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The Three Misses of Leng Wang Chasing His Wife

The Three Misses of Leng Wang Chasing His Wife (Novel)
Other Name: 冷王追妻之废材三小姐

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Hei Sesam
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Feng Wuyou Li Qingcang. She is a top agent in this world. Once she died, she woke up and was reborn in another world. , The lord is the daughter of the Hou Mansion, but it is true that the waste wood in the eyes of everyone is deeply oppressed by the stepmother. She is not the lord, whoever harms her, she will repay twice…

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Feng Luoyin also calmed down, “Indeed, since Dad discovered that Feng Wuyou has no spiritual power at all, he has always locked her in her original residence and has never let her out!”

“Some time ago, my people discovered that she actually knew Miss Ming Jia. I think this Miss Ming Jia may have played a very important role in it.”

“Who plays a big role in it is not the point. The point is how we should get rid of this person now. I knew that Feng Wuyou was threatening so much now, and I shouldn’t have kept her life!” I was anxious for a while and said such a thing.

“At the beginning?” Feng Yucheng looked at Feng Luoyin, “What happened at the beginning? What did you hide?”

Feng Luoyin quickly shut up, “What did you say, I don’t know what you said.”

“I don’t know? The wind falls, now you and I are in the same boat. If you want me and you to cooperate well, you’d better tell me the truth. The medical lady I asked said, if you want to control the wind Worry-free, it’s not impossible. Use the contents in my small bottle and put it in front of the temple. Anyone who has been to that temple will be controlled by the medical lady. When the time comes, I am afraid that Feng Wuyou will not get hooked?”

“Is it so powerful?” Feng Luoyin couldn’t help feeling a little suspicious. She, a person with such high spiritual power, couldn’t do this, how did these medical women do it.

Feng Yucheng chuckled, “Of course. There are two kinds of people in Shenwu Kingdom, one with spiritual power, and the other without spiritual power. I don’t know when it started, this group of people without spiritual power. People try to develop many kinds of medicines, and these medicines and magic weapons will work for anyone.”

“I haven’t heard Dad mention it since I was little. What this medical lady is doing is forbidden!” Feng Luoyin was a little worried, “If someone knows, then why…”

“Don’t talk about it! I’m not talking about you. You and I are only temporarily related. The wind is falling, you and I are in the same boat now, and I will not betray you. Hurry up. Er said! Otherwise, I won’t deal with Feng Wuyou.” Feng Yucheng glanced at Feng Luoyin.

“Don’t! If you are like this, my strength alone will not be able to defeat Feng Wuyou.” Feng Luoyin anxiously, “Well, Feng Wuyou actually had spiritual power back then, but it was only slightly weaker. I was looking for something to seal her spiritual power, this is…”

After hearing this, Feng Yucheng thought of the suffering Feng Wuyou has suffered over the years, and shook his head, “The most poisonous woman’s heart! What you have done is nothing more than that. Forget it, I like cruel people!”

“Feng Yucheng, you can’t tell others what I said to you today!” Feng Luoyin looked at Feng Yucheng cautiously.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything like that.” Feng Yucheng finished speaking and left.

Feng Wuyou quietly left Feng’s house and walked on the street alone.

Huofeng didn’t need to use it now, so Huofeng found a place where no one was there and transformed it with Feng Wuyou.

“I now know why you don’t have feelings for the Feng Family. Don’t worry about such relatives.” Huo Feng said empathetically.

“No way, it’s like this now.” Feng Wuyou sighed softly, “Why don’t you go faster! Buy some things on the street, and then go to meet the broken ones.”

“En, all right.” After Huofeng finished speaking, he was busy shopping.

Feng Wuyou took the spirit pill and mission to the wall and exchanged for silver taels.

Perhaps because it was midday, only one person was on duty at the place where the silver tael was exchanged, and he looked sleepy.

“Here, I’ll give you a task!” Feng Wuyou said, holding the spirit pill and swaying around in front of this person.

I saw that the man had a sleepy look just now, but he immediately became energetic now, rubbing his eyes fiercely, and looking towards Feng Wushou, “I took the task of going to the forest to subdue the spirit beast?”

“That’s right! This is the spirit pill in the spirit beast. Isn’t this what you want?” Feng Wuyou took the spirit pill in his arms, “pay the money and deliver the goods with one hand! Is there anyone who inspects the goods? Click!”

Seeing Feng Wuyou’s demeanor, the man felt that he still had to be more cautious about this matter, and he quickly invited his boss over.

After a while, the person smiled and said: “Miss, I’m really sorry, our host meant to let you go to the mansion for a description. He wants to see for himself whether this spirit pill is true or not, and there is so much silver, if it is in It’s not safe for you here, isn’t it?”

Feng Wuyou thought for a while, and that was indeed the case, and he was ready to go with this person. Only in a blink of an eye, Feng Wuyou saw a trace of cunning in this person’s eyes again, which was very strange.

Huo Fengyuan had already bought something, and just about to come over, he saw the hint that Feng Wuyou gave him, hiding in the dark, and following Feng Wuyou all the way.

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