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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 3

At Night, Ding slightly weakened came home to find late letter and she lives in the same building. Xiaorou turned his head to leave, but was caught late. Xiaorou told him that he was not a road killer, nor a person who owed money or not, but only had to do it. Xiaorou returned home and was bored with the arrears. She decided to talk to her girlfriend about how to pay back the debt within a week.

In the lounge, the girlfriends joked with softness and lateness to walk the idol clips, and Xiaorou only wanted to pay back the money, and things outside the relationship were free. The girlfriends Nanxun gave Xiaorou a trick, let Xiaorou send a late letter in the name of paying back the money, and he will surely get a response. Nanxun packaged Xiaorou into a beating pattern, which caused a grievance. Xiaorou came to Chixin Company. After a short period of time, he recognized Xiaorou’s tricks. Although he said that he was too lazy to take care of himself, his body was very honest. Late letter asked what happened to Xiaorou, Xiaorou deliberately sold miserable, and hoped that the deadline for repaying the money would be postponed. Lately, a pair of arrogant look, the small soft wall smashed on the wall, when the colleagues suddenly appeared, little soft and endless, turned and left.

Zheng Ze came to the personnel department to report that his colleagues liked him very much. On the first day of work, Zheng Ze asked his female colleague about Ding Xiaorou. When the female colleague heard the name of Xiaorou, he did not give a good heart to Zheng Zeqian.

The love sandstorm is about to start, when the host suddenly puts the pigeons, and the letter decided to pretend to be scalp. At this time, Xiaorou sold and failed, and decided to plan B-beauty. The delicate makeup on the soft and soft, coupled with the beautiful dress skirt, is like a fairy. At the beginning of the program, Chi Xin was interviewing a couple, and their emotional experience not only touched everyone present, but also sneaked into Xiaorou. I was late to think of the love on campus, and the memories of the past came to my heart. Both Chixin and Xiaorou both plunged into the sorrow of the couple, watching the couple in the show, the boyfriend always dedicated to the girlfriend, but in the end it was ruthless to leave. At this time, the letter was suddenly shouted to let the couple break up, and everyone in the room was shocked.

In the evening, suddenly there was a downpour, and Chixin and Xiaorou left, but there was only one last umbrella in the company. If they didn’t think about it, they would take the umbrella away and leave Xiaorou alone. At this time, a woman was hiding from the rain, and her boyfriend came to the umbrella to send an umbrella. Later, she gradually realized that she was not right, and gave the umbrella in her hand to Xiaorou. After the letter was left alone, Xiaorou also returned home safely. Xiaorou returned home and found that his diary disappeared, fearing that the diary was left behind in the letter. When Xiaorou came to find a late letter, he accidentally left the book in the late letter, and he came to Chixin’s hand.

I was too late to believe in secret glimpses, but because of my conscience, I was too tempted to move around. Late at night, late letter unintentionally overturned Xiaorou’s diary, in order to return the label to the original owner, late letter or opened a small soft notebook. Chi Xin found that Xiaorou’s emotional experience was so wonderful. He ordered him to help him find some people and decided to use Xiaorou’s theme to do the show.
The next day, Xiaorou came to the Taikoo Group. On the morning, Sluisie reprimanded Xiaorou, and Xiaorou was crying and crying. The inadvertent high heels suddenly broke. At this time, Zheng Ze took the cake and suddenly came out. Little soft heart. With the help of Zheng Zeqian, Xiaorou quickly turned his worries away.

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