than you, that is, you are more educated. You didn’t look at your face just now, really What was thrown into our Gong family! Mom, did you say that?” Gong Ni seemed to be very angry and looked at Song Zhi.

Song Zhi coughed twice, looked at Mo Wan, raised her eyebrows and said, “Mo Wan.” Song Zhi’s tone suddenly grew, and stopped, seeming to be very embarrassed, tight He also said: “You also saw it. Xinle is a very dignified and very educated person. I have done a good job in all aspects, and I also value this aspect of education. I also hope that you can learn more about Xinle “

This is a hint to say that you have no upbringing?”

Her temperament is just a little more cheerful, and she must be said to be uncultivated. So to say, like Yin Xinle, who seems to be gentle and dignified in appearance, who is gentle and talkative, is he upbred? Who knows what it looks like in private?

Mo Wan said nothing.

If she said nothing, she was embarrassing her grandma. What’s more, grandma educated her from an early age, and one’s character is the most important. If you are a person who has no character, how can you be a man?

When Song Zhi saw Mo Wan not speaking, she immediately felt a little dissatisfied on her face and asked, “Mo Wan, how can I talk to you? Are you deaf or dumb?”

Gong Ni took Song Zhi’s arm and scorned A glance at Mo Wan said intimately to Song Zhi: “Mom! Don’t talk to that kind of person. Sister Lele is back anyway. We don’t have to worry about her. We still have a good mood to go shopping with Sister Lele tomorrow.”

“That mother wouldn’t say it.”

Song Zhi was still used to Gong Ni.

The more she is used to Gong Ni, the more she becomes more and more arrogant.

Anyway, it has nothing to do with her.

Mo Wan kept looking out the window, worried. Yin Xinle, Yin Xinle…

I don’t care if she cares.

Looking at the night scene outside the window, Mo Wan couldn’t help but sigh lightly. Looking at it, I arrived at the old house.

Wash as before, brush your teeth, and rest.

After turning off the lights, Mo Wan couldn’t sleep. Tossing and turning, tossing and turning, eyes closed and opened. Even a little bit of movement thought that Gong Shengjun was back.

“Am I stunned?” Mo Wan murmured and sighed heavily, closing his eyes under the quilt to force himself to sleep.

But still can’t sleep…

Mo Wan turned on the phone and it was already three o’clock, but Gong Shengjun still did not come back.

Mo Wanxin lost for a while.

Do not know how long after that, Mo Wan fell asleep. Gong Shengjun opened the door and came back. His movements were gentle, and he was awakened immediately after going to bed, but she didn’t do anything.

She smelled the spirit of Gong Shengjun’s body and the perfume of the woman.

Don’t think about it, the fragrance is Yin Xinle’s.

He came back so late, where did he go with Yin Xinle? What did they do? Mo Wan was full of doubts in his head. He was angry, but he still had to keep smiling.

I thought about not having a good night’s rest.

Up the next day, Mo Wan found himself in Gong Shengjun’s arms…

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