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What is the Cotton 100%?

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Many people have wondered Or don’t understand when the merchant The trader said it was “Cotton 100%”. But when we go to the fabric of each store that says Cotton100% is the same The fabric pressure is not the same at all. How do we know? Cotton 100% authentic or artificial, but actually not true or artificial. There are only types or grades of Cotton 100%. This article will help to understand more clearly. When going to buy clothes next time Will get lost wondering.

What is cotton?
Cotton is a cellulose fiber obtained from the flowers of cotton. Fabrics made from fine cotton, long fibers The surface of the fabric is smooth and durable. The quality of cotton depends on the varieties. Length and smoothness of fibers Cotton fiber is not very strong. But when weaving it into fabric Will get a strong cloth The thicker the weave – the stronger it will be more durable and more hygroscopic. Suitable for making towels, handkerchiefs and T-shirts etc.

Cotton fibers are about the same width. Similar or similar, with a width of 12-20 microns in the middle of the fibers will be wider than the head and end The length of the cotton fiber depends on many factors such as the cotton varieties Weather And growth Most cotton fibers are around 7/8 inches long and the popular size used in the textile industry is cotton fibers that are about 1/2 inch long.

What is “100% Cotton”?
Cotton “Cotton100%” is produced from cotton fibers (Cotton) derived from the fibers of fluff. Bring to spin until forming a yarn. And then bring to weave Or can be made into fabric

The properties of cotton “Cotton 100%”

  1. Easy to wrinkle, difficult to iron, shrink, bias but light. If produced as a garment, it will be comfortable to wear, but nowadays there is an efficient process for producing yarns. Improving the quality of cotton Therefore is widely popular
  2. Washable with detergent Laundry at high temperatures And can be ironed at high temperatures Does not burn or contractions
  3. Insects do not eat, but will grow mold easily. Because it is cotton fiber.
  4. Combustible, not sticky rubber When burning looks like a paper burning as ash.
  5. Soft, smooth, beautiful cloth and absorbs water well

Type of Cotton100%

1. Classified by type of yarn number
By yarn number Or according to the type of fabric number, generally 3 numbers are 20,32,40 respectively

1.1. Cotton 100% No. 20 – the fabric is thicker than the number 32 due to the larger yarn size. Generally, cotton fabrics are commonly used to make T-shirts and polo shirts. At moderate to high prices: Cotton 100% No. 20 (men’s t-shirts) and 32 (women’s t-shirts)

1.2. Cotton 100% Fabric No.32 – The fabric is thicker than the number 20. Most commonly used to make T-shirts. That emphasizes softness and comfort

1.3. Cotton 100% No. 40 or yarn numbers that are higher than 40 – are not very common in the market. Most of them are fabrics that have to be ordered especially according to the desired number. Because the production process (spinning the yarn) to make the yarn smaller, requires Complex machinery and production Therefore has a high cost of production When used to produce T-shirts, it will also have a high cost as well. If “small number” will use large thread, “large number” use small thread For example, number 40 is often used to make shirts for babies or shirts that emphasize ultra thin And some brand-name T-shirts that are higher than 40 are T-shirts that require special weaving.

Divided according to the yarn production process which is an indicator of the quality of the fabric In order to get quality fibers, both in the arrangement of dense threads Regularly and removes foreign dirt from fibers in order to obtain threads that are Good properties when weaving into fabric By dividing the fabric grades starting from.

Varieties of cotton chosen Good varieties will give you long, sticky, soft fibers. When spun into yarns it will produce good quality yarns.
Postharvest quality separation. Therefore, there are 3 grades of cotton processed through the production line as follows:

  1. Cotton OE (Quality: Lowest grade / Cheap price) – Cotton OE fabric does not pass the quality screening process of cotton fibers. This type of cotton T-shirt is more harsh than the other two types, including toughness, low resistance, easy to tear, is the lowest grade Cotton fabric and the cheapest. Due to the cost of using machinery and production processes from cotton fibers to Lowest yarn
  2. Cotton Semi (Quality: Good / Moderate Price) – Cotton Semi fabric is produced through yarn processing by combing cotton fibers by machine, resulting in short fiber yarns. Which is large (No. 20 – 32) and has a smooth, soft and moderate hardness
  3. Cotton Combed or Cotton Comb (Quality = Very good / High price) – Cotton Comb fabric is processed through yarn production by means of combing fibers by machine. Which has a more complex and delicate process than carding Resulting in Yarns that are smaller (size 32 and higher) and can remove dirt from the fibers in a higher percentage Including obtaining yarns with longer fibers When woven into fabric, it is a cotton fabric that is fine and soft. And relentlessly low on strength, toughness, lack of oiliness

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