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The Queen of Phoenix

The Queen of Phoenix (Novel)
Other Name: 凰歸之神醫魔後

Genre: novel, Urban Youth
Author: Mo Yu Qingyi
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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She is the world’s number one poison doctor killer, but when she opens her eyes after an accident, she becomes her, a weak waste. Since I have become you, I will live for you. Since then, the practice of hanging is started. what? Are you a pharmacist? Sorry, I practiced a lot of god-level pills! what? It’s hard to defend the beast Is this little guy who has been following me and can’t drive away, is a beast? And he is the object that the world looks up to, the existence of the perfect union between gods and demons. She has never expected love, she never expected that when she was struggling to make money and cultivating monsters in this other world, she met him, whom she never expected to have in her previous life… A sweet pet to the end, everyone rest assured~~

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